Is Couscous an Authorized Food?

  • I have been wondering about couscous as an alternative to other carbs in my current meal plan.

    Is it authorized?

  • Well it is basically a form of pasta granules made from semolina flour and then rolled in wheat flour according to wikipedia.  I would say avoid it in favor of a whole wheat pasta if you really like pasta.  There are better carbs out there for you.

  • I believe that there is a whole wheat couscous that would be an acceptable carb.  Best to call EAS and verify.  That is how I checked that Greek Yogurt was okay for my protein.

  • Go for the whole wheat couscous. Whole wheat couscous is a very healthy choice to include and it's cheap and super fast to make. It's so versatile and will take on the flavor of anything you cook it with. Try cooking it in low sodium broth for extra flavor or use it anywhere you'd use rice.

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  • Thanks for the responses. I will try to find the whole wheat version and give some new recipes a try.