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  • ·         Thanks Michelle i appreciate the help and advise, i clicked on your picture after i posted and "WOW" you look amazing.   One more question - is there any "more" advantage to drinking the Carb Control versus just drinking the "Lite"?  If not i may go back to drinking the Lite RTD Shakes.

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  • This is going to probably sound goofy, but, here it goes anyway...I like the carb control shakes because then I eat two items instead of quickly sucking down a shake and feeling like I didn't get to enjoy a meal. Add that carb. I enjoy the idea of having a "meal" in front of me.

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  • Cory-I do both...Myoplex Lite shake for M2 then reg protein shake and an apple for M4. Whole foods do seem to fill me up better, but everyone is different.  My son likes to drink my Carb Control shakes so sometimes I have to sneak them so he doesn't want a drink!

    I did go through my Success Journal from 2 previous attempts at BFL still had the food listed...I was drinking 2 Lite shakes and having a bar every day; I think that might be one of the reasons I didn't stick with it among other things...

    So anyways, try a different method for a couple of days, write down how you feel and go from there! Hope this helps...

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