Monday is the Day!

  • I am hoping for big results...of course after lots of hard work.

    I am larger framed and naturally have a lot of muscle...and I think for once in my life I will appreciate it :) I remember always wanting to be willowy and waifish, now I hope to be strong and athletic...instead of my current state...overweight and tired.

    So, I start Monday. To become the best "me" possible...I think it is going to take 2 challenges...for a total of 60 pounds.


  • Strong is the new skinny, Lady! :D

    Hubby and I are starting on Monday as well.

    Let's team up and blow this out of the water!! :D


  • I'm starting tomorrow as well...I have A LOT of planning and organizing to do today in preparation.  Hope you guys don't mind the company! :o)

  • Best of luck to you! My hubby and I are starting tomorrow - making a grocery run and cooking today for the week - praying that we can do this! Would love to connect along the way if you'd be open to more team members!

  • OH, Ladies! Let's do this! Yes, bring on the team members! I am SO excited to have all of you on board!

    Let the GAMES BEGIN!!! MK

  • I'm starting today as well - it'll be fun to see where we are in 12 weeks!  Good luck!

  • Hi - any room for another starter today?  This will be my third challenge.  I just need to get through a whole challenge!

    Pia x

  • Pia-

    Climb aboard, pretty lady! This is going to be the best challenge EVER!


    Welcome home! You can be our team cheer leader! :D:D

  • Hi Everyone! :)

    Well, I awoke at 6 a.m. and did my UBWO...also had a shake for breakfast because I was running behind. I used protein powder, milk, and berries. About to have some cottage cheese and pineapple in a little while.

    So far, so good :)

    My challenges this week- Wednesday is potluck day...we ALWAYS have food at my work...I am making a rice pilaf and intend to bring some tilapia and stick to my minimeals!

  • I've got some great cheer leading moves! :D

    Well i had a disastrous day and ate loads of junk foods this morning, i thought about starting over again tomorrow but worried that I'd get into a bad cycle of starting again every time something went wrong.  So i put it down to a bad start then did an UBWO a bit of cardio and had a nice dinner.  Feeling better about the whole thing now and prepared all my food for tomorrow so fingers crossed it'll be a good day 2!

    Well done everyone - we're on our way! :)

  • Hello, my dear Body for Life brothers and sisters! Today went fairly well, except for the fact that I only got (03) meals in! uugghh If UncleMike were alive, he would scalp me for sure! haha Gotta get those meals in, tomorrow will be better. Upper body was OUT OF THIS WORLD! I am still feeling good from it hours later.

    I am so thankful that we are all together in this! Imagine when we all post our after photos, WOOT WOOT!!! :D:D Love and Hugz- MK

  • Hey All!

    Yesterday went well...My UBWO took a little longer than I thought because I was deciding on what machines to choose and on I did not do one set on a couple of exercises, but my muscles were fatigued. I feel a little sore today, but not too much- which makes me think I need to work harder next time.

    Cardio went all right this morning, I was sweating like a mule and almost everything is a high-intensity workout for me at this point...haha...eek...but I am having trouble being as regimented with such short intervals. May get a stop watch. What I did was intervals throughout 5 songs...which turned out to be PERFECT :) I just started on B's in my songlist...Blister in the Sun, Bodies, Boom Boom Pow, Brass was motivating.

    Anyways, have a good day!



    Strong is the new skinny, Lady! :D



    I love this!  I agree...LOL


  • MK  - As for SINS... you, my friend, clearly spend too much time on FB.  :)

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Jess- You CRACK me up....and you pegged me perfectly there! lol :D <<<<<addictive personality ;)