Anyone starting on August 1st?

  • Welcome Maxon, great job on starting today!

  • tc747- I did it. Got my 5am workout in but it was so tough getting out of bed. I start work at 7am and I have 2 kids (2 and 1) so it is hard to get to the gym after work. Hoping it gets easier each day!

  • Went to the gym 5am this morning.... It was a cross between excitement to get started and a cross between too tired to wake up but I forced myself and I hope it gets easier each time. I love working out first thing in the morning cause I feel so much better the rest of the day but I have been out of the habit for so long. However when I finished I felt drank my shake and apple and then felt nausea... I guess that means I pushed myself hard today. Felt like it went really well.

    Today I set up a "bod pod" appt. (the gold standard for body fat assessment) to get my body fat %. It is $45 for that so I am all in now...... If I pay for that then I must go on! So then I can do it again at 12 weeks for the final results....

    Hoping everyone else is on track today for their day 1 workout and eating.

  • Yep, count me in!

  • Good morning lovelies! I am so excited. I got up at 4:30 and went to the gym. I am notorious for finding a way to not go to the gym because by the end of the day of course we are all tired. So I figure drag it outta bed and GO. That way the rest of the day will be fabulous because I won't have that little guy on my shoulder going...psst hey don't you feel tired...well you still have to go to the gym! Have a great day everyone. So glad to have a support group! Positive thoughts evryone.....

  • Hi Everyone, I was hoping I could join you guys!  I was going to start last week, but realized how essential planning is.  I've now got my meals planned out as well as my excercises planned.  Taking my photo's tonight, and I'm in it for real!  

    My personal goals are to lose 20 lbs, to make it the full 12 weeks, and rid myself of my beer belly.

    Good luck everyone!

  • Toots - Don't worry about not getting to the gym... just make yourself get it in later in the day. Stick to clean eating and you'll be just fine!

    It doesn't surprise me at all that the first day of the Program I faced my all time biggest fear at the gym. I go around 5:30 AM to try to get ahead of everyone else in the weight room. Today when I walked in, 2 men had towels on 5 of the weight benches as if they were trying to "save" them while they were working on other machines. I nearly turned around and left... defeated. I don't like confrontation. As I turned around to leave I saw myself in the mirror and thought exactly what it says in The Book... I am here because I want to change. I moved one of the towels and set it on another bench. One of the men came over and said "I'm using this bench." I simply responded with "This is a large weight room with many benches, we all pay the same membership fee, and you're not even using this one." He just walked away. I think that fueled me to work out a little harder too! :)

    Anyway, I had a GREAT UBWO, got home and had a Myoplex light vanilla shake with some berries, and packed 3 cups of cottage cheese, 2 apples, and 2 servings of fat free vanilla yogurt with some fresh blueberries (for convenience - I have a lot of meetings today). I'll have turkey tenderloin, brown rice, and fresh spinach for dinner.

    So far, day 1 is looking very good! :) How is everyone else doing?

  • arolfsmeier- great job on getting started. I also am taking my photos tonight.

    My goal also is to finish 12 weeks as I didn't do that last time. I also want to keep in mind not to be so stuck on all-or-nothing. That has always been a huge weakness of mine!!! That will be my key this time!

  • great weight workout, followed by Myoplex light.. I am feeling great. A trainer I have worked with in the past nearly dropped dead of shock to see me in the gym. : )

  • stephinator, GOOD for you. Don't let someone push you around and keep you from attaining your goals. You were pretty nice about it...that early in the morning I can't be responsible for my actions LOL...probably something along the lines of gee if you wer eusing it I would be sitting on your lap right now! I like going to my gym in the morning because the competition for machiens or weights is far less. Luckily its 24 hrs on weekdays. So I can go whenever I want! Just polished off lunch. Hubby and I bought a rotiserie chicken and have been eating on it for a couple of days. I used to dislike chicken as much because of years of dieting. Now I just see it as a protein I need in the gas tank!

    Toots, as much as it may suck get that workout in. It's an hour out of your day! Welcome everyone else who has joined in. So important to have a support group. Being prior military we moved around a lot, so once we came home for good all my so called friends don't include me in their I am flying pretty solo with the support of my awesome Husband. He wants me to suceed so bad, I think just as much as I want to, because he sees how much it hurts me. ANYWAY!

    Have a good afternoon everyone!

  • WEnt and did the Bod Pod testing today... Cost $45 but my results told me my body fat is 16% but I look flabby... They told me I shouldn't lose too much weight but I feel i have a lot of work to do with toning and getting more muscle. Any thoughts anyone because I look at my pictures and I have some thighs on me now and no tone to my muscle. I was discouraged today.... I want to keep going with the transformation but they said less than 15% body fat isn't good. Seriously? I need to lose me some weight. My test said I have 22lbs of fat and 118 lbs of lean body mass (organs, muscle, fluids, etc). Anyone else have this issue?

  • Msjo - Thanks for the added encouragement! I used to be a huge pushover but now I realize that I need to do some things for me... whatever that may require me to do to reach my goals is worth it! The way I see it... if your old "friends" don't want to include you in their lives anymore... they were never TRUE friends to begin with. People like that just want to bring you down and don't have enough self esteem themselves to realize the difference. Starting this journey is a HUGE step in rebuilding your life the way that YOU want it!

    CST1008 - I would definitely listen to what you are being told but also keep in mind the source... depending on how experienced that person is and what they are "required" to tell you (for medical reasons I'm sure) the answer or information you are being given may not seem accurate. If you would like more tone to your muscles and to become stronger, I say continue on. DO NOT become discouraged! Keep going... this is a healthy Program. It isn't like one of those fad diets that has you eating grapefruits and drinking lemon juice and cayenne pepper... Just keep in mind that by the numbers it DOES seem like you're in pretty good shape. If you would like to post pictures here you can do that too... but if you are in as good of shape as what the numbers imply, you may not see results as dramatically as some of the people here with more of a change to make. DO NOT let that discourage you either. Everyone is different... we have to remember that.

  • Hello All!

    Got on the scale this morning and it was quite the eye opener!  Went to the gym and completed an UB workout.  I may go to a Zumba class tonight with a friend.  It's a GREAT cardio workout.  So far I am following my eating plan.  

    Have a happy and healthy rest of the day!

  • Hi everyone!

      I started this spring, got sick in week 6 and didn't continue...I was going to start today but overslept. So I'm sitting here in the evening (I live in Sweden)  with a bowl of ice-cream and happened to look in to this forum for the first time in months....

     Got so inspired so I decided to join you guys and really start tomorrow morning (Aug 2:nd). No more excuses!

    Hope you're first day was good


  • Georgia! What kind of ice cream ? LOL just kidding.......YAY the more the merrier! Make sure you plan. I planned for over a week and was still walking around my house figuring myself out last night!