Body for Life for Women

  • Just checked this book out...and the plan, in this edition, is slightly different for women. I like it and I am going to change a couple of things I am doing.

    I am insulin resistant and this may be a litttle better for me: the BFL for Women emphasizes vegetables and fruits as carb sources more than complex carbs (limited to 2 a day instead of  at every mini and vegetables just twice a day).

    The plan also suggests cardio for 30 minutes at least 3-5 times a week.

    The only thing that concerns me about it is the weight does not readily account for different body types. Also, stretching before exercise may be an outdated concept. I've read alot about stretching before exercise being more harmful and it is suggested that a simple cardio warm up of some sort is better. Stretching still needs to be done...just not immediately prior to exercise (at least that is the new idea...which may be disputed next year).

    I'm leaning towards these changes...will start them today.


  • BFL doesn't call for complex carbs at every meal.  Most only have 1-2x per day, with fruit for the rest.  

    BFL for Women has some good information, but isn't as effective as the original BFL.  The pictures in the book for women are from the original BFL program and it's somewhat watered down.  A watered down program will provide results in kind.  

    I think perhaps use some of the good information to supplement your knowledge base, but do the original BFL program for optimal results.  

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  • I must have misinterpreted the information on this page

    and in the Champion book because it calls for complex carbs at each mini...and to add vegetables to at least 2 a day.

  • Yeah, that's not your fault.  The site lists fruit as a complex carb.  :)

    Veggies.  Yes, to at least 2 meals per day.  That's in the original BFL book.

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  • Hi thelibrarian,

    I have to say that it's interesting.  Maybe the next challenge I will try it out.  However, I WAS insulin resistant too, and if you do a detox you can easily nullify this problem.  I am not a doctor, but I researched why women get ovarian cyst, and hormonal imbalances.  One thing I did find out is that had a toxic liver, so I did a liver detox.  Doctors will not tell you this.  You can always tell by the number of bowel movements you have.  Less then 2 is not good. I used to suffer from ovarian cysts, and fibroids.  Much of it was stress, but some was the result of the type of foods before I became a health nut.  So, I started taking milk thistle, used cinnamon on my food, and I drank water with a tablespoon of lemon juice.  After this, it not only got rid of all my hormonal imbalances, it shrunk those fibroids and got rid of the cysts.  Those ailments were the result of insulin resistance.  Not only that, it saved an ovary that they wanted to remove due to a 5 inch diameter cyst.

    Now I don't even get cramps even during that time of the month.  I can't solve anyone's problems, but I feel it's always good to find out what's going on inside, instead of just thinking I you have to deal with it differently.  Carbs are not the enemy, it's how you may process them, and I'm living proof of that.  If you clean out your system, you might be able to process them better.

    JMO, from someone who knows your plight.  :-)  

    Hope I didn't sound too preachy...

  • Liver detoxes are an interesting thing.  My doctor certainly has talked about this.  I'm sure it depends on the physician.  There's a reasonable argument to be made for all of us needing to detoxify to some degree and I would agree that many people have toxin filled livers that are wreaking havoc with their health.  That being said, carefully research how to do it properly and do speak with your doctor.  It can harm more than help to detoxify the liver, especially if you've taken certain SSRI medicines in the past.  

    It may help you process everything better, but will not nullify insulin resistance.  What it will do, if done right, is to give your body more efficiency, which will allow you to more easily love weight and get back your health.  Once you do those things the insulin resistance naturally change.  

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  • Hi thelibrarian,

    It does depend on the physician, and my PCP and gyno did recommend it.  She did say it would help, because it helped me I can only say it's up to you.  I  believe God gave us natural remedies, and they are sometimes better than medicine.  

    If I hadn't went through insulin resistance myself, I would have thrown that out.  My sugars are no only 80, yes, 80.  It's more about getting your system back on track, the natural way.  Liver detox do really help with hormonal issues, which does sometimes affect a woman's weight loss.  

    Plus, women with POCS is have insulin resistance, and I would have had this, hadn't I changed a lot of things.  I would talk it over with your doctor too.  

    However, this thread is more about the new diet, and please let me know it works for you. BFL really has worked for me, but I am always open to new ideas.  Thanks for sharing...

  • Patriciaae99

    An insulin level of 80 is teetering on hypoglycemia.  Does your PCP know it's gone there?  If you were insulin resistant before then that indicates a swing, which is also not ideal.  It is within range by 1 point, but within range so not trying to cause unnecessary alarm.  It's just something you want to watch.

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  • Jessica,

    Not true, anything below 70 is low, and 60-65 is dangerous. My levels swing between 80-85 sometimes 89.  Normal is consider 70-99.  I've known this because I get a physical every year and blood test.  This is very normal, but is lower then someone who's a diabetic.  Actually, just had a physical in April.

    I was insulin resistant, because I was borderline POCS at one point, but got it under control.  Doctors warned me early.  However, by lowering stress levels, and eating correctly I was able to even it out early in life. This actually helped me lose weight in my early 20s.  

    This is precisely why I have doctors who back up my plans and I listen to my trainer when doing weight loss.  Before I do a program or try something, I ask the doctor, and then I consult my trainer.

    Believe me, being an engineer, you're trained to  research, ask questions, and  verify all data.  All this information has been verify with the best qualified professionals.

  • The original BFL states a carb and protein at each meal, x6 a day.

    The BFL for Women specify the carbs: If you have weight to lose, it's only 5 carbs and 5 proteins per day.

    5 carbs = 2 grains + 1 Starch + 2 fruit.

    On top of that you should try to have 5 "smart carbs".

    Another difference with regards to exercise is the inclusion of stretches. There are 6 that are recommended.

  • With the other 5 "smart carbs", it means vegetables, which most would regard as simple carbohydrate, in stead of complex carbohydrate. Hope this helps. :-)

  • Patriciaae99

    The standards depend on who you ask.  Many physicians go by the standard I cited.  By all means listen to your doctor.  I was just trying to offer insight.  Normal is considered in some circles 80-110.  

    Make sure you are processing that information you get from all the best qualified professionals.  Sometimes it's a hard and fast.  Sometimes it's generally speaking and sometimes it's a unique situation.  Being able to discern the difference matters.  

    I know and have worked with 2 of the best trainers in the country.  They are certified in things most trainers haven't even heard of, let alone know about.  Ron and Don disagree sometimes.  Information from the experts isn't even hard and fast.  Even then I check with my doctor and do my own research.

    I laugh when a trainer tells me the "formula" for max heart rate.  That's a good question to ask a trainer.  They tell you about that then you know they are not well schooled.  We all have our ways of telling if someone knows or not.  We also have unique factors.  Advice should take that into consideration.

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  • I was away for the weekend...thanks for all the posts...I have some Milk Thistle...I've considered starting to take it. I had a liver panel that came back slightly abnormal a few years back and they did an ultrasound...fatty liver. Ew. So, I am hoping that in conjunction with my new eating and exercise I can get that liver healthier...thank goodness it is known for it's reguvenating qualities.

    I have been diagnosed with PCOS and/or Premature Ovarian Failure...I don't think they really know what is going on with me. Most of my hormone levels are normal---testosterone, etc. But I wasn't making enough estrogen and I take it orally well as Progesterone about once every 2-3 months.

    When I was 19, I first started having problems. I went off the pill because of terrible migraines. Gained over 20 pounds and didn't have a period for 3 months...went back on the pill and that masked whatever symptoms for the next 8 or so years when I went off it again, didn't have a period for a year and gained a tremendous amount of weight...that is also when I started having hot flashes and steady weight gain because of lifestyle changes as well.

    Good news---I am back on track :)

    I went to a health fair on BP is the lowest it has been in YEARS!

    Also, this week, I lost another 3 of 13 for the 3 weeks I've been on BFL.

    Anxious to see what my physical on the 30th says...cholesterol, trigs, etc. Classic Metabolic X Syndrome for years now. I do know that I can change it with just diet and exercise at this point.


  • Understand where you are coming from.  This is on most websites, and was confirmed my doctors.  Correct, it's up to the individual to set their own guidelines.  

  • I'm not saying up to the individual.  I was going by the normal standards used by most doctors and websites.  I was saying that there are different standards and not all information applies to all people uniformly.

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