Who is starting July 18th?

  • thanks stephen! i'm finding that posting is really helping, even though it's so early in the game. i hope everyone keeps updating with positive words and encouragement, and if i can provide a few laughs then i'm happy! good night all! day 3 tomorrow... legs!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I started on the 17th and would love to be encouraged and encourage you guys as well!!!  


  • You could use an exercise ball as a "bench" as well.  It will also engage your core which is always good and you could deflate and store it when you are done.  Then inflate it when you need it.  That is what I use when I have to do my workouts at home with the little ones.


  • Did my upper body workout yesterday, but I picked my weights a little too light...only my triceps got a max workout I think. Not really sore today at all. Starving though! Don't know if I'm doing this food thing right.

    When you do your upper body workout again, do you stick to the same exercises? I noticed there are a few exercises shown for each muscle group and wondered if I'm supposed to mix it up from workout to workout.

  • If you are hungry, you need to tweak your food.  You shouldn't be getting hungry in between meals.  Can you give a sample of a day of your meals with the times that you eat?

    As far as the exercises go, I mix it up just a little from workout to workout and I plan to "shock" my body in a couple of weeks by changing to a different set of exercises that my muscles aren't used to doing regularly.  That should, also, keep from getting bored.


  • started day 4 today. Felt like puking and quitting during my cardio but I pushed through and so glad I did not reduce the speed!! You can do anything for 2 mins right? Has anyone learned how to post photos? Not that I really want to but it has helped me stay accountable. I am so thankful for this forum and everyones posts. It does really help!

  • Juicy, my body is in open revolt after the workouts. And when I did my trial run, I found myself throwing up after the cardio, so I dialed it down.

    Did the upper body workout today and it went much better than the trial run. I used less weight, focused on dumbbell exercises, and did okay. Incidentally, it is a real pain to do this with only collared dumbbells and a collared barbell. Changing plates slows me down.

  • Also, I keep my weight workout the same for the first 4 weeks only tweeking/increasing the weight or if something doesn't work. they change it up after 4 weeks.


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  • Does anyone else feel like they've been run over?? I feel just awful today. I've got the typical soreness, but the worst are my biceps. The distal tendon insertion at the elbow is really painful. It hurts to extend my arm. I think I lifted too much weight on the bicep curls and hammer curls. I will cut back next upper body workout.

    Anybody else have this?

  • thought I would share this awesome website. He provides lots of information on the BFL program. This was my favorite line:

    Most likely, the areas that always looked "too fat" will still look "too fat" for a little while, even if you're making incredible progress. If it took you years to get into this condition, at least give the program at least 12 weeks of solid discipline. I guarantee you'll be glad you did.

    The link is here:  www.hussmanfitness.org/.../TPBodyforLife.html

    Thanks theletterk for the picture posting steps. Now if I can just really post them.

  • hey all! workout #3 is in the books!

    lower body is typically my fave, but i think i need to tweak my weights a bit for next time to get the full results... hit some 9's, but no 10's today. however, after i got outta the shower and was blow drying my hair, my legs were shaking while i was bending over (ladies, blowdry upside down for more volume! LOL how can you tell i'm a hairstylist).... so anyway i think that's a good sign!

    i took the advice of a few BFL champs and moved abs to the cardio days, so that i'll always be working them 3 days a week (when i did the challenge before, i wasn't really satisfied with the cardio routines sometimes only being once a week). soooo today i did glutes instead of abs. which i felt was slightly excessive since you work your glutes in almost every lower body exercise anyway. i think i will skip the glutes next time and add in inner and outer thighs, as i have some HELLA saddlebags i want to f right off. HECK YEAH!!!

    stay motivated everyone, we are doing great so far. WOOOOOT DAY 3!!!!!!

  • Agey,

    On Monday I ate:

    9:00 Bfst: 1/4 c. oatmeal (1/2 c. cooked) plus 8 oz skim milk (BFL for Women has milk as a protein and I agree that having 3 good calcium sources a day for women is important, so I'm going with it)

    10:00 Snack: light string cheese plus 1/2 c. strawberries

    12:00 Lunch: Fried egg sandwich on 1 sl. whole wheat bread, 2 c. salad with 1 T. light dressing

    3:00 Snack: 8 oz. light chocolate soy milk

    5:00 Dinner: Sweet potato gnocchi (homemade with wheat flour), broccoli, 6 walnuts

    8:00 Snack: 1 T. natural peanut butter with a small apple

    When I calculated out the calories, it came to just under 1200. Yesterday's was about 1100 and today's looks to be about 1200.

  • Yesterday, had to run some errands with my daughter....she was hungry.....stopped at Little Cesars for some crazy bread for her.....the smell of garlic wafted thru the car and it was sooooo hard to resist!!!! I was doing so good! And then I noticed my mood turn dark....I was getting mad because I wanted some but my mind was telling me NO! I must confess....I gave in and had one crazy bread stick. UUUUGGGH! I am a fast food junkie! I think the eating part is going to be the most challenging for me. So yesterday wasn't perfect.....but it was progress.......because I totally could have kept going and ate a lot more......but I didn't. Today I will do my upper body and keep pushing forward. I'm sorry everyone.....I feel like we are a team now and I didn't give my best.....

  • Day 3 workout done!  I have to say I really don't enjoy lunges.  I know they work and so I will keep on doing them but man you pay for it for sure.  My left leg gave out on like the final 4 of my last set.  I had trouble carrying my 5 month old downstairs this morning - so I know I worked hard.

    I hadn't heard about moving the abs to the cardio days - it seems like a good idea to work them more often.  If I do that should I be adding another exercise to my lower body - although I have to admit my legs probably couldn't take much more.  Yeah for us for getting out workouts in, eating good and staying the course!