Anyone starting on August 1st?

  • Yup, I'm here and gonna be here till this time next year... I'm looking to cut A LOT of weight, lost 30lbs so far but only about 1/4th of what I'm looking to lose over the next year. I'm committed to doing this seriously for one year, just going to go from one 12 week challenge to the next.


  • (I lost my post. I'm rewriting it - because I'm not letting myself off the hook just yet.)

    I'm still here, but feeling discouraged. In the face of that I finally decided 1) get over it, 2) get real about it, 3) get back on track - it's for life, remember? I will have to admit that the first half of this challenge was me getting to this point - practicing? Facing reality? I thought I'd be half way there, down a dress size at least, seeing definition and running like the wind. That's okay. I am going to shake up my world and get myself to the top of this priority list.

    In reality I have worked out an average of 4 days per week and not hard enough to make a big difference - practicing? I understand the food parameters, but only doing it most of the time means I haven't stuck to it at all. Wine and beer are not on the list, and I've used that as my rewards for anything at all. I have an internal complaint system that says "I'm old, out of shape, it's too hot, too late, too something or other". That has to be shut down. It's not working for me. I must reinforce better messages.

    I have registered for a 1/2 marathon, I am 54 and that's not going to change. I've done this before, and I can do it again -- time will continue to come at me so I may as well be doing something good along the way. My metric is to get my waistline under 32 inches - everything else will follow - and I have a ways to go! No time like today. The race is in another 12 weeks, so I'm counting this as Day One all over again -- but I'm going to stick with you guys.  

    My goal for TODAY is to run my scheduled 3 miles - no matter how long it takes; and to eat only the food I have planned and packed for my 5 healthy and small meals for the day. I checked, measured, and packed them this morning.  

    My goal for the WEEK is to put in 6 good workouts - in the mornings - and keep my consumption under 1500 cal per day. Then I'll get a baseline measurement of my waistline. ;)

    Thank you for your indulgence in my pity party. I will admit my progress to date is not stellar, but I am ready to reinvigorate myself and make a difference beginning today. You are inspiring me with your commitment and progress! Thanks for sharing it!

  • Hi guys

    Hope everyone has had a good week, hard to believe but there is only 28 days to go!  Really hoping for some "magic" during the next 4 wks, I have had some nice steady progress so far, will be interesting to see if that continues or if things speed up.  Stunning spring day here in Auckland, will be getting out into the garden and attack some weeds.

    Have a great weekend.


  • Hi ya'll!

    My name is Chrissy.  I wrote in about a month ago to see about joining your online group.  I can't tell you how much I appreciate everyone's posts and insight, ups and downs, the whole thing.  There are probably quite a few people on the fence about alot of things regarding a lifestyle change in general so know that your courage and motivation have helped many, including me -- thank you!

    I have clarification questions on many things -- because if I had to choose one, probably my greatest gift would be over-analyzation! ;)  Anyway, I thought if anyone has tricks, tips, know-how's and know-why's that they might like to share, it would help not only me but everyone else that might be reading this post as a "behind the scenes" member.  And I hope it helps inspire each of you see just how much knowledge you've gained too!  I'll break it down into a couple categories because I have quite a few questions, so here goes!  Your answers will probably inspire new questions, so thank you so much in advance for your patience! 

    General Food:

    -Would it be better to take all of free day together -- meaning can I rest from eating one day but rest from workout another and it have the same benefit?  Why?

    -I'm tired.  I don't know if it's the stress, the business and the busyness, the caffeine or lack thereof... Any suggestions here?

    -Diet Coke.  I'm an addict.  I have not had many the last few weeks cause I'm trying to be good, but one personal trainer told me tha the didn't mind them cause it got your heart going.  How do ya'll feel about diet cokes? (I'm from Texas, so here, the diet coke category includes Diet Dr Pepper, Diet Pepsi, all of 'em!)

    -Someone suggested the website.  It's a great site -- thank you to whoever that was, sorry I don't remember!  Do you have any suggestions on making it BFL friendly or do you just add your midmeals to snacks or another meal?  Also, it shows my calorie and protein counts off by quite a bit from what BFL suggests (if I'm doing it right -- do you find this to be the case too?)

    General Workout:

    -I have alot of muscle (and fat – currently! ;)  I don’t want to get bigger, but I don’t reach a ‘10’ in my workouts unless I stack the weights on there – any ideas?  Change to more reps lower weights or keep doin what I’m doin?

    -I was told that dumbbells are good cause it works your core too – balance, etc.  Sometimes they’re not always available and machines are easier to get in and out quickly.  So, generally speaking, is one better than the other benefit-wise?

    -Is it better to workout muscle groups separately (i.e. biceps)?  I was told that working separately forces them to each be accountable for the weight – is there a significant difference either way and will it hurt my progress or become uneven in strength if I don’t do that (I’m doing the best I can to get the workouts in due to time, this almost doubles it!)

    -Can I switch from machines to dumbbells in the same workout or should I stick with one way?

    -Any tips or other information for the pop set (last set of 12) at the end?  I’m just doing like a hammer to bicep curl for bicep set – is that right?  Should I do something completely different?

    -When do you do your abs?  How bout obliques?  Do you do a full 12-12 set on both sides every ab set?

    -I have a goal event.  I keep hearing about an active rest, but don’t know that I have time for that.  Will that hurt me to do only 2 challenges back to back and then promise to rest???


    -I’m doing:

    Quad -- machine squats and extensions;

    Ham – machine curls and deadlifts;

    Calf – sit and push machine and standing calf raises on a stair or machine;

    Inside Thigh – sit and pull in machine and stand and pull in machine;

    Outside Thigh – sit and push out machine and stand and push out machine;


    Bicep – either machine curls and hammer or dumbbells of the same;

    Tricep – either machine extensions and dips or dumbbell (knee/hand on bench) backward extension and a dumbbell behind the head or dips;

    Chest – either machine pushes and flys or dumbbell bench press and fly;

    Shoulder – either machine lifts and lifts with a different hand position or dumbbell lifts & bend over flys;

    Lats – “row” machine (in front with hands close) and machine pull down (wide behind head);

    Lower back – machine push back to lay down position and hanging apparatus like a backwards sit up (if that makes any sense the way I’ve described it! );

    Cardio –

    Treadmill – walk/jog/run;   getting bored with this.  Not good at it, but getting bored – any ideas?

    Abs – sit ups and planks (DO NOT like planks!)  tips greatly appreciated here!!! 

    Ok -- I think that's it for now!  LOL!  Maybe I should've separated into different posts...  Don't do this much so I'm not sure about posting etiquette! :)  

    I do very much appreciate everyone's input.  This is really hard for me and even though it might not be in the same place, it helps having other people do it "with" me.

    Much love to all of ya'll!!!

    Chrissy :)

  • Hi, Chrissy.

    I'll help where I can, maybe a bit at a time.

    Cardio - I love my treadmill!  My knees are shot from years of running, so I walk/speed-walk and incline for difficulty.  I am soaking wet, dripping sweat when I finish.  I used to watch movies and run on the treadmill; now I blast great tunes and walk to the beat.  I burn about the same calories speed-walking as I did running, and walking is easier on my knees.  I was alternating between my elliptical and treadmill, because I can get bored, too, but I've been doing the treadmill consistently for the past six weeks and, with great music, it never gets boring.  If this doesn't work for you, try watching an action-packed, fast-paced movie, something like Mission Impossible or the Bourne movies.  The tension in the movie always made me push it harder.

    Abs - A Swiss ball is great for a lot of different exercises, but for abs, lay flat on the floor and grasp a Swiss ball between your feet.  Keeping your legs straight, raise the ball up with your feet.  When I first started BFL, I couldn't do this.  Now I can!

    Diet drinks - Give them up!  There's nothing in them that serves your body any purpose.  The active ingredient in Coke is phosphoric acid.  It's pH is 2.8.  It will dissolve a nail in four days.  Phosphoric acid also leaches calcium from bones and is a major contributor to the rising increase in osteoporosis.  Also, in many states, the highway patrol carry two gallons of Coke in the trunk of their cruisers to remove blood from the highway after an accident.  To clean a toilet bowl, pour a can of Coke into the toilet bowl and let it sit for one hour, then flush clean.  If your car-battery terminals are corroded, pour a can of Coke over the terminals to bubble away the corrosion.

    Water - Lack of water is the number one trigger for daytime fatigue!!

    Eat well, drink the right liquids (water), and your fatigue should wane.  Try organic almond milk or organic soy milk.  I find either one (unsweetened) satisfying.  If unsweetened isn't sweet enough for you, try vanilla and graduate to unsweetened.  It's good for you and it doesn't double as a toilet-bowl cleaner.

    I hope I've helped even a little bit.  Check back for more.

  • You absolutely helped, Monscal!  Thank you! :)

  • Here's a new app that is trying to do it BFL style, check it out:

  • hi group, i don't know how it happened but  some of my recent posts haven't shown up here. I' ve read posts wondering where everybody is so I wanted to mention the posting problem. It could be me, I;'m currently on hold w/ EAS trying to get tech support. Anyway I appreciate all the posts I have read. I'm having some frustrations with progress & an injury;  wish I could get this communication thing down .

  • Hi guys,

    Just wanted to let you know, that unfortunately, I'm out of the challenge :o(

    I've slipped a disc in my spine and got excrutiating Sciatica as a result. Waiting to see a Physiotherapist and a Chiropractor but have been told by my doctor not to do any exercise or lifting at all.

    When I'm better I'd like to get back to the high intensity cardio, but I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to lift really heavy weights again, and really don't think I'll be able to do another challenge :o(

    I'm so dissapointed, as Week 8 is exactly where I injured myself and dropped out last time- I just don['t seem to be able to get to the end and get the 'transformation'! I had just started to see some progress too.

    I have learnt so many good  tips though, and the one thing I will take from this is how much I've got into the gym habit (and enjoyed it!) and I will keep that up once I'm better!

    Good luck to you all finishing the challenge xx

  • Aw, Phoenix, so sorry to hear that.  I hope you feel better soon.  do as the dr. says, but if they let you at least try to do something like leisurely walking.  Maybe it will help you to get back in the gym later!

    I'm still here.  I haven't been posting much but reading. I'm not doing the actual challenge, but I'm def. doing the program. I've been a little more lax than in the beginning, but i'm still trying to stick to a lot of the principles.  I am feeling good. I'm not seeing the weight loss I would like, but I'm toning up, so I figure all in time!

    Hope you are all still doing great!

  • Hi everyone. I am still at it, imperfectly like many of us. I have also been

    traveling. It is a challenge, missed some workouts but I'm determined to

    make this a lifestyle, so I get right back into it. I sustained an injury

    last week; Achilles tendons very sore after 20 min. cardio on bike (Wed.),

    then after step class on Friday ankle got progressively worse. Seeing Doc.

    today. I may have to lay off cardio for a while, but UBWO  twice since

    friday. Wish I could post more, reading everyone's helps! Have a great week!

    Just keep at it!

    Wrote the above on Monday.

    Phoenixx, sorry to read of your injury. I know its discouraging. Disks can heal substatially in my experience. Sent you a message.

  • Dx: Tendonitus; much better already. But no cardio since last friday. Leaving on 4 day cruise out of Mobile, AL today, but should be able to keep up UBWO's at least..

  • Hey Everyone!! I'm still around and doing the program. However I have had a rough last few days because my 2 year old has been breaking out in hives for 5 days so getting to the gym in the morning hasn't been working out. The program is going okay for me. I am not eating the exact way it is asking. My food choices are really good but I probably have extra servings. Instead of just eating yogurt, I eat yogurt and Kashi. Then I will have a bagel and peanut butter for a snack. Then I will throw in a few extra healthy snacks here and there. So overall my eating is good just probably taking in a little too many calories to see the results I am looking for. But I am getting to where I want slowly. I feel great overall and not making it to the gym the past few days has really made me feel like a slug. I hate missing it and plan to make up the workouts.

    I feel like I am just coasting along right now. I have been on prednisone steroid the past 2 weeks for a chronic back injury but it hasn't held me back from the program. But I did take it easy on the upper body while on the meds to give my back time to really take full effect and hopefully heal.

    Hope everyone is doing great and we are getting much closer to the end. I love the program and plan to do anothe round probably the first of the year after our cruise and holidays.

    divacbird- I have been meaning to reply to you and just haven't yet. Great post!!! That was all such great info. I am very proud of you for getting on the program. Great plans and workout. I will try and write more later since I am at work and trying to post this before my computer kicks me out.

  • Hi everyone

    Day 65 here, have done half a workout today, will have to finish it off once the boys are in bed, back to eating clean today after a free day.  Free days don't hold the same appeal at the moment, the mood swings & upset tummy the day after is starting to put me off, at least trying to scale it back a bit to a couple of extra's rather than a day of silliness!

    Completed my 2nd 5k fun run yesterday, just over 32mins, which I am really pleased with, have signed up for a another in early November, so hopefully going to try to break the 30min barrier or get very close to it!

    Progress seems to have slowed down alot for me lately, seem to have made small changes over the last 3-4 wks but not the bigger changes that were happening in the first 6wks. Oh well, better keep plugging away & fingers crossed for some "magic".

    Hope you are all doing great.


  • Hey team! Well I had a bad weekend of eating... Sort of a free weekend. But back at it again today. I really have been pretty good overall with eating but this weekend just felt different. I think a bit of demotivation. I hit a wall early on and haven't made too much progress but I think I just hadn't been fine tuning things. My portions may be a bit high. But I just to lose 7 lbs so mainly I am just trying to lean up... So I think my motivation isn't where it needs to be. ugh, surely I can put this together for 3 strong weeks... I hope. I ran a 5k this weekend in an 8:08 pace so I was pretty happy with that. It was my first 5k in a year.

    Hope all are doing well.