Temptation Strikes. Help!

  • Hello people!

    So as soon as I committed to my 12 weeks, I went to the fridge and threw my 7 year old's left over birthday cake out.  Sorry buddy.  Then I get to work today and a leftover lemon tart from two days ago-before I started the program (apparently I'm a bit of a sugar addict) is sitting in the fridge. It totally didn't bother me until 5 minutes ago when it started screaming my name!

    I honestly can't believe how many times I've had to say no to sugar in just 48 hours!  Steel cut oatmeal without brown sugar or honey, no mochas, no muffins.

    This sounds ridiculous because people, I'm only on my second day!  Do I just throw the whole thing in the garbage!?

    It's sad my focus is about wasting an expensive pie crust!

    :  )


    Thank You!




  • Hi Ang300,

    It may be hard to believe right now but these feelings will pass in a few days. Think about free day you can have whatever you like then. You will be so proud of yourself if you resist today! You can do it...throw that lemon tart in the garbage or give it to someone. You threw out the birthday cake so you can do this!

    Stay strong!


  • Thank you Kim!  I didn't touch it.  And although I feel a bit of a sugar withdrawal/lethargy goin on here, the emergency craving did go away.  Thank God for Ezekiel bread!  (Never thought I'd utter THAT sentence.)

    What's amazing is how your mind will start to talk you out of your goals in an instant.  Or mine will anyway.

    It's amazing how just ONE person can give you the strength to stay strong.



  • Hello,

    Did you do all the questions and goals from the book? For me, this is the first and most important step to take to stay on course.  Also, one of the questions is 'have you decided to make the change'? if theres a slight no in there, then you prob are not ready to undertake BFL, its really intense and you must be ready to take it all on.

  • Hi, Ang300.

    This is going to sound silly, but it works for me.  Whenever I embark on something like this, usually a couple of months before a trip somewhere, I go through the same thing.  My start day turns into a splurge day and I end up wasting it.  What would have been my second day turns into my first day and that gives me the kick in the butt to stick to it and not waste more time.  I usually know ahead of time when I'll be leaving on a trip, and that departure day comes whether I'm ready or not.  Anyway, this is what I do.  During the time I'm getting trip-ready, I write down everything I crave or want and keep a list. I tell myself, that Dufflet butter tart will still be there in eight weeks, or twelve weeks, so I can have it then.  What I find interesting is, after all that hard work, I rarely eat what's on my list.  I think about how much harder I would have to work to get rid of it if I eat it.  Like you, I love sweets, but I lose my tooth for it once I'm on my way.  I know I won't regret looking great for a trip, but I will always regret not trying.


  • Great suggestion Spinney.   Thanks for the reminder.  I did them years ago but I am going to get the workbook today and do them.  I've been doing great with the sugar (even through my headaches and fatigue) so Yup I'm ready!

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  • Hi  Monscal!

    I realize too, that on my free day, when I did have something sweet, then I wanted something else sweet.  It's a slippery slope. I realize  it's better for me to stay away from it in general. Your tip is a good one. Because you really can have it later at some point if you are really craving it but like you say, after feeling so good for so long, you may not want to.

    :  )

  • I wanted to add too for other people who may go through a bout with temptation the following:

     You can read these goals and be ready, but until you are in your life dealing with your old patterns that use to comfort you, you don't  REALLY get what that means.  That's why this forum is so unbelievably helpful.  Even at only 2 days in, and embarrrassed thinking I was going to crumble, I reached out.   Someone responded with total unconditional support, I was able to avoid the sugar, and was back on the path.

    I think staying in communication here with your challenges and successes is just as important as following the guidelines.  And, I would add to that, listening to YOUR body because every individual is unique and not everyone responds the same to the same foods.

    Kick butt today everyone!!