Who is starting July 18th?

  • Sounds yummy sman!  

    Lisa-way to go on the compliments!! I know we don't "need" them, but man they do push us along!

    I am STILL down with this dern cold!  Yesterday I lost my voice, or as I like to call it my husband's early Christmas present!  Following the diet, haven't worked out in a few days.  Haven't gained thank goodness!  

    Lets hear how everyone is doing!  This weekend was quiet on here.

  • Hi Everyone, I had my message all typed up and then this board didn't post it...Argh...take 2 now:

    So I've been battling a head cold since late Fri.  It's really kicking my butt.  Most of weekend was spent resting and today I called in sick.  Hopefully the virus will work it's way through quickly and I'll be up and about again.  I think I'm going to lay low on the workouts until I'm not so exhausted--by end of this week I hope.  Been keeping up with my meals but no workout for 2 days now, just so tired from the cold.  

    Went to Dr today and he suspects based on my history that I might have Obstructive Sleep Apnea, which could be a huge underlying cause for my constant fatigue and why I haven't felt more energetic even after 9 weeks of good diet/exercise.  He is also testing to see if my thyroid is off balance.  So I have to do an overnighter at a sleep clinic where they do a bunch of measurements/monitor during your sleep and then see what's going on.  If I am not getting good REM, then I will always be low on energy.  I'm just hoping we find out what's causing it and maybe then we can find a way to fix it.   He also said that if sleep is the culprit and they can fix it, I should be able to see much better results in my weight loss since it's such a huge factor--the body needing REM sleep.

    Spartanman--your meal sounds sooo yummy.

    Lisa--Gotta love those comps--it's just positive reinforcement that you are doing the right things.  Keep it up girl!

    Twinmom--hopefully you and I can get over our colds quickly and get back to our workouts!

    It's been pretty quiet and I suspect everyone either superbusy or sick.  =)  Hope to hear from everyone else.  Have a good evening!

  • Hey All,

    Sounds like everyone is doing good.  I think I finally kicked this bronchitis thing.  It has been one thing after another for me on this challenge - but such is life.  I am able to workout again without coughing up a lung so that makes me happy.

    Juciy - I am glad you finally got some answers - I hope your foot is doing better too.  

    Lisa - I loe the compliments - we all want to be noticed.  Great Job!

    Istephen - sorry for your loss.  I hope you and your family are doing okay.

    Spartanman - you are just killing this challenge - 18 lbs is awesome!  

    Twinmom - hope you are feeling better soon!

    Diane - How are you?  It sounds like you are working this challenge - way to go!  

    Ang - Are you out there?  I hope so and hope you are doing well.

    Make it a great day everyone!


  • Hey everyone!

    So I didn't get my cardio in on Saturday AND I didn't do my UBW yesterday..... I'm trying to find the time now that I'm going to school- it's hard but definately do-able. Just a little bump in this road.....I'll get back on track quick. I've been eating good- just need to plan better because I don't want to be eating chicken sandwiches all day! lol.  I am committed to a healthy lifestyle. I'm feeling good- seeing results and just looking forward to finishing. I'll be doing my cardio today and ABS. Glad everyone else is ironing out issues and we are all moving forward toward being healthier!

    I made brownies last night......and this morning caught my husband reaching for one at BREAKFAST!!!

    And I questioned...."do you REALLY want to eat that right now????" he probably did- but accepted a bagel instead!

  • CARDIO & ABS done!!! Whew!

  • Hi Everyone, checking in for Day 67.  Feeling a bit more energetic recovering, so will hit the gym later to get thru upper body today.  The cold, although lingering, is well on it's way out and I'm kinda welcoming getting back to the routine.  Week 10 will be wrapping up for me and it wasn't one of the best weeks with the cold/missed workouts and all but I'm definitely going to push hard at the gym the last few days so I can end it really well.  

    Diane--Glad you got your workout in, despite the hectic schedule.  Maybe you can pack some meal bars  or ready to drink shakes--to help get you through a couple meals.  It has helped me so much at work or right after a workout when it's time to eat.

    Kristen - Happy to hear you kicked the bronchitis.  The cough is always the last to go

    How's everyone doing?  

  • Sounds like it's been a rough time for some of us the last few days...I missed my first workout yesterday. Crossed wires with a friend for dropping off kids and knew that by the time we resolved it I would have missed my window for working out since hubby is still out of town. Oh well, still not a bad record after 10 weeks! I think I'm just going to hit UB and LB once each this week instead of my usual two times each and fill in with some extra cardio these last couple of weeks.

    Went for my weekly "spanking" from the ARCtrainer today. Still a tough workout, but I noticed that my strides/minute is getting higher now so I'm pushing harder as it gets a little easier. Stayed on an extra 10 minutes at my level 6 exertion for some extra fat-burning.

    I won't get my results from my health assessment on Monday a.m. for a couple of weeks I guess, but I did see my weight. Their scale had me at only 3 pounds heavier than when I finished my year-long fitness program with the gym 2 years ago, so I was happy about that. I will be curious as to whether I've added more lean mass than I had at the end of that program (only gained 3 pounds of muscle after an entire year of lifting weights 2-3 times a week!).

    My blood pressure was also REALLY good (96/60 or 68...I forget now). Trying to look at the outcomes of this challenge from a whole-body perspective rather than just a weight-loss one.

    Stay healthy everyone!!! I know I've found that as long as I keep up my workouts, and cardio especially, that I suffer from fewer colds each year than I used to and that they seem less severe when I do get them. Of course, it probably helps that my kids aren't in public school so they don't bring home quite as many illnesses as many of you have to deal with.

    Wow, this was a novel after my stretch of silence! Let's hang in there!


  • Hi friends!!

    How is everybody hanging in there?  I finally, after a week of bronchitis, made it to the gym today because I did not wake up coughing my head off.  I did cardio, did not really HIIT, but really glad to be back. I have continued to eat clean, so havent gained anything but really worrying about losing muscle that I have fought so hard for!  I am debating on whether or not to add yet another week to my challenge or just keep on.  Neither is right or wrong, just have to decide.  

    Things have been really quiet on this thread for a few days.  I hope everyone is getting well and working hard!  

  • I'm here - Had an impromptu free day yesterday. Free pizza after my sons football practice, so, I'll just switch it out for this Sunday, Hey free pizza, wouldnt you? exp. lisapizza

    Just made a slam-dunk, awesomest salad ever:

    Callin' it : "Spartman's Festive Garden Salad"

    3 C bagged salad mix

    1 C kidney beans, drained

    1/2 roma tomato, cubed

    1/2 C zucchini, diced

    1/2 small jalapeno pepper, seeded, veined, minced

    1/2 clove garlic, minced

    1 green onion, sliced thin

    big handful fresh cilantro, chopped

    3 TBS of white vinegar

    juice from 1/2 lemon

    ground cumin to flavor

    It's like a taco salad withOUT the shell, cheese and greasy meat. I guess you could add Boca Crumbles and FF cheese to it, but the above taste GREAT without it. And that's coming from a guy!


  • still hanging on...a few slips ups in meals but did not ruin the day. Workouts still going strong. Can't believe only one week left. Wondering how I will switch it up after week 12.  The thread has definitely slowed down on here.  Hope everyone is doing well!!!


  • So crazy that we've been doing this for almost 11 weeks! I ran 3 miles today in 33 min., so kind of back up to where I was a couple of years ago. I NEVER thought that would come out of this challenge, but so glad it has!

    Eating by the book continues to be my Achilles' heel. I just crave sweets! I'm just bouncing up and down on the scale the same couple of pounds these last couple of weeks even though I know I have plenty of fat left to lose! I don't think I'll be one of those that sees amazing changes the last 2-3 weeks. Most of my changing came in the first 6-8, at least from an outward measure...not sure about the fat/muscle ratio going on.

    I haven't written down my menu this week...realized that after 10 weeks of writing it all down that I was always about the same each day as far as calories/protein so I've just been eating my usual meals this week without obsessing over the exact grams of this or that. It feels freeing and almost...dare I say it?...like a lifestyle change?

    S-man: I definitely would've gone for the free pizza! Although I must say that is easier for me to say no to right now than sugar/fat! Maybe I'll have to change my name next round to SugarMama!

    Twinmom: glad you were able to get back in the action today! I think you can go about a week before your muscles start to go a little, so you should be fine (may be a little sore the first time out, though!).

    Skhanche and others: good to see you on here and still working it in spite of sicknesses and other challenges like school...those are the facts of life and we aren't going to make them excuses anymore for falling down on our fitness, are we? We may get sidetracked for a few days while we regroup, but we WILL keep coming back!

    Make it a great weekend!!

    Lisa pizza (aka SugarMama ; )

  • Hi everyone--Day 69 almost done.   I was able to get back to the gym since Weds and it felt so really good to push through and to get back to my workout routine.  This past week has been a bit hectic with fighting the cold, quarter end, and back to school night, but am glad to be able to still keep with the program.  I'm about one week behind everyone but happy to hear how hard all your efforts have gotten you thus far.  Keep up the great work!

    Free day tomorrow and I have a GNO planned so will probably stick to clean meals for most of the day so I can enjoy in the evening for a bit.   C1 officially ends on 10/14 for me and I plan on starting C2 on 10/23, so I'll get a bit of rest for one week in between.  Have any you started planning out C2 dates yet?

    Have a great weekend everyone!

  • Last workout of Week 11 in the books! I did 40 min. on the elliptical (20 HIT + 20 mod) bringing my total cardio this week up to 135 min. I LOVE the do-ability of the 20 min. HIT cardio, but sometimes I wonder if it's enough fat-burning for me. So, I've been adding 10-20 min. to the end of cardio WHEN I have the time.

    What's funny to me is that when I used to do the elliptical for 45-50 min. each workout, I would work at a resistance level of 3 on the machine and eventually I would add level 5 intervals (4 minutes at level 3, 1 minute at level 5, etc.). Now my warm-up is a level 7 on that same machine, and even when I add the 10-20 minutes of "moderate" cardio to the end of my workout I'm working at a level 8! So I know my fitness level has really gone up!

    I even did most of the AbRipperX workout at the gym (I skipped the 4 exercises that are the hardest for me so that I wouldn't be totally embarrassed!). My husband's boss was on the stationary bike right next to the mat, so I felt a little self-conscious, but then I figured my belly looks better than his so what the heck!

    Tracing, I'm not sure about the next challenge. I still really can't figure out what the difference is supposed to be from doing a challenge, to making this a way of life. What makes up a "challenge"? Is it really more the weight lifting workout that you need to take a break from? I can't imagine it's the eating plan. I don't find very conclusive answers on any of the forums here. Can someone enlighten me?


  • Hi everyone!  Im still here and trying to follow all the posts.  I would log on more but this site needs to be updated.  Too many times the posts disappear and it would be easier if we could reply directly from the notifications in the emails.  Anyway, maybe thats something they are working on.  Most times i try to copy what I wrote, before i try to send it.  

    Anyway, here is my update.  I have been doing my workouts as scheduled except for yesterday so i will do cardio and lower body today.  Also I joined ballys weight loss challenge starting saturday (10/1-11/10) and although i had planned to take measurements and weight at the end of this week (WEEK 12  YAAAYY!!) they had to do it saturday for the challenge.  Well it wasnt good.  I have lost 5 lbs since last weigh in but this is really a total of 1 lbs loss from where I started.  We also took my body fat and although i used the same machine i used the last time about a month ago, it says i went UP in body fat!!  44% to 46%.  Dont understand that one.  I have worked out 6 days a week for 3 months (except for the week i went to the funeral).  It doesnt make sense.  then the trainer asked how I ate.  He didnt believe me at first that I am a healthy eater, but then when he measured the amount of fat around my organs (this machine seems incredible) he said I was telling the truth.  well thank God for that!  Anyway, I did not cry or get angry only a bit frustrated.  Its ok.  I am doing the challenge again and this time really fine tune things.  He suggested I do more cardio.  So i will increase my 20 min cardio  (which i had already started last week) and I will still do the bfl weight training schedule but instead of trying to lift my heaviest I will do a little lighter and do more reps for each set trying to get 18-20. I will also log my food, since i stopped doing that after the first month.   No week break for me.  As soon as week 12 is over my week 13 will be my new week 1.  I am so happy for everyone's results.  So proud of all of you!  I know I can do this and I will.  Spartanman-your tips have been great and I hope you will continue to stop in even after the challenge.  I so look forward to what you give us.  Twinmom.  I know you said we dont need compliments- but we really do!  I love them and they make me feel great.  I cant respond to all of you but lisapizza, juicy, sskanche, tracing, diane, kabbot and Ang.  I love you guys!  I hope we can continue this challenge to the next level.  I will check in at the end of the week but want to thank all of you for your support.  

  • Can't believe I'm (we) are starting our 12th week! It's absolutely wonderful to look back at when I started and to see myself today......it's only 3 months!!! In the whole scheme of things- 3 months is SOOOO short!! Stay tuned for results....can't wait to hear from all at the very end of this. I haven' t taken my measurements but am so looking forward to and calculating my body fat.  One more week of official challenge then we are on our own! Lets finish this strong 7/18'ers!!! So proud of all of us for sticking it out and not giving up....