Who is starting July 18th?

  • Yes sksanche the posts have quieted down but I'm glad we are all here. Everyone is just busy! Not quitting!

    Kabbott- Bronchitis!! that's awful. This whole entire challenge has made me realize that health is the most important thing anyone can have.

    Tracing- I would really like you to try getting in your 6th meal. You know at the beginning of the challenge I was all about trying to do the workouts in a fasted state but then my schedule changed so much that I just couldn't. And then I  began to concentrate on my meals. And organizing my workouts around them instead of the other way around. My body responded so well and I feel great. Cardio was a challenge for me too yesterday- I got a cramp about halfway thru and almost hit the STOP button on the treadmill a few times  but I talked myself through it.

    Spartan- Dairy does for me what wheat does to you. OH my it's horrid! I'm pretty sure my body is ok with it. But I'll keep it in mind for sure.

    TWINMOM- I bet your abs are firming up- those planks are hard!

    and Lisapizza- my- do you have a lot on your plate of life! ANd I thought I was busy!!! I'm proud of you for sticking with it.

    Have a good workout everyone!

  • Lets hear from everyone!  Juicy?  Who am I forgetting?  Ang, have you posted?  

    I hear you S-man about the caffeine and wheat.  Having a child with autism, I am well-versed in wheat and dairy (Diane!) sensitivities.  We don't have them here, but I know wheat is really rough on people.  Kudos to you for listening to your body and figuring that out!  I am similar with regards to artificial sweeteners. I stopped caffeine about 1.5 years ago.  I went back on it for a short time earlier this year, and I had LESS energy!  It drains your adrenals, which adds to fatigue (if you have adrenal problems).  I will only occasionally have a diet Coke or a cup of hot tea.  

    Kabbot, so sorry about your bronchitis!! Not fun!  I hope you feel better soon.

    T114, I am with Diane and would also like to see you be sure to get the 6th meal in.  When I am fatigued and dead-dog tired, I eat a little extra.  10-20 g protein and carbs.  It really helps a lot.

    You go Diane, pushing your way through that cramp!! I was doing cardio last week and I thought I had injured myself.  My groin was killing me with every step.  I slowed down for a minute, and it went away.  It was very strange and a little scary, but all is well thus far!

    Lisa!  You are hanging with it girl!  I know you have it in you!  You are worth it, and you are gonna do it!  

    Crap, I just posted my day and it erased.  Anyhoo, saw my chiro who complimented me on my weight loss!  And got my kid McDonald's yesterday.  Before I knew it I had a fry in my mouth and (wait for it.,,,) I spit it out because it tasted gross!! Hope that sticks with me.

    C'mon everybody, lets get this done and done right!!!  

  • Would someone please explain to me the difference between a cheat meal and cheat day??  I have seen others mention cheat meals here and there.  I have always thought the cheat day only to be on the free day, but how do you work in cheat meals?  I usually have to suck it and wait until my free day to indulge in anything and by the time I get to my free day, I have found there just isn't enough time for me to remember to completely splurge either.  I thought you just had to wait until your free day before you can have anything that not approved.

    And I definitely will start adding in my 6th meal.  I usually don't get my 4th meal until after my workout simply because it's recommended that I wait at least 2 hrs after a meal before you do a workout.  Plus I think you burn alot more calories on an empty stomach.  So, my workouts have been scheduled after work (5-7pm), which is also around the same time my next meal would be.  I'd forego the meal, get my workout in, then get home famished and eat my 4th.  Sometimes, I'd down a bar or drink while on the drive home if I get so hungry and can't it wait thru the commute to get home and fix a meal.  And by the time I get to bed, there are days when I'm like do I really have to stay up another half hour or hour to get in my last meal??  For the most part, I am not hungry, except from my 3rd meal to my 4th since it's a bit of a long stretch.  

    But I'll do some planning tonite and I should be able to fit in the 6th.  I'll make it fit...LOL!!  The thing is, I am lifting heavier weights and my cardio is improving, from when I've started....so I'm doing something right.  That's why I'm just thrown off about why I'm so tired off and on. But yeah, I think I should be definitely more energetic after 9 weeks of this and I'm hoping this will fix it.

    Kabbott--Sending you healthy and well wishes so you can recover super fast!

    Diane / skanche--I dread cardio too.  Even with the good music, I dread it so.....and those crampers are the worse.  I get them now and then while doing the stairs and it's *%^$@! to push through them.  Come to think of it, cardio day is tomorrow....not gonna think about cardio right now.  =)

  • Hi everyone.  I am still here.  Been following all the posts.  I usually post on the weekend but my aunt died so i had to go to key west for funeral.  Didnt eat clean the whole time but during the day i had myoplex lite meal bars and myoplex lite drinks (cookies and cream is my favorite).  didnt get to workout sunday since i spent all day to and from the airport trying to get  a flight out when i was supposed to be home by 12pm.  got home 2am the next morning.  I also didnt workout on Monday since i was so tired.  ANyway, although I didnt feel like it i did work out Tuesday and today.  I have to get my motivation back.  THose 2 days off messed up my head.  I loved the listing of the meals.  i am going to try to follow spartanman's menue.  I have not been doing 6 meals all the time and I have cut down considerably on the vegetables.  Usually my meals consist of the following:

    M1 fruit smoothie with protein or whole wheat bun and salmon or veggie burger

    M2 whole wheat bun and salmon or veggie burger and slice of fat free cheese

    M3 myoplex bar  or some sushi rolls with brown rice

    M4 fullbites snack puffs

    M5 broiled salmon, spinach and brown rice or baked potatoe  

    or other seafood, baked potatoe, spinach (or coleslaw)

    M6 more salmon with rice and vegetable.  

    Most times this is what i have.  sometimes i divide and eat part of one meal at different times

    Diane I know I dont post much but I'm still here.  only 2 weeks left so gotta push through

    Tracing i feel your frustration. I too have the same problem.  Gonna tweak diet for the 2nd program.  Do through all your hard work out the window.  Just cry get it all out and continue moving forward.  

    Kabbot, sorry about your bronchitis

    Lisa, you too need to keep working hard after getting all your tears out.  Its gonna be fine.  I am definitely doing the challenge again so hope we can continue this thread

    Juicy, keep doing what you can .  You can still lose.  But it does suck to not eat junk at a time like this.  

    Spartanman, you look sooooooo good.  i am jealous but happy for you. Keep trying to motivate us.

    well all gotta go.  I will be in touch.  I'm not doing any measuring or weighing until the end of week 12. Good luck to you all!

  • Just posting to say that I have ANOTHER cold!! Whine, sniff! I did UBWO this morning and did great, but have been wearing down since.  Hopefully meds will kick in!  

    How is everyone?

  • lstephen-

    Sorry for the loss of your aunt. I know what you mean about days off messing with your head....it happens to me all the time after my free day!

    Tracing- As far as cheat days or cheat meals.....per the BFL program- you pick ONE day where you rest and eat anything you want. All 6 meals could be ANYTHING you want. And call it your "FREE" day. The word cheat has a negative connotation....like you are doing something you shouldn't be doing.....but it's part of the program.....a guilt -free day- it's been given to you to use however you like. If you are dedicated to the program the other 6 days...one day shouldn't do much damage. So your knowledge of the Free day is correct. My experience with Free days is that I usually end up feeling sick, like I have a big rock in my stomach after eating something that I used to eat like a burger & fries or pizza......and I usually embrace going back to eating clean because it just feels better. Although I did very much enjoy a rocky road hot fudge sundae this past Free Day at Baskin Robbins and it was divine. :)

    So I started school today! Language & Human Behavior. During the break I ran outside the building and woofed down a few hard boiled egg whites and one of my homemade oatmeal/raisin cookies. I would always hit the Wendy's on my way home because I pass right by it but today I didn't even notice it. I'm so proud of myself !! Did cardio on the elyptical and wow it kicked my butt- my eyes even hurt!!! I didn't know you could put so much resistance on that thing.....I imagined I was walking thru mud....that's how it felt! lol And I was sweating a lot on the back of my neck....... did some ab stuff and now ready to rest....

    goodnight y'all

  • Hi everyone, Happy Friday!!  Day 62 and UBWO today.  

    lstephen - my condolences for your family's loss.  Hang in there and just keep pushing--the motivation will come!

    Twinmom - Hope you feel better soon.  It really sucks working out when you're body is not well...so much harder.

    Diane- Congrats on going back to school.  Good for you on the meal...pretty discipline so way to go!!  Free day tomorrow and I'm not real sure what I'm planning to eat.  Although I do agree, I try not to go overboard because the next day I just feel so sluggish and it makes just that much harder to get back to routine.  

    I added in my 6th meal.  I usually have a long gap from meal 3 to meal 4, but yesterday I made sure I got in that meal so my cardio was actually pretty good.  I didn't feel lightheaded and I was able to keep up the new pace I set last week.  Overall, I felt pretty good but I'm not sure if it's still my mind pschying me so will see my energy levels after a couple week.   Thank you for the advice everyone.  

    I'm still hoping to see some lbs come off since I haven't had any weight drop since the start of this and I'm wrapping up on Week 9 today.  Grrrrrr......

    Yesterday was super quiet so wanna check on how's everyone else doing?  

  • Must be a "Y" chromosome thing, but I'm down 18LBs since the start of this challenge (and down 30LBS since last year at this time).

    It crushes me to hear your posts of no (minimal) scale progress after 8,9,10 weeks. How can it work for some, and not seem to be for others? Mystery of life, I guess.

    We have committed to complete this thing, no matter what, right? So, no matter what the scale reads, we are going to push this through to day 84, complete the BFL application, and submit it.

    Side note: on an earlier post I mentioned I was going the the Champions Weekend in Nashville in October. Still am, but just heard that Porter Freeman will NOT be attending. Bummer.  I'll still take lots of pics to post.


  • Have had a good week. Fridays are always a little hard for me because the old me remembers Fridays as a kick-off to the weekend, family pizza night, go out for ice cream, etc. My husband is out of town for a few days, so I can kind of ease up on meals and just make what I want...grilled up a bunch of chicken to work through this weekend.

    I felt like I finally could move up a little in the weights yesterday for UB, so that felt good. Hoping for a good, long cardio tomorrow.

    Haven't gotten on the scale since Monday (yes, something of a record for me...longest week ever!lol!), but prior to my fall-from-grace in Week 9, I was down 14 pounds, so I know it WAS working for me. Hopefully I can get that groove back these last couple of weeks.

    Spartanman, the male metabolism definitely has something to be said for it. My husband has lost about half of what I have just from me changing what we were eating for dinner. He's not even exercising right now. You are also able to gain more muscle faster, so you are increasingly able to burn more calories sooner than we are. So unfair! Wait...we have a longer average life-span, so there!


    Tracing, glad the extra nourishment seems to be helping!

    Way to work the elliptical, Diane!

    Feel better, Twinmom!

    Come sweat, tears, and cramps...we'll all be BFL Champs!


  • Spartanman, it's working for this "X" chromosome person; it must just depend on the person and the type of workouts?  I'm 5'7"; down 24 pounds (182 to 158) and reduced my body fat from 30.8% to 20.8%.  The difference in my "before" and "10 week" photos are pretty darn good, but I'm not going to post them until the end.  I'm about 5 days behind the rest of you.  I started on a Saturday (7/23) so that my free day would be on a Friday.  I'm having a great time with this, and look forward to the end!

  • hey everybody!!

    my positive thinking/trying to ubwo's thing hasn't really been happening much. i have done a few pilates dvd's at home, but even those are hard because they want you to point your toes or flex your ankles, and that proves problematic on the one side. i'm still annoyed because i wanted to go hard on cardio this last part of the challenge to reaaaally get the pounds off, and now cardio is totally out of the question. hopefully in a few more weeks (by the time you guys are FINISHED! jealous!) i will be able to either get back on the program for another cycle OR if not ready ankle-wise, have decided to get a pass to the hot yoga place nearby and try to keep the cals down til i'm ready to go hard again.

    NEWS though: had blood tests done and found out my thyroid is WAY out of whack!! could have a VERY large part in the whole not being able to go/peeing 100 times a day/not being able to drop the weight i want/being cold and tired all the time! so this is actually great news for me, because the gluten test came back negative so this MUST be the answer! am now on once-daily meds and they say i should start feeling a difference in 4-8 weeks. kind of exciting in a weird way!!

    i just wanted to pop in for an update and say KEEP GOING EVERYBODY!!!! you've made it this far, lets go hard! i know i'm not "quite" finishing with you, but i'm still hanging around and doing what i can anyway. lets do it together everybody!!

    HUGS!!!!! GO HARD!!!!!!!!

  • Way to go bribentyl!  Spill it--how are you doing your free days?  Are you taking any supplements?  Is there something that you are doing that you feel is contributing to your fabulous loss?  At 43, I have been menopausal for 10 years, fight for every ounce I lose, but have been fortunate to lose about 15 lbs so far, from 185 to 170.

    I am still fighting this blasted cold!!!  Grrr.  If you could hear my voice, I sound like a cartoon character.  Kind of like scooby doo.  

    Juicy, nice to see you hanging on!  That says alot about you.  I am glad you found some physiological stuff going on (well not glad but you know what I mean).  I have some friends who, when they got their thyroids on track, felt so much better and lost weight.  Hang in there girl! I expect to see you around during my second challenge over the holidays!!

    lstephen, I am so sorry about your loss.  Do the best you can.  During that time, it is like you are in another world.  

    Everybody, lets hang in there!  I am hoping this stupid cold will ease up a little so I can work out!

  • Twinmom, free days really haven't been that big of a deal for me.  I try to stay on plan for most of the day and then eat a big stupid meal at some point...usually my addiction to a huge Chipotle burrito hits the spot!  Last night I had a piece of chocolate Costco cake that I had hidden in my freezer all week.  When I remember, I take CLA, but definitely not enough to make an impact.  I have 3 eggs every morning, sometimes turned into an omelette with ham/onions/mushroom/cheese, and sometimes just scrambled.  I eat a Clif Builder's bar once a day (they're SOOOOO much tastier than the Myoplex bars), and have a Myoplex shake after my workout.  The other meals are typically a salad with chicken or fish in it, cottage cheese, yogurt, veggies, turkey on wheat, etc.  Nothing real fancy, and I stay in the 1500 calorie/per day range.  Other than writing it in my journal, I don't obsess about it because I know I'm in the right place with it.

    I have been fighting a nasty cold for the past week, so even though I'm still doing UBWO and LBWO, I've had to skip the cardio because I live in Michigan and it hurts my head to be outside when I'm sick.  Hopefully it clears up so that I can get the final two weeks in painlessly.

    I'm probably going to keep going for at least a few more weeks after the 84 days, unless something miraculous happens.  My goal is to get to 148 pounds, and I just can't see dropping another 10 pounds in two weeks.  Not safe, and I'm sure it wouldn't last anyways!

    Keep hanging in there everyone!  Michelle

  • Frailty, thy name is Lisa. Yes, I got on the scale. But I went five days without weighing...that's progress for me! Tomorrow I'm having my body fat done for this health incentive screening that our insurance provider is sponsoring. Should be interesting...not sure how accurate the device is that they use. I'm hoping to get into the BodPod once the challenge is done, but it depends on when the next round of screenings for that is. I will also be getting my blood drawn for my annual check-up and hope my cholesterol numbers have improved.

    Today a guy at church that I'm on music team with said "Can I say something without you thinking I'm hitting on you?" I laughed and said "Of course." And he said "You look good...I can tell you've been losing weight and I just wanted you to know that it hasn't gone unnoticed." FINALLY!!! Then another gal on music team later said the same thing. So that feels good.

    I know I won't reach all my goals this time around, but I am appreciating the joys of being able to run 3 miles again (did it in just under 35 minutes this time) and being able to pull out any pair of pants from my closet and know that they will button!

    Juicy, it must feel good to know you're not going crazy and that there's a reason for all your struggles! Thyroid is a pretty easy fix although it can take awhile to get the med levels just right.

    Twinmom, great progress!

    Two more weeks (and life to go!),


  • Week 11, Day One - (71)

    UBWO this AM.

    Changed up the menu, finally.

    M3 was awesome: Baby bok choy, steamed, stir-fried firm tofu w/celery, zucchini, garlic, onions in sesame oil. yum.

    Keep up the great work gang!