Anyone starting on August 1st?

  • HEY, that's a great idea Louis.

    I just caught your meaning with the "back 2 back" thing.

    Who here likes Louis' idea of calling our second challenge forum name "The Back 2 Backs"?

    I"m good with it, that would mean that our August 1st challenge would end on Sunday October the 23rd and our "Back 2 Back" group would start on Monday October the 24th... WAM-BAM!!

    I was thinking of a week off or something but why bother, that would just get me drinking every night and eating junk food all over again, gotta keep in the groove or I'll be right back where I came from.



  • Louis and cheatday - I love it, "The Back-2-Backs."  Can it be official?  Round 2 for me will start on Monday, 24 October, so if we can make it official, we can start a new thread for "The Back-2-Backs" on Monday, 24 October.

    Nothing magic happened for me after week 8, so I will just keep on going until I get to where I want to be.  I think it has to be not eating enough and my body still thinks I'm starving, so it's storing everything and won't let go of the chub it thinks it needs for an emergency.  I have a health issue currently that robs me of a healthy appetite, so eating is an issue and I usually have to force myself to eat.  I do enjoy my banana-Greek-yogurt smoothies, and I usually have at least two of those every day, but real food is difficult to get excited about when I feel like I'm going to throw up all the time.  (I don't, but it's that horrible feeling that I'm going to and that makes me not want to eat.)  Anyway, I think if I can manage to get those six little meals in every day I might see the results I'm working so hard for.  I'm still working on that and have been for the last ten, almost eleven weeks.  I'm doing all the workouts, even though I'm probably not hitting 10s like others are.  Again, the same health issue prevents me from going all out, even though for me, it feels like I am.  I do manage to get in some really good workouts, though, and I can really push it some days, but when I'm back to my old self, I'll be so much stronger.  Can't wait!  For now, it might be slow going, but I'm going in the right direction.

  • I'm in guys - give me the official date and please know I can hardly wait to start up again full force - not just the working out part but the eating part as, what is the "official" date?

    My mind and heart are on the mend and now, thanks to BFL, my body isn't too far behind! :-)


  • I have still been here and am going strong...planning on a second challege!

  • Hello all,

    I haven't posted in a long time because I have been very busy. I am still going strong and looking forward to my second challenge. As I was trying to catch up and read over some of the posts I was very surprised. First of all Stephinator I applaud your grace and maturity in how you have handled yourself on this board. People asked you for guidance and advice and you are a wealth of knowledge that should not be construed as intimidating etc...That being said...... I have always tried to learn something from Bill Phillips. He is a great man. I think if he saw some of the posts on here he would be as sick to his stomach as I was. It caused me anxiety that I do not want. I was really shocked to see some of the things being said. It's very unfortunate and sad to see the negativity and immaturity and that is not something I want in my life.  I started to see it happen and I think that is partly why I backed off from posting. I am SO happy for those of you who have stuck it out. I hope to find another forum that focuses on the positive things happening in our lives....NOT that all of you are to blame...most of you have been and remain positive or have chosen to take the high road. I got out of high school a long time ago and I don't want to go back. I hope to see some of you around the boards! Remember BFL is not just about changing how you's changing how you look at everything. How you think...and I think that the emotional transformation is just as important. Good luck everyone!

  • Wow,

    Guess I'm lucky in that I've been too busy to read posts so I'm oblivious to any drama taking place here...  I will say that I think Stephinator, Lindylou, Cheatday, Monscal  (insert  your name if applicable)... ROCK!  I've enjoyed the advice, honesty, struggles etc,., with all of you during this and I've lost close to 30 lbs along the way and have gotten much stronger..  I have good days and bad days but I'm stoked to go into the next challenge with all of you!  I should hit my goal in Chalenge-2.  

  • I'm here!  I'm here!!!  Been reading posts but haven't had time to respond this week, my apologies!  I have read the posts for this challenge, but wasn't part of the original group when ya'll started.  I am SO looking forward to doing this next challenge with everyone.  Please count me in!


    Chrissy :)

  • 10 DAYS TO GO.

    August 1st team survivors:

    LOUIS1155, TC747, CST,  Stephinator, Monscal, Hooligan, BBrahma, Toots0328, Lindylou, FBA, divacbird, FBA, Msjo, Cheatday

    Way to go everybody, keep the positive strong, we've made it this far nothing can stop us now!

    I started a new thread for us with Louis' new group name "The Back 2 Backs".

    We'll be start day one of The Back 2 Backs for Monday October 24th.

    Here's the new link to add to your favs:


  • Hey all, I'm  in one way or another. I can take a short break or start on Monday the 24th. I'm excited-about all the enthusiasm I'm reading here. Glad we are putting together a re_newed group for another 12 weeks. I love the support and comradery.  Thank you everyone.


  • I love how everyone is really picking up the responses to pull us through. I am strugging the past week.... I am so close to the end. But my 2 year and old 1 year old keep waking up in the morning and my husband works nights so going to the gym before and after work hasn't been an option due to his sleep needs. So frustrated. But I love the lifestyle of the program even if I can't get in all the workouts. Not thinking I am jumping right into another round until after our cruise...Our cruise is November and there is no way I am doing this program during that :-) So proud of you all for back 2 back!!

  • Hey CST, no foul for you so don't be too hard on yourself, just try to do the best you can... considering all the outside challenges, but that's the way it goes sometimes.

    I've been very luck on this entire 12 week program, I've pretty much been able to lock myself right down with very little "outside interruptions" and haven't suffered from any injuries, so the only "saboteur" or "fly in the ointment" was just me, myself and I... and that was no easy task! I really think that just the fact that you committed to doing this is proof that you're going to get through next week and it'll be your personal best even with all the obstacles... just keep it going, you're a week away from the goal line.

    As for the BACK 2 BACK crew, you've got a "back stage pass" to just loin in with us when you get back from that cruise... after all that nice food, you'll be ready to kick it into gear for sure ;-)


  • Hi guys

    5 days to go!  Man I was tired today, cardio was a real struggle, probably one of the worst in a while never mind it is done!  Free day yesterday was pretty good, had some extra's but didn't go to hard on the rubbish, so didn't feel too bad this morning.  

    CST - sometimes life really gets in the way, I know how hard it can be to manage everyone's routines when doing BFL, especially if you aren't getting much sleep.  Lucky you, a cruise sounds lovely, just you & DH or kids too?

    cheatday - I too have been lucky that I haven't had too much outside distraction during this challenge, makes it so much easier if you don't have the extra stressors.

    Hope you are all doing great, see you at the finish line!


  • Congratulations to every one and all of your successes. We are almost there.

    I am going to do the back to back challenge. It seems my first one was about getting all my ducks in a row. Good news is I am doing well with running - in that I am on track with my 1/2 marathon training and ran 8 miles yesterday!! Unbelievable! (That I am moving today and have no injuries - yeay!!) It was slow and done in intervals, but it was 8 miles. I was only walking when we started this challenge! I've also brought my eating closer to what it should be, but now need to focus on this to really get my normal body back. I even cut back on my wine to a day a week! I have been sporadic with the weight lifting as I was focusing on the running. Incorporating them will offer even better results.

    So, the point of all of this is that now I have practiced long enough on how to do the challenge, and I am ready to do the next one even better! While I don't want to "have a break", I do want to have an official start date. Have we decided on one? I am going to do new photos and put up a calendar with the training activities on it.

    Let's Do It!!


  • Thanks TC!!  Life hasn't thrown me too many negative curveballs except for a busy time with the kids and a lack of a chance to get to the gym. You guys have been so great. However my last 2 weeks has been trashed. But I am still following and reading, etc. I think tomorrow I will be able to get back into the gym cause my husband will be off of wor. Fingers crossed. Way to go all you Back2Back peeps!

  • Hey dGray1101, great to see you out here still working the program... one week to go!

    We've got our second go at the 12 week program starting right after this one ends, October 24th.

    Another one of our August 1st team mates came up with the forum thread name, "Back 2 Back"  so we've got that thread started, and all those that want to join the team are posting their stories and getting everything all set, here's the link:

    Keep locked on the program right to the last day, even though we're going right into the next challenge.

    I've noticed a little "head talk" going on with me lately, "you can eat that, it's ok, you're going to start another challenge once this one's over so don't worry about it". Funny how you are into your final week and you still HAVE TO FIGHT OFF THE SELF SABOTAGE.