Anyone starting on August 1st?

  • I'm signed up to start on August 1st too. I've accomplished amazing things by following the BFL program in the past and I'm excited to start a new cycle. Let's do this together!

  • Have my groceries, planned my meals for week 1 and ready to go for my 5am workout... Stephanator are u still starting tomorrow? Great start on this group post!

  • I'm starting tomorrow too.  My third go at it. This time I'm gonna start with a group and try to keep motivated.

    I have been doing the diet for the last month or so.

    My goals are to lose about 20 pounds and to get me jump started into lifting weights.

    Good luck everyone!!!!!

  • Yes I am starting today August 1st. Just had my first meal, but I know I'll need some encouragement as the days go by. Would be great to start with others.

  • I agree!! A LIFE LIVED IN FEAR IS A LIFE HALF LIVED. Let's go over this fear of failure and do this! Let's live our lives to the fullest!

  • Lvs2hoop - We're glad to have you! In the past when I have done challenges, these groups have made all of the difference. I hope that you find us helpful and supportive! :)

    Gretelbug - as far as the iced tea goes... I would stick with unsweetened and free of any additives. I say this because it is the healthiest option. I make my own with the unsweetened lipton tea bags and I only drink it because I'm heavily addicted to caffeine. :) I always expect that I will have trouble moving for the first two weeks but it does... it feels great!

    tc747 - Welcome to the group! Let's make this a lifestyle change... not just a 12 week challenge.

    es - Welcome to the group! I do prefer the original plan over any of the modified ones for sure... and I DEFINITELY recommend planning AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE whether it be meals... exercise routines... and everything in between. This is one of the keys to success for sure if not THE key to success. As far as a plan moving forward... there is no requirement. I say post questions when you've got them. Post successes... post set backs... post when you need support, or when you're just feeling good. Post tips... encouragement... whatever. This doesn't only have to be about the Program.

    CST1008 - You make a great point. It CANNOT be all or nothing. This is a lifestyle change... that means that LIFE HAPPENS. There are going to be days you can't get your workout in... birthday parties... an occassional dinner out with friends... that is LIFE. We have to re train ourselves (or train ourselves in some cases) to make smarter, healthier decisions no matter what life throws at us. That doesn't mean we can't have a slice of birthday cake here or there.

    PattiN - Welcome to the group. I think a lot of us know how it is to be ready for a change. And to make excuses. Another benefit to being part of a group like this is you feel like someone will help to hold you accountable to your goals which for me is a huge help mentally.

    Skinnybonbon - Welcome to the group!

    Vegas Charisma - Welcome to our group! Congrats on getting through the first week! Doesn't it feel great???

    Msjo - Welcome to the group! We're happy to have you! This is a GREAT place for support. We all need it... both to be supported and to support and encourage others!

    awonderfulthought - Welcome to the group!

    Hooligan - Lets continue to use this thread for anything. That will be the easiest to keep our group together. Glad to have you!

    onedayatatime - Welcome to the group! Post any questions or thoughts you may have here... looks like we've got a GREAT group forming!

    Joy - Excellent start!

    Malacie - Welcome to the group! Great job completing 8 weeks before!!! We will ALL finish this time! Let's pull eachother through.

    heathann39 - Welcome to the group!

    LisaAB - Welcome to the group!

    purplelady - Welcome to the group! We're all going to continue to post in this thread so just come here if you want to post something or just see what everyone else is up to. I am going to try to post daily updates beginning tomorrow. I find it helps me personally to stay on track.

    killarney - Welcome to the group! Looking forward to taking this step with you.

    PatienceC - Welcome to the group! I too have seen great results in the past from the Program.

    CST1008 - Yes, I am still starting tomorrow. I have been busy this week planning and getting some things done at work to make the first few weeks a little less stressful. I find when I'm stressed out at work it is much harder to follow the meal plan.

    Jamey L - Welcome to our group! I find that using the group for support is a HUGE help with completing the Program successfully.

    Nicstar - Welcome to the group! Great motivation!

    All - I'm REALLY excited to start the Program tomorrow, but I'm even more excited that I get to begin with all of you. It looks like we have an amazingly supportive, prepared, and motivated group and I truly believe that it is one of the most important things when completing the Program. Let's do this!

  • I'm trying to find the best place to reply and post to the group. Do I hit "reply" to stephanator's original post that started this group thread or do I "reply" to the most recent comment or to a particular person? When replying to a particular person does everyone get it anyways? Just curious how the threads work????

  • Everyone have their first meals planned? What are u eating???

    I am doing a 5am upper body workout.

    #1- shake and Apple

    #2- whole wheat bagel (high protein) with a small amnt natural pb and sf jelly

    #3- yogurt and kashi

    #4- nutrition bar

    #5- fajitas

    #6- cottage cheese and strawberries

    Happy planning!!

  • I am starting on August 1st, count me in.

  • Thought I'd post some things that might help:

    I'm the queen of moderation. It's been my experience when I go at things too gung-ho, then I lose momentum. Too easy, and I want a challenge and blow it. Slow and steady wins the race, that's my mantra. Moderation in all things, that too.

    A friend of mine that I met through BFL has always been a source of inspiration. Her website is May not be your thing, but some good, sound advice.

    Good luck, everyone. And keep to it. It'll be worth it.

  • Wow what a group!  Great to hear every is getting started, will be good to hear everyone's up's & down's.  

    Had a good 2nd day, cardio went well & followed my plan to a T.  I am pretty impressed with my commitment so far, considering my eldest boy has the chicken pox (rash broke out yesterday!), poor baby is miserable.

    Stephinator - I still struggle with the "life" change, hoping over the next 12 weeks it will start to stick if you know what I mean.

    Sample Menu from today:

    #1  Protein Shake

    #2   4 Egg whites & 1 cup of beans

    #3  Chicken Salad Wrap

    #4   Protein Shake

    #5   Chicken & Lentil Dahl with vegies

    #6   Protein Bar

    CST1008 - 5am workout's, extra points for getting out of bed so early, you have my respect!

  • Hi everyone!  Happy Monday!!  My day is going well so far...I'm just getting ready to head to bed. I'm an odd bird because I work graveyards, so I sleep at odd times...very screwy.  I did my workout and came home and made apple tuna salad from the Eating for Life was delish, def. recommend it! Going to have a shake and set my alarm to wake up for my other meals. Inspired and committed!

  • good morning, BFL'ers! We are starting an awesome journey today towards our best selves. and I for one am fired up! I have over the past ten years started a few times, but it was casual. I never entered since the one challenge I completed. It was "I am going to follow this program when it is convenient for me to do so." well, that didn't last very long. So this time, I entered. I took pictures. I ordered the journal. The most helpful thing in the journal is the three things I did very well. Otherwise, I get tunnel vision, see my failings, get down on myself, skip workouts, feel worse, eat and so on. So I am going to work on giving myself credit for everything I do right.

    I have faith in all of us and our ability to do this. Have a great BFL day.

  • Hey Stephinator...I started today also! (Aug 1)

    It was a rough start already though...i prepared my foods for the day last night, so that was all ready, but I overslept and didn't get my workout in this morning...looks like I will have to make it after work.

    Did your first day start off okay?


  • My plan for the day

    #1 1/2c oats W/ 2 slices of turkey bacon

    #2 shake

    #3 grilled chicken breast & brown rice & peas

    #4 2 string cheese

    #4 turkey on whole wheat wrap with spicy mustard and spinach

    #4 cottage cheese and blueberries (never had cc we will see how that goes)