ALL ABOARD 8-22-11!!!

  • Happy Monday Week 12!

    Did HIIT this morning instead of UBWO in order to get a little extra sleep this morning.  Will either do tonight of tomorrow instead of HIIT.

    Remember a couple days before your 'AFTER' photos are gonna be taken, cut back on your water intake and let your body dehydrate just a little for a more cut look.  also, avoid water retention foods like dairy products and such.  Just before the shoot, do a full UBWO and LBWO so your muscles look their best and pumped up for the photo...and don't forget to post them here on your profile, okay?

    Blessings <><


  • Hey Steph,

    Still here couldn't post from home something with this site kept rejecting me. I have turned over a new leaf so to speak. I missed about 15 days of wo's. Have decided to do those wo's then that will  be the end for me. My next challenge will start after have not worked out the date yet, some time in Dec. This week will be my last 2 sessions with the wo mistress Kristey, I call  her that and mean it in a respectfull  way and we laugh about it. She has changed my way of thinking somewhat. I have decided to do the next challenge TRX Style,eagerly awaiting my new toy ordered on Friday. TRX is a suspension type system that is portable and you can take it anywhere you go and never have an excuse to miss a wo. You use your own body weight and yes its challenging as difficult as you want to make it. Developed by a NAVY SEAL as a way of keeping in shape no matter where in the world he was posted. TRX.COM. Still plugging away raked leaves on Sat. Did HIIT on Sunday was a good one.

    Have to go back to work before I get in trouble. LOL,Will try and post from home tonight.

    MrsCoopDawg, hang in there you have been an inspiration along with everyone else.





    Did UBWO today since I swapped HIIT yesterday.  Tried some "one arm" exercises since they say it involves more of your core muscles to maintain balance.  The dumb bell flyes were the most challenging to do one armed.  Definitely have to dial back the weight a bit to maintain balance, but I could sure feel my abs, hips and everything tighten up during each repetition.

    Claude - Thanks for the TRX info, will check it out.  

    Blessings <><


  • Hey all,

    not much time to post,8 more wo's for me. Then TRX next go round.

    Have a good one everybody.


  • Hey everyone... here is to the final week of the challenge.  I have not been here to post but i have been following the program, doing my workouts and trying to stay on track.  Went a little crazy on my last free day again, too much sugar.  Ouch.  Paid for it yesterday and today with a heck of a food hangover.  Why do I do this to myself???  For those who have hung in there, pat yourselves on the back.  Its been a long haul.  Hard to believe the 12 weeks are already coming to an end.  Cant wait to see your after pics, where is everyone else??? What is going on this last week team mates???

  • Hey all,

    Tonight starts my next 8 wo's then I'm done. Next challenge I will be using my new toy it arrived yesterday. Will finish out this challenge with the weights and next just body weight exercises. Date with Kristey tonight and tomorrow after work. She really has changed the way I look at doing my wo's. Will be doing alot of stretching from now on. Feeling pretty good today I have so much energy can't wait for my wo.


    Thanks for checking in. Keep going the end is near. Let us know what you are planning next.

    I  guess everybody else  must be at the gym?

    Push Hard,Run Faster lets give all we've got this week and then some.


  • Hi again Stephon,

    Glad to hear you're starting another challenge, that is amazing to do so many pretty much in a row. I can see that you keep learning and figure out new ways to challenge yourself and improve in other ways, I'm sure that helps to keep up the enthusiasm.

    My pals  and I  (over on the Newbie starting Oct. 3 thread) plan to do another challenge after this one also. I am fairly sure that the start date suggested was January 2. If so, I'll let you know and maybe we can start another thread including people from different threads who are starting another at the same time.

    When do you finish the challenge you're doing now? Isn't it very soon? I'll have to see the new changes when you post pictures. It's very interesting to see befores and afters from multiple challenges.

    That was a good promise to make to yourself. How many challenges will you have done by then? It is quite the present to give to yourself on your fiftieth birthday! When I started this challenge I was aware of the fact that I'd be finishing right about the time of my birthday. As it is we'll finish christmas day, five days after my birthday. Five days short is good enough for me though, I'll be happy with whatever results are already showing and will anticipate more in the future.

    thanks for the encouragement last time you replied to my post. Reminders of specific scripture verses are  so helpful, and apropos.  Reflecting upon the fact that God says his strength is made perfect in weakness is an amazing thing. It offers so much for daily help with big things as well as little details.

    Did you ever look at the Lose it for Life program that i sent a link to? I've heard recorded testimonies from people who went, they are often reluctant and scared but as soon as they're there they experience kindness and understanding from the staff and everyone attending. It seems like such a supportive program and even though I've never looked into the practical solutions part of it I can tell that they do incorporate involvement with a community and exercise into whatever dietary guidelines they may have. A big part of the focus is to help with the emotional causes underlying obesity. I assume that your wife is a christian also, maybe the fact that the people who started it are christians might be appealing to her.

    I might just be 'off topic' here so I'll stop. I'll be looking forward to seeing the new pictures. Keep up the good work!

  • Happy Friday...Week 12...THIS IS IT!

    Hope everyone is sprinting to the finish line!

    PatriciaK - Yes I did check out the Lose it for Life program.  It will actually have less appeal for my wife that it is a Christian group.  Right now, I'm just letting her get to the end of her own rope, without being too much of an enabler; and praying for her.  My primary concern is her eternal health, but would love the temporal health to improve too.

    This is the end of my 3rd challenge, I will do 2 more and be finishing my 5th challenge by the time my 50th birthday arrives.  I'm not finished by a long shot (God Willing, of course).

    Claude - I know you have a bit to go for the finish.  I'll stay on the forum until your last day bro!

    Want2BFit - Hang in there girl and finish strong, even if it is just doing the last day what you would have done the whole challenge if possible.  End on a good note.

    I'm not terribly excited about my "after" photos, but will try to take them this weekend.  My scale weight stayed almost unchanged at 180-ish (I vary down to 178 sometimes), but my bodyfat did improve from 15% down to 13.4%, so I'm hoping a few more things "pop" in these new photos that didn't show 18 weeks ago in the last photos I took as C2 After photos.  We'll see won't we...the camera doesn't LIE!

    BUT...It's all temporary no matter HOW GOOD we do on this or any other challenge:  "Eat Right, Exercise Well, DIE ANYWAY!"  So for me, It's just good stewardship of the body God has blessed me with.  I want to stay strong, active and able to do good things for His glory until I drop - rather than slowly waste away with atrophied muscles and mind from neglect and/or abuse.  I wanna go FULL THROTTLE all my days!  Youth truly is wasted on the young...I want a body that can keep up with my mind now that I appreciate what I've been given...and I realize what I should be doing with life...and how little time there is between the cradle and the eternity.  

    I'm READY for eternity, and I know there are so many out there that are NOT ready to stand before God.  I want to sow the seed of the Gospel everywhere I go that GOD gave Himself as a sacrifice, as PAYMENT for our sins, so that if we REPENT and put our TRUST in Jesus for our salvation, He will save us.  But repentance isn't just "God, I'm really really sorry for sinning, please forgive me".  TRUE REPENTANCE is a change of mind, attitude and direction!  It means a sincere desire to no longer do the things that God hates.  Once you realize that without Jesus you are a filthy, wretched, sinner in God's sight; and fling yourself on His mercy in repentance, He will give you a NEW heart with new desires.  You will be as the Bible says "Born Again", because you were DEAD in your sins, and now Jesus has made you ALIVE in Him.  God from that instant on sees you as PERFECT and RIGHTEOUS because when He looks at you...He sees Jesus and His imputed righteousness attributed TO YOU through His perfect life, death and resurrection.  WHAT A GOD!!!!

    Blessings <><


  • Hey all... thanks for continuing to post.  Hard to believe it started off with so many of us and now only just a handful of us remain.  Hope everyone has just been at the gym!  I am not going to take my 12 week photos until one week later as I had missed a week due to sickness and so I have extended the challenge for myself by one more week to make up for that.  I dont think I lost tons either, but I have made progress.  Was really hoping for that 8 week miracle but it never did happen.  LOL.  Great philosophy Stephon, as long as we continue to take care of this temple it is all progress forward.  Thank you for that message.  I must share in prayer tonight how grateful I am that God has given me the motivation and perseverance to stick this through.  I was unsure I would be able to in the beginning so it is very rewarding to be so close to the end now.  First time in this 12 week challenge that I missed a workout was yesterday (other than sick week) and I made it up today after doing my LBWO.  I threw in a HIIT workout.  Felt awesome.  This weeks free day is not going to be so free, I am tired of feeling sick for four days afterwards.  Cheers all... look forward to the photos.  

  • Hi Steph and Gang,

    Ran for an hour today. PB for me never tried that before. Ran at the following speeds, keep in mind I'm not a runner. 0-15 min,@5.2,15-30,@5.4,30-45,@5.6,45-60,@5.8 = 5.48 miles, walked 60-75@3.5 = 6.38 miles. At least it's a starting point for me oh ya almost forgot 1% incline not my usual 5%. UBWO tomorrow and last cardio on Mon. Will do active rest for the rest of the week and start TRX Training on the following Monday the 28th for my next 12 week cycle.Yes my new toy arrived.I know I've lost some inches we will see how many after Monday's final w o can't wait. Still a lot of work to do in the eating department will be working on that over the next challenge. I have one more session with Linda's trainer. I will keep it as backup if Linda has to miss again hopefully not. She is starting at square one again and I feel she is getting discouraged with whole process. If she would only give up her cola habit. Well you can't talk to a pickle right.

    Have a great weekend and free day everyone.


  • OH! Want2BeFit,

    Went to NEW YORK FRIES and the manager told me that the gravy for the poutine was now GF and that they are trying to make all their products GF. I haven't had restaurant style poutine since finding out I had Celiac. For us the future looks bright at New York Fries not that I go there a lot, just another option when they are so limited. Keep in touch. Pic's won't be great but hey always next challenge.




    How far away from Dewdney Avenue are you. I think that's the name of the street DEPOT Detachment of the RCMP. is on it's been awhile since I've seen the address.

  • LOL Claude.  Thanks for sharing the news.  I will keep that in mind if I am ever having a french fry craving.  :)  I saw poutine once and dont think I could eat it.  For some reason cheese and gravy just is not mean to go together!!  Hubby loves fries though so I will share the news... I live at Regina Beach so I am actually 45 minutes outside of the city of Regina.  But you are right Dewdney is the street the RCMP training centre is on.  Wow.... you been there before???

  • Hi All,

    I've become a total "lurker" this challenge, I've enjoyed following your posts tremendously, but have not been contributing as I kind of fell off the wagon. But - I want to extend a HUGE congratulations to those of you who stuck it out the 12 weeks, I am so happy for you and impressed by your preserverence!  

    Life threw me a few curve balls this challenge and I became too complacent with my workouts; looking forward to getting back at it again though!

    MN Mom

  • Hey Gang & The LURKER Too,

    First off, I am very proud of each and everyone of you that have finished this challenge. You are now part of the 5% that complete this challenge. For those that didn't you can always try again now that you know what went wrong. That is exactly what I had to do and thats why I did this challenge as it turned out I was my worst enemy. Refocused ans started again. Will post pic's later. Not much change in the weight department, I think Iv'e lost inches only the tape measure knows for sure haven't check that yet. Finishing on a positive note. Went to the doctors yesterday Cholesterol levels are not bad. Bad is good/ good is a little low but can fix that with exercise so I'm told by my doc. LOL. She hasn't seen me since 2009 @ 242 lbs. I'm not going to tell  you what her scale read as I'm going with my scale in the am as always that will be later too. She said after she took my blood pressure are you exercising? What an opening I told her I was and was told to do 1 hr. a day and to keep doing what I have been doing. So I will. TRX Suspension Training next challenge should be a blast.


    Keep going I will be waiting for you at the finish line to cheer you on. As for the idea of not even trying one of Quebec's National dishes shame on you. I know alot of english folks who happen to love this stuff. I put Ketchup on mine my kids think I'm weird. lol Don't knock it until you try it. I  have never  been to Depot as we call it here at HQ. I inspect the uniforms before they are shipped to them. But if I ever am I will let you know. When will you be starting next challenge ?


    I know you have finished strong congrats on a job well done and thanks for all your support this time around and for hanging around for us late bloomers. Enjoy Active Rest. Don't give up on your wife I know what you are going through. My wife has finally told me that she is ready to change her ways so she can start feeling better. HIT THE WALL Finally. So things are looking up now for her. I hope I haven't created a monster gym rat that's going to kick my butt all over the gym. LOL.( lots of love). The naturopathic doc seems to think nobody should be on anti depressants is what Linda told me and I said she should come and live here for a while, then agreed with her. Cuase of the meds she is on she needs to take suppliments as the meds are depleting her of vitamins and minerals. So it's funny how the tradional doctors don't tell you this instead they perscibe another pill. Hmmm. Hopefully she will get off of all that stuff. Will pray that your wife and everyones wife can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Hang Tuff as always. Let us know your plans.

    Well Hello Lurker,

    I was thinking about you a couple of weeks ago thinking how to get in touch with you. I have been using the Body Minder Workout Journal and have ordered 8 more and anxiously awaiting their arrival. I love them. Thanks for letting us know about them. Hope everyone is well and will we be doing another Challenge together from behind the scenes or up front? We will be shoveling soon hopefully you more than me. LOL. Had to throw that in. Will you be doing after pic's lol.

    Enjoy your week of active rest you have earned it.


  • Thanks for the inspiring words Claude.  I hope I did not offend with my comment on the poutine.  I just have a hard time mixing things together sometimes.  LOL.  I didnt take my measurements or weight either as I am making up this week for the week that I was sick.  So I am considering my 12 weeks officially over on Saturday.  Sunday I will take down the stats and share.  As for my next challenge, I am already in it and will run through into the new year.  Its a transformation challenge as well and I needed it to keep me motivated to staying on this journey for my health.  I am amazed at myself that I stuck it out this long especially considering how many were in here going strong at the start and how many of us are left, lurkers and all :)  Even if we arent 100% compliant, those that are still HERE are winners at completing the transformation too as far as I am concerned because just showing up is half the battle.  So congrats to all who have survived!!