August 15th Starters!!!

  • I have to say I forgot how much free weights kick ur "biceps" :-0


    I am in control!

    Nothing tastes as good as being skinnier feels!

  • Hi all,

    Time to check in 1st UBWO is done will do hitt after work as I talked myself into staying in bed this morning need to stop that. I will be going to the gym with the wife on monday & wednesday after work and must try and go in the morning before work or I may miss. I agree with sticking to the book for the WO's. I followed the wo's and did the best I could with the meals and lost 20.5 lbs. so not bad that was C1, C2 didn't do so well went vegan and just before starting weighed myself and lost 10 lbs. without any wo's messed me up bad so needless to say C2 was not very good alot of hit and miss in the gym. Because of that I'm now back for C3 will post measurements soon and weight. Eating right as much as you can is the key.


    Cheers Claude

  • goooood morning sunshines!

    ok.. well.. I would love to say yesterday was a great day.. but I did have too much fruit.. not enough veggies..

    I had a low carb wheat tortilla.. some pizza sauce, ff cheese and loaded veggies.. baked it and mmmmm yummy pizza for dinner..

    I had to go to my class.. pilates.. last night.. but I kept up with the cute lil 18 year old Megan fox lookalike next to me.. so that was good :)

    I just can't not have my extra.. it is an addiction.. I am trying though.. to cut back on the exercise.. it's hard..

    I did the upper body plan yesterday.. it was awesome! I was shaky for a few hours after! Love it!

    today's plan.. more protein!  lemme know what ya think.. I'm still getting the hang of it.

    1 hard boiled egg

    ff string cheese

    spinach salad with ff mustard dressing egg and tomato

    tofurkey, lettuce, tomato sandwich on 45 calorie wheat bread

    strawberries, ff cottage cheese

    protein shake w/fruit

    cardio tonight

    sound ok?

    better than yesterday? :)

    have a great day kids!


    Every day is a struggle. Make today's count!

  • Claude - congrats on your success thus far!

    Sugar - i would double check your portion sizes... thinking that you can have more than 1 hardboiled egg!  :)

    i'm a water drinker, with 2-3 diet dr peppers per day.  yesterday i was exclusively water and was terribly tired.  it may have just been mental, but thinking i may allow myself one diet soda a day this week.  thoughts?

    #1 (6:30a) ~1hr after cardio: turkey bacon & a small apple

    #2 (9a): oatmeal & hardboiled egg whites

    #3 (11:30a): turkey sandwich (whole wheat sandwich "thins", boar's head, spinach, peppers, tomato, onion)

    #4 (2p): cantaloupe & cottage cheese

    #5 (4:30p): turkey sausage & yogurt

    #6 (7p): protein shake w/ natural PB & cauliflower

    as always... please feel free to critique my meals!!!!

  • thanks heather.. I figured one for bfast .. one in my salad.. not sure how many are "allowed" in a day.. but I'll check it out :)

    I drink a few diet sodas every day I love my diet dr pepps too!.. always have my water bottle with crystal light.. a couple sugar/carb free energy drinks a week keep me going..

    Every day is a struggle. Make today's count!

  • here's my take on doing above and beyond what the bfl workout calls for. Let me start by saying i did the bfl program first 12 years ago. So I have read the book probably 5 times. Bill Phillips designed this program to not be too exhausting for the average person. One thing I've learned is,,, if you feel like doing more .... then do more. As long as your intensity levels are within the program it can only help you.  20 minutes is great for fat burning. But if you are like me and training for long distance runs.. stretching it to 25 or 30 minutes every now and then is a good thing.. and it feels great. The real danger in doing this is burning yourself out. 12 weeks is a long haul.. anyone who's done this program will tell you that. Just go with your gut. I work out in the mornings.. sometimes like at 430.. and it feels so good that I feel like going back at night... so I do.. usually something low impact like the eliptical... I'm pushing 40 and my knees are not what they used to be... So that's my take... I'm no expert but this is what works for me.... have a great body for life day.

  • Hey Heather you shouild find a replacement for the PB. lots of fat not much in the protein department and not on the list either. My 2 cents.

    you could try hemp protien.


  • Claude the book recommends natural PB to get some extra protein and for the good unsaturated fat. I love throwing a scoop of natural PB into a vanilla myoplex shake and blending it with ice.. yum.. but Heather it HAS to be the natural PB.

  • claude- thanks for your input.  i typically have always used natural PB in my shakes, but was fully prepared to ditch it for the program... imagine how happy i was to see it was allowed (in moderation).  i use chocolate whey protein, 1T of natural PB (i typically pour out half of the oils before i stir up a new jar), 1/3 frozen banana. & water.  ps... what is hemp protein?

    steve- how do you manage your long distance runs with BFL.  do you just add your runs in addition to the BFL recommended workouts?  i'm plan to use my HIITs for speed training (and 1 on a spin bike).  training for the ragnar relay (nashville).

  • Heather if I want to do 25 or 30 minutes.. after the first 10 minutes I'll do 5 minute intervals instead of 4. So at the 10 minute mark I'll move down to a 50 percent.. then 60 then 70.. and so on.. At 15 I'm back down to 50,,, and same with 20 or 25... depending on how long I want to run. It has always worked for me. I've always applied the bfl concept to my running. When I'm in good shape and running long distance.. I'll increment up at every 1/10 of a mile instead of every minute.. Hopefully once I shed some pounds I'll be back to that point and ready for the October half marathon.

    I like your shake recipe. I hate that myoplex stopped selling their shakes in powder form.. i may have to find a new brand... suggestions?

  • Ready to tackle Day 2!!! Can anyone tell me if corn tortillas (2) are allowed? They have comparable carbs/fiber/sugars as the whole wheat tortillas...and I like corn much better. Tacos are a staple for me...grilled fish, chicken, taco meat...peppers, onions, salsa....yum!!

  • I agree Highheeledgirl, I drink water but usually have 2 Coke Zero's a day at least, for caffeine purposes, because I do not care for coffee. I have been using the 5 Hour energy shots and/or tea instead. LOTS of Water, LOTS of Water!

  • Well Day 3 today! Did cardio and was humming along nicely thinking I was going to beat my goal from Sunday and oh look what a cute little puppy you are! He stepped on the cord to the eliptical and restarted the machine! LOL! Do you know how hard it is to keep that mind set when you are halfway through your second set and the clock says 0?! Ah well persevered through the next two sets and did the full 20 minutes so not sure that I beat my time but definitely felt like I gave it my all! Make it a fabulous day everyone!

  • I'm already craving a diet Mountain Dew...... BOO!!

  • Hey you guys need to start drinking water instead. The diet stuff is killing you slowly if you need that stuff drink the original drinks instead and only in moderation. The best is to just don't drink them. I'm also using the body minder workout and exercise journal. I beleive its more compact and you can add a ton of stuff if you so choose. Hemp Protein is derived from the hemp plant that is used as a food source, not the one you smoke. LOL. I've just started using it as I'm trying to follow The Thrive Diet. This is a Vegan diet. Author is Brendin Brazzier. This should help those of you that are vegetarian he has a 12 week menu. So I'm trying out some of the recipes as I go. I try and eat mostly vegan but if I feel like having a hunk of meat I will. More of a  flexatarian approach.