Where are the diets and Exercise lists?

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    I really want to do this programme, but I do not want to be registered as a competitor in the actual challenge, I just want to do it for me.  Is this possible?  Do you have to offically regsiter to receive the diet/exercise programme, also how do you find out what is best for you based on your own goals, is there something personalized?

    It may be all here on the site, I've had a look around and see a weights table document, recipes, but I don't see any cardio segment, or any document that gives you an actual daily/weekly plan of these combined.  Do you get that when you regsiter?

    Any help would be appreciated.



  • Deegee,

    You can absolutely do a BFL challenge without being a registered competitor. I would still recommend taking pictures and taking measurments. They are a great indicator of success. I didn't take pics for my first challenge (which I did just for me unofficially) and I wish I had those pics. I have really changed and it is motivating to see those changes.

    All the forms are on this site. Look under the 'Library' tab at the top of th e page and then click on 'tools'

    you'll find the daily forms there. I would recommend gettting your hands on a copy of the original BFL book and reading it from cover to cover. You can pick up used copies online, or from a used bookstore or also try your local library. In my opinion the book is a must. But there are also many great people on this site who can help and answer questions and be a source of motivation and encouragement on your journey.

    Al l the best


  • Orrin, thank you!  I have just had a browse through this forum and looked at a lot of picks and read a few posts, the pictures are a definite, I think you're right there.  

    I'm sure with a look through all the forms it will make more sense and will try to get a hold of the book, I;m in the UK and not sure how accessible it is, but will check it out.

    Thanks for your time!