Anyone starting on August 1st?

  • I am starting Aug 1 and would love to join a group.

  • I wanted to know if any one is from the Fresno, ca area that is starting this week.  It would be nice to have someone to workout with and push each other to stay on track.

  • What state do you live in? I'm in New York. I started on 7/24/ far so good. I am able to walk up and down stairs better today. It was rough on Monday and Tuesday.

  • Stephinator- I have purchased and read the book. Still have a few questions about some things. it sounds like you have done this before. When it says that you can have ice tea, can you have diet lipton flavored tea? We have purchased a weight bench and weights. I couldn't walk very good for 2 days, but it felt great!

  • Hi

    I am starting on July 31st, so really looking for some support.  Have done a previous BFL in 2001 for my wedding (wow 10yrs ago!)  Worked well but I wasn't in the right head space to make permanent changes. So after two kids it is time for a change.  

    Good luck everyone!

  • Would love to be part of the 1 Aug group! I was hoping to start on 30 July, my birthday, but I think the Mon-Sun schedule is easier to remember :) Plus, I need an extra day to plan and shop for the meals (did you do that and if so, advice?).

    To be honest, I have read the Body for Life for Women ages ago, and just realized that the "original" BFL is a bit different. I will go with the original formula, as I am quite familiar with weight and find the women version a bit on the light side. I like the more scheduled body-building approach by Philips.

    My biggest challenge is to stick to a schedule and I really hope BFL is the magic key.

    What's our plan forward? Post daily/weekly updates?

    Good luck, everyone!


  • Yup I am starting Aug 1st. Just trying to plan ahead and get all the things I will need. I have a 2yr old and a 1 yr old so I need to plan just right and workout at home and gym in case I can't make it.

  • The biggest thing I can suggest is not to be all or nothing. If you mess up once, forget it and keep going. That is my biggest downfall, that if I mess up once then I say screw the rest of the day. And it kept getting me back to the same spot. Not giving up is going to be my biggest goal. I will do it this time! I have done it in the past and let me tell you, it works!!! It worked for me in 8 weeks but I kept going on cause I loved the results. This program is great!

  • I did it also in 2001. It was such the big event with all their prizes. This program rocks. Love the changes I made. But it has been 10 yrs for me too and 2 kids later.... now ages 2 and 1. So this time may be more challenging but I can do it!!

  • Well, I've finally done it, I signed up so now I'm comitted for real.  I've been thinking about it, and talking about, and making excuses not to do it and now I'm just tired of being sick and tired and fat.  So here I am getting ready to start on August 1, 2011. Day one of my new, healthy lifestyle.  I'm spending the rest of this week just preparing, getting my workout routines scheduled and organized and planning my meals for the first 2 weeks.  I figure the more I plan, the less likely I will give up before I begin.  I decided to start today with a long walk with the dogs...I think it was more of an upperbody workout than a cardio, but it was a start.  tomorrow, I walk without them.   So glad to be here with so many others, is anyone from the Gulf Coast area?  I'd love to meet up and  motivate eachother in a few weeks.

  • I will be starting on august 1

  • I started on July 25th & going strong.  I would love to join your group.

  • I'm starting August 1st. I put out a post for anyone in the Boise area...not one reply! I guess there aren't many people doing BFL in Idaho! REALLY need a support group. Mind if I join in? :-)

  • I plan to start August 1st.  Please add me to the group :)

  • It sounds like we have a bunch of people starting Aug 1st. I'm super excited to start. Been planning things out all week. Exercises at home in case I can't make it to the gym and meals I can plan in advance to warm up on the go. I just received the "eating for life" book in the mail today for extra recipes and inspiration. I just want to get a new book of body for life. I lost my old one. So brushing up on that info would be good. I feel confident I will stick it out. Hoping this group stays going so we can all share and motivate each other. What are everyone's goal? I want to follow the lean and strengthen group. Maybe lose 20lbs and replace 10 with lean muscle.