ALL ABOARD 8-22-11!!!

  • Hey ALL,

    Still around. Still not pushing enough weight on the lower body upped the weight and will again next time. Also Linda is still sick. Talked to her trainer last night at the gym,may be in the dog house soon at least next week. Told her that Linda has cut back on her cola's to 2 or 3 a night. Apparently she did not know that ooopppss! Anyway since Linda is sick she told me that she should find a Naturopathic Doctor to deal with her knee issue. Also filled out a ton of papers so that she could train me so that way one of us is getting trained as we have paid for some 1 hr. sessions where no one was there. Hopefully she won't shoot me in the head when she has her heart to heart with Linda. She also said when she trains me tonight she is going to kick my butt HA! I laughjed when she said it should make for interesting session. She's about 5'3" tall and as skinny as a toothpick, but looks can be deceiving right. Will let you know how it goes tomorrow if I can move. LOL. HOW BAD CAN IT BE. HA!HA!


    You are so right about the eating and staying active. I remeber starving at 9 pm and making a half cup of oatmeal or a baked potatoe to get me through until morning. Yes I too may start calling it the dreadmill since I can't seem to beat it right now. LOL


    Great planning glad you are still around. Keep going the end is closer than you realize so give all you have.

    Sorry to not be checking in everyday lack of time.

    Have a grate day all.


  • Hey guys!  I'm back from my vacation.  Sorry I went MIA for so long!  That was my 2nd time going to Monterey and I STILL didn't get to do everything I wanted to do!  Looks like I'll just have to go back next year.  Oh DARN!  Lol.

    So remember how I said we were going to see some friends who are also doing their C1 so there shouldn't be any issues with temptations?  Yeah, well that went out the window on day 2 of the vacation.  I was told that I needed to lighten up an enjoy myself.  So I did.  A lot.  All things considered, I only missed one UBWO, one LBWO, and one cardio, but I did not do well with the whole food thing.  But I don't regret it and I'm not going to beat myself up about it.  I already did that, and it really didn't motivate me to get back on track and keep going.  So I've decided to tack on an extra week, which will have me finishing up the week right before Thanksgiving.  Perfect timing!!!  As of now, I'm planning on starting my C2 the week after Thanksgiving but taking a week off for Christmas.  I am a total foodie, and if I don't indulge around the holidays I will be so depressed about it.  Last year I over-indulged the whole month of December, and was still carrying the weight I had gained that month when we started this challenge.  It was disgusting and I never want to do that again.

    I've heard how its important to have a break between challenges, but I'm wondering if taking a week off each month for 3 months (Oct, Nov, Dec) then just sticking with it will be good enough.  I gotta tell ya, the week I just took off really affected me.  I didn't have as much stamina for my cardio this morning and my pace was slower.  I doubled up and did an UBWO today as well, and I don't think I noticed quite as much a difference there.  It makes me a little concerned for myself after I'm done with my challenges.  I'm an all-or-nothing kind of gal and I'm a list maker, so keeping track of all my meals and workouts in my notebook has been crucial to my success.  But I don't want to have to keep a notebook for the rest of my life.  And that week off showed me just how easy it could be for me to slip into bad habits again.  Sadly, BFL still takes a huge amount of discipline for me.  My maintenance plan right now is to continue planning my meals for the week but not write down when I eat and all that jazz.  I'll probably also scale down to 4 or 5 meals a day.  I plan to do cardio MWF and weights on Tues and Thurs, and try to find a weight routine that doesn't take quite as long.  I LOVE cardio (as many women do) and I love the fact that its only 20 min.  But I don't think I can keep doing 1 hr weight routine 3 times a week for the rest of my life.  Anyone have any suggestions on shorter weight routines that can be used for maintenance?

    Sorry this is so long.  Its good to be back.  I feel like I'm starting to get my positivity back after my workouts today.  Those endorphins sure make a HUGE difference, don't they?

  • Good Evening...

    MsCoopDawg - Read your post after my Bible Study tonight and HAD to reply!  LOL

    It IS important to break for at least a week after every challenge or every few months.  Your body needs some down time no matter what regimen you are on, and the best experts in the business support a period of "Active Rest" where you don't become a couch potato, BUT everything you do during that period is definitely LOW IMPACT on your muscles and joints:  Easy running, low impact cardio, calesthenics etc...but no weights or HIIT.

    Concerning your comment about trying to find a weight routine that doesn't take "quite as long".  You need to check out Bill Phillips' 5-25 workout and cardio.  Seriously, a weight routine that only takes 25 minutes!  I've incorporated the method and my UBWO and LBWO time has been cut drastically!  Here is a link which has an overview of it, complete with videos!

    Blessings <><


  • Oh yea...(continued from last post)

    You will notice that the 5-25 method only involves 5 days/week, not 6 days.  If followed as described, you do 1 UBWO, 2 HIIT, 1 LBWO, 1 HIIT for a total of 5 days.  I use the framework for the workouts, but I AM doing 6 days/week as per BFL.  I'm also not repeating the 10 reps x 5 sets.  I'm still doing 12, 10, 8, 6 reps as per BFL while increasing weight but because I'm trying to build more muscle I also go on to do an additional two sets of 6 reps: 1 with heavier weights than the previous set, the a last set with an alternative exercise for the same muscle group with very heavy weight.  Anyways.  hope it helps.

    Blessings <><


  • Good Friday Steph and Crew,

    Well did the trainer wo yesterday after work. I asked Kritey why she wasn't pushing me harder than she was. She laughed and said she didn't want to hurt me then I laughed. Most of the wo was done using my own body weight. Squats on the TRAX Machine, just using the pulley for balance 2 legged and 1, Lunges with the BOSU Ball & 10lb. medicine ball, some cable for chest and biceps,back push ups also. Made the mistake of telling her that I have never done stretching in my life,so guess what we did yup stretching. Can feel a little bit in my back,mostly Hamstring & Glutes are on fire a bit today. I think she was sizing me up for our next encounter which will possibly be next Wed. & Thurs. I did sweat a little, pushed myself to the limit on every exercise we did oh! and also did a little kettle bell cling and jerk routine,never did kettlebells before was different. Most of the was to work the abs,which I haven't done alot of this challenge so I guess I'll start like it or not. Can't wait till next time.


    I agree with Steph your body does need a break and AR is the best way. After my first challenge I did the rest part only and it took me 3 months to get back into a routine again and I also gained 10 lbs. So make sure you keep going to the gym just to have a routine thats what I  plan on doing from now on.

    Steph thanks for all the info will have to check it out.

    Got to run now.

    Have a great weekend Crew,



  • HAPPY HAPPY FRIDAY!!! week 10...

    Hope all is well with you guys n gals.  LBWO was good but a bit rushed this morning.  I got a late start, but was really glad that I'm doing my workouts circuit style because the time savings really helped to get my entire workout in "under the wire" this morning (Yes, the late start was due to staying up to watch the Series game last night to the very end...GO CARDINALS!!!!)

    Here's a good website (and you can subscribe to her weekly tips in iTunes):

    Just click on "all tips" at the right side of the title bar, and it takes you to the archive of all the fascinating subjects that we can ALL find something to help us with or destroy myths.  Each tip is no more than 5-7 minutes long, so it makes for a great quick bit of info on your commute to work or whatever.  enjoy.

    Blessings <><


  • Hey guys!  Just wanted to let ya'll know that I am feelin the soreness from my weights!  As I mentioned before, I did double duty yesterday (UBWO & cardio) and then did my LBWO today.  I'm feelin my legs already!  That doesn't usually happen till the next day.  And the crazy thing is that I didn't really feel like I was hitting 10's, at least not solid 10's.  I guess that's what I get for taking time off.

    Solidrocker - Thank you for defining "active rest."  I had no idea that it didn't include weights.  Glad to hear the low impact cardio is advised.  That's really all I do anyway since I think my hips are totally jacked up.  I did a LOOOOT of walking when I lived in Oklahoma, like to the point where I maybe should have seen a doctor.  My hips started popping when I walked, sat, stood, you name it.  Didn't feel too good.  I messed around with jogging a little bit earlier in the challenge and stared to experience that same unpleasant popping feeling.  So for now I'm married to my elliptical (love that there's no impact) and some glucosamine supplements.  I'm 26 yrs old and falling apart already!

    Well, I'm up waaaay past my bedtime yet again.  Another bad habit that has resurfaced since my little vacation.  Gotta go meal plan with the hubby then head to bed.  Tomorrow will be a busy day!  Cardio, work, grocery shopping, and trying to mash 10 lbs of potatoes and throw together our Halloween costumes all before 6 pm!  Oh yeah, I'm taking my "free day" tomorrow (as if I haven't had enough of those lately), but it will actually just be a free meal.  Our friends practically serve Thanksgiving dinner every year at their Halloween party and I can't miss out on that.  I'd be on my friend's poopie list if I didn't partake of all of her hard work.  Lol.

    OH!  Good news!  I have a friend from high school who is planning on doing my C2 with me!!!  I really hope she follows through on it.  I've been trying to inspire my little brother to do it with me too.  He's 19 years old, over 300 lbs, and will probably be put on meds for diabetes the next time he sees his doctor in Jan or Feb.  I can't stand seeing him flush his health down the toilet.  I sent him the BFL book along with our before and progress pics up to this point.  Here's hoping he finds the motivation to change...  Any suggestions on how to inspire people who don't care or realize how badly they're hurting themselves?

  • HAPPY SATURDAY week 10!

    No HIIT for me today as I worked until 11 pm last night, and a 14 hour workday added to only 7 hours sleep before working another long day today does not lend itself to morning cardio!  

    Didn't get to see any of Game 7 except replays after I got home from work last night, so that was a bummer.  But hope everyone has a great weekend and Free day tomorrow.

    Blessings <><


  • HAPPY REFORMATION DAY!! (or Halloween, for the candy-eating pagans...LOL)

    Well, back on the horse for another week!  UBWO was challenging this morning:  changed to another group of exercises to change things up and pushed the weight as high as I could keep in form (my arms are rubber right now).  Once again circuit style impressed me, finishing with time to spare so did an extra set of chest exercises on a different machine.  10 mins HIIT warmup and stretches to cool down.  Ready for the day!

    MsCoopDawg - Nothin' wrong with elliptical AT ALL compared to running.  In fact, on one of my previous posts I listed a link to Ben Greenfield talking about the benefits of using the elliptical, and he also gave a killer elliptical routine.  Here is the address again: a-killer-elliptical-trainer-workout/

    Blessings <><


  • OK...let's try that address for the elliptical again...something went wrong last post:

    Blessings <><


  • Steph,

    Let us know when you get it right. LOL. HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! Wo0ke up at 4 am  today Julie had to be at school for 5:45 am. So Dad drove her not sure if the buses would be running. Sucks to be her today,she checked her emails this am and found out that her first course was cancelled by the teacher, so if she was not doing animal husbandry this week she could have slept in until 10 am. and her first course would have started a 1 pm. today. My wo's went great on the weekend did cardio Sunday took free day Sat. Breathing was on track the beat of the music see med to be slow maybe that helps. Linda is still sick and trying to get in to see a naturopathic doc as traditional is not working that great for her. I'm pretty sure I will nmhave a date with  Kristey on Wed. & Thurs. this week should be fun. The last wo she was trying to explain to me that I don't have to go fullout all the  time. Tried to tell  her it's all or nothing with me, so she has her work cut out for her now. Never thought I'd actually like wo with a trainer but I  do. I'm not sure if it was this thread or another where  someone asked what people did in between sets? For me I watch what all the trainers are doing with their clients so later on I can try some of the stuff.


    Do whatever works for you the main thing is you are doing something which is better than what most of North America is doing. Oh! almost forgot did anyone get snow yet?


    Are you still out there, hope so you are doing great keep it up and stay glutten free.



  • Hello everyone... sorry I havent been here to post.  I do read all of them all the time.  Claude thanks for reaching out and giving me a friendly little nudge to get back on here and POST.  I am still doing great... Been working out daily... havent missed one since starting other the days I was sick, and I am just taking those days on to the end of my C1.  I have been keeping a big wall calendar and putting a huge red heart on each day that I do workout as I figure it is symbolic of "loving myself".  It was so nice to see today 2 months worth of red hearts.  Wow.  I also see only 4 more left to go until I am at the end of my 12 weeks (with my 2 weeks added on that is as I missed 10 days sick).  I also didnt do photos or measure this Sunday as it is that time and I didnt want to get depressed or ruin my funk.  So... this next Sunday I will instead.  Had a very stressful week last week, conflicts with my boss at work and all I wanted to do was eat.  I was very emotional, and stressed out but I refrained.  But sure reminded me of how I "use" food like I used to use booze and drugs.  Anyways... I am back in good space today and its a whole new week...

    Hugs, and love to hear how everyone else is doing out there?? Glad you are back Mrs.CoopDawg!!

  • Hi Guys,

    Missed my wo last night will double up today,as I'm feeling much better. Yesterday one of my co - workers accidetally poisined me with a deep fried flat bread his wife made. When I asked what it was made with he said chickpea flour,so he offered me one and I ate it very good. He told me it was called BARRA Bread, so I googled it and found out it is usually made with wheat flour. For me it's a no no. Celiac.

    Felt crappy the rest of the day until about 8 pm. last night seem to be ok today. Also one of my co-workers asked if my daughter could use a couple of cadavars of a horses leg from the knee down she has in her freezer,from a course she took with a friend and her husband wants them out of the freezer. Suggested she could make soup for him.LOL. My daughter thought it was creepy that I knew someone that actually had cadavers. But she is going to ask her teachers if they want them. Julie is taking a VETERNARIAN TECHNICIANS COURSE. This week it's her turn to take care of the quaritined animals 2 cats, I think 1 is malnurished and severly dehidated, 1 has resperatory problems. So it's 4 am wakeup  for me and a trip through the drive through at McD's for her breaky and my coffee. Alone time with my daughter enjoy it while it lasts. Always good.


    Hang in there. Does your Naturopathic doc have any friends out my way that he would recomend for Linda? She has an appointment with one tomorrow just wondering.

    Gotta run now everyone have a great day.


  • Hi Claude - sorry to hear of your mishap, hope you are feeling better.  As for a naturopath in your area, I can certainly ask mine who she could recommend your way.  Looking for one that specializes in anything or just someone good?  What city are you in exactly?

  • Hi Shelly,

    I'm in Ottawa/Orleans area. Just a good one for now.