Who is starting July 18th?

  • Thanks for the encouragement everyone. I honestly feel like I am holding on to sanity by a thin thread. It would be so much easier to just give up on everything at this point. Let me rephrase that: It FEELS like it would be so much easier.

    Instead of stuffing my sadness I've just been letting it out all morning. I think I'm almost done crying : )

    Starting to feel a little better, although it doesn't seem to take much to set me off again. Just really want to find the inner drive to have a good workout this afternoon.


  • Good morning everyone!!

    I forgot my shoes on Friday at home and about 1.5hrs commuting home to get it, and that in turned cut short my PT time!  Ugh...I hate it when that happens--such a pain.

    Then on Sat, I was visiting my parents when she pulled out a scale and of course stupid me HAD to get curious right?  So, I stepped on and to my horror, I have not lost ANY weight since I started this challenge.  It just went downhill from there.  Gawd, why did I have to step on??  So for the rest of my free day I ended up eating way too much salty food and then had a medium size bottle of wine.  I just felt like all my hard work has amounted to nothing.  8 weeks and still not a change in clothing or weight loss.   To cap that off, yesterday, the beginning of my week 9, I felt so tired and crappy from my free day, I didn't even bother to make an attempt to do my cardio.  It was like I was just in a funk and couldn't muster the care nor energy to get my cardio in...which only added to my guilt and self-loathing.  Although I did stick to clean meals, and even that I only got 4 because I got out of bed really late.  And my last meal was just way too salty and today I woke up completely bloated.  Or maybe I'm just PMSing.  I don't know, but it was definitely not a good BFL weekend.  

    Dianne - Congrats on the lb drop...way to go!  And the sleeping, your body is really telling you how much it needs rest to recoup.  My weekends are usually when I get to sleep and catch up from the prior week of hustle, bustle and, BFL!  Definitely rest up because you don't want to overdo it and then have your body backfire.

    Lisa - Just hang in and keep up the work.  I felt like I totally went bonkers this past weekend and sidetracked major.  I think we are most hardest on ourselves and least forgiving, but let's get past it and just push through to finish.  I know you can do this and I believe in you!  I'm glad you're letting it all out and feeling better.  

    Twinmom--One of the biggest things I have learned going through this challenge is learning about my body and how it is reacting to the food and exercise.  I am still understanding and I think it will take me some time to figure out the kinks for me.  I think honestly deep rooted is my biggest fear of adding more to my meals.  I'm afraid I will be adding too much or too little, and then I start getting compulsive...hahahah.  I am probably my own self-demise!  I should try to fit in 6 meals but from the time I get up to the time I sleep, I can fit in 5 OK, but the 6th one is so hard.  But I will have to try adding in that 6th meal and just see because over the weekend, when I didn't get in even my 5 meals, my body did feel even more tired so there might be some truth to the 6 meals I have to test out.

    Juicy - You're keeping up with UBWOs, so that's really great.  I hope your foot will heal super fast.  Sending healing thoughts and prayers over to you.

    Alright, day 58 today I have started the day off OK with my clean meal and am chugging the water away so I can get rid of all the sodium that's making me bloated.  Will just push ahead, focus, and stay on track.  

    Have a great day everyone!

  • Good day to all you 7/18'rs !

    Just going to jump in. No small talk...

    I think we need to share (confess) our eating plans. I'm sensing fuzziness and lack of clarity with the group.  Keeping to the basics, I propose we share our menus. Of course, I'll go forth first.

    M1 - 1 scp whey mix (26g), water, 1/2 banana, 3 strawberries, Multi Vitamin, Vit C, 2 CLA

    M2 - 1/2 C oatmeal (cooked), 1/3 Cup egg beaters, 1 whole egg, 1tsp olive oil

    M3 - 2 C salad mix, 1 can tuna (water packed), 1/2 C brown rice, 1/4 C cukes, 4 tbs mustard, 2 CLA

    M4 - 1 scp whey mix (26g), water 1 red apple

    M5 - 6 oz chicken breast, 1/2 C kidney beans, 2 C mixed veggies, 1 tsp olive oil

    M6 - 1 scp whey mix (26g), water, 2 CLA

    Drink at least 1/2 gallon of water and the juice of one lemon, daily.

    The above menu is what I've been eating for at least the last 2 weeks. It is truly BTB (maybe M6 could use some carbs, but the Whey mix I use as some in it already).

    So far, lost 16LBS of overall body weight, but know I've packed on muscle too, so mey BF% should show good numbers. Wont do that until the end of this Challenge.

    I'm feeling, if we all look at our food journals, we might find a clue as to why we are seeing the results we expected.



  • This is good SPARTANMAN.....Yours look perfect!  I can see where a few of my choices could be better..... here are my meal choices.....I don't eat the same exact thing everyday for every meal... I like to change it up a little and have some variety but these are my basic meals that I choose from. Sometimes even having chicken in the morning as M2 or M3.  I eat the heavy carb meals for M1, M2, M3 and M4. I have 2 shakes a day. The rest is food.

    - Chicken breast w/ whole wheat pasta & homemade tomatillo salsa.

    - Chicken breast or 5 slices of turkey bacon (3 gram each) or tuna on whole wheat sandwich thins (21 grams) , tomato, lettuce, spinach & a smidge of BBQ sauce.

    - Chicken breast or turkey burger cut up on top of mixed greens, mushrooms, tomato & cucumber and homemade tomatillo salsa as dressing w/ an apple or orange.

    - 1 scoop of whey mix (23g), 1/4 cup oats, small handful of frozen strawberries in blender. (usually M1)

    - 1 scoop of whey mix, 1 small fat free homemade oatmeal/raisin cookie. (usually as M1 or M2)

    - 5 hard boiled egg whites chopped, 1 yoke, 1 tsp of lite mayo (GASP), 1 tsp mustard on whole wheat sandwich thins. OR just the egg mixture and an apple or orange.

    (The tomatillo salsa consists of boiled green tomatoes, onion, garlic, jalepeno pepper and salt all blended up in a blender. I make it with regular tomatoes too.)

    I really go by the portion method....palm for protein and fist for carbs. And just normal small portion for veggies. Water with every meal and during workouts. Multivitamin and Omega 3

  • Hi everyone, here is my typical meal plan.  I think it does need some work too, so please feel free to comment where you think I might be overdoing or underdoing it.  

    Meal 1: 8am

    - 6 hardboiled egg whites (no yolk cuz I don't like the taste.) 1/2c oatmeal w/almond milk

    - 2 cups coffee, FF creamer, 1 spenda

    - 16oz water, (9am Reload, 2 CLA, 1 multivitamin)

    Meal 2: 11:15am

    - palm size protein (grilled chicken, or deli turkey, etc)

    - closed fist size carb (beets or small bowl of cut of fruit)

    - handful of veggies (broccolli, mushrooms, etc)

    - water 16oz

    Meal 3: 2:00pm

    - Ready to drink Myoplex Lite Shake or Meal Bar

    - water 16oz (Reload and CLA)

    - Coffee, FF creamer, splenda

    Meal 4: between 5-7pm depending on my workout time

    - whole wheat wrap w/chicken or turkey deli meat, w/lettuce, onion, tomato, pickle

    --FF mayo or low cal dressing to dip

    --16 oz water (Reload and CLA)

    OR Ready to drink Myoplex Lite Shake or Meal Bar because it's so easy and convenient, plus you want to feed your body after a good workout session

    Meal 5:  9:30pm - 10:30pm

    - 1 Cup 1% cottage cheese

    - small bowl of cut up fruit or blueberries


    OR a ready to drink shake because it's just so fast and i chug it down.  

    I have only begun to add the Gatorade low cal electroyte drinks right after my workout and the vitamins this past week.  I have also started adding 2tbsp ground up flaxseed in my oatmeal as of today.  

    I drink about 3-4L of water a day, and that is inclusive of the water during the meals but yes alot of water so I'm running to the bathroom all day long.  =)

  • Tracing-

    Your meals look good to me. You must be doing well in the challenge. I noticed that you are not taking omega 3 or incorporating any essential oils....that's important. Even Spartanman gets his olive oil in everyday. That's the only thing I see with your meals. Almost there....

    Anyone else??? (ECHO:..................anyone else??)  OMG girls... I need you all to stay with me .....we are almost finished!!!

  • Diane--Thanks for the feedback.  I am taking CLA (conjugated Linoleic Acid) capsules 3 times a day.  But you are right, I have not been putting in enough Omega-3's, so that's why I started adding grounded flax-seed vs the oil since the seeds are a good source of fiber too.  It actually doesn't taste so bad with my morning oatmeal.  A bit late in this challenge but I'm still learning.....I'm hoping that will help boost the fat loss real soon.  =)

    As for doing well, not so sure but I think I'm stronger and lifting more than when I started.  Weight loss wise and loose fitting clothes have yet to improve.  I will say I think I've toned up some, but not considerably like some BFL'ers results on here have been.  I wish I did get those dramatic results, but the reality for me, it might just be a very slow process for my fat to melt and to build the lean muscle...sometimes it's a rather discouraging slow process.

    I am still adjusting and trying to understand how my body reacts to what I eat, and my workouts...and this is at week 9 already.  When I did upper body yesterday, I thought it was a good workout but I did not feel that sore or burnt out after my routine and thought maybe I'm doing something wrong or maybe not pushing hard enough.  However today, my arms are sore and achy so I think that's just something I have to learn to adjust to--the 'after' effects of muscle soreness.  

    Does anyone else in the group feel like they're doing all the right things but still have self-doubt??  I know one challenge won't be enough--I have learned a great deal so far on this one and I kinda have a better game plan for the next round...but that's for next round.  Just gotta finish this one first!


  • I am here!  Just running like crazy today and tomorrow.  I don't have set meals per se, but I rely on a few things that I know really well, like greek yogurt, cottage cheese, chicken sandwich, meal bars, meal replacement shakes.   I time them 2.5 and 3 hrs apart.  I make sure my protein is between 20-30 for each meal and carbs too.  

    I am not doing perfectly, but I feel really good about it, and I feel so much better than I did a couple of months ago.  I am still amazed about my lack of sugar cravings.  

    I did LBWO this morning and my rear is sore in a good way!!  I did side planks for the first time 40 secs on each side twice in addition to my other 3 planks for 90 secs each.  

    Yall have a great evening!  Lets finish strong!  We have come so far!!

  • Sorry...still here. It's the hectic season and I'm just having a hard time getting school done for the day, fitting in my workouts, getting home/showered, making/eating/cleaning up dinner and getting out the door to soccer games/youth group/music practice, etc.! Afterwords it's finish cleaning up whatever didn't get cleaned up earlier, throwing in loads of laundry, planning school for the next day and planning out my meals! Whew. got tired just writing that! Anyway, it just doesn't leave much time to respond on here.

    Yesterday and today have been good, but I know I need to get to bed because I'm hungry again and late night is when I lose control. Diane, I'll have you know that I got on the scale yesterday to see how much damage I'd done (wait for it....5 lbs!) but I'm not getting on it again for the rest of the challenge. I already know that if I stick to what I was doing the weight should come off. That said, this is basically what I'm eating:

    Breakfast (meal #1) is either 1/4 c. oatmeal cooked with 1/2 c. water and 1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein powder OR 3 egg whites scrambled with 2 T. reduced-fat cheddar cheese on a whole-wheat tortilla. Coffee (half-caf) with skim milk.

    Snack (meal #2): 2 light cheese sticks with 1/2 apple or EAS CarbAdvantage drink with 1/2 apple

    Lunch (meal #3): 2 oz. lean deli lunch meat, 1 sl. reduced fat cheese on 2 sl. reduced calorie whole-wheat bread; 2 c. salad w/1 T. light dressing (sometimes I do a Boca burger on a lite bun instead).

    Snack (meal 4): 8 oz. light vanilla soy milk with 1 scoop protein powder and blended with ice. Sometimes I'll do half a protein bar if I need to pack something after my weight workout and I'm not going immediately home.

    Dinner (meal 5): some kind of Rocco meal that usually consists of 3-4 oz lean meat, 1/2 c. starchy vegetable or brown rice, and some other vegetable like green beans or carrots or salad. Yesterday was lean turkey breast cutlet, sweet potato and green beans.

    Snack (meal 6): Plain greek yogurt w/1 T. Textured vegetable protein or 1/2 c. cottage cheese with 2 oz fruit.

    It ends up being around 1200-1300 calories each day.

    Ok, typing that out made me even hungrier, so I'm signing off and going to bed before I eat something!


  • Week 10 - Day 3

    This is around where I stopped on a challenge I started in 2007. I was slim & looking svelte. Just couldn't muster the strength to finish. Mentally I was drained, couldn't see the point of getting "any skinnier" and just was burnt out.

    This time, not so much. We're all going to finish this D*mn thing if we half to drag each other over the line. So buckle it up ladies, tackle this thing with such spite and venom that it won't know what's coming. You have it in you.

    For anyone out there looking for ways to improve your eating, 3 tips, straight from "The Spartanman" (I know, 3rd person reference..)

    1. Have a written menu. Prepare the night before, and track what you eat. (I've attached my plan for 4 days last week)

    2. Cut out wheat. For me, this is the biggest influence.

    3. Dump the caffeine. Yep, I've been C-Free since 7/11/11 (The last cup of coffee I had was Guatamalan, IN Guatamala!) I sub'd with C-Free teas.

    18 More days after today.

    What can you do differently to make the next 18 days count?

    "If you're not getting the results you desire, change your approach."

    [4-day Meal Planner: Sheet of paper, folded in quarters, kept in pocket all day]

  • CUT OUT WHEAT!? Oh my- I can't believe it- I'm just as upset about the thought of giving up wheat as I was thinking about cutting out sugar at the beginning of this challenge!! lol isn't that funny!

    So tell me Spartanman why cut the wheat out?

  • It was making my stomach bloat and my bm's nasty. Not to mention the ranc-air emittances.


    Not for everyone, but for me, it's working.  

  • I'm with Dianne.  I don't think I can cut out wheat altogether.  I do limit my bread intake only to my free days and even at that I have the 12-grain whole wheat w/PB.  

    Spartanman - I agree with you on the quote.  Sometimes a little change or quirk can probably help get you out of your plateau.  

    Twinmom-Most of my meals are the same items you have too.  I am not very creative in terms of my food and some days it does get very boring, but they are quick and easy to make.  

    As for caffeine, I don't think I can give up my coffee.  They'd have to pry it out of my cold dead hands...LOL.  I would rather give up the FF creamer and drink it black w/splenda.  I would probably give up wheat before I give up coffee too!  Caffeine is a diuretic so it draws water out of your cells, which is why you're told you drink water after having coffee so that you don't become dehydrated.  My PT told me it's fine to have as part of your diet, but you have to remember to drink plenty of water.  

    For some reason, I've been so tired since Monday.  My meals haven't changed and my workouts are the same...pushing hard at the gym.  Yesterday I felt like I was going to puke and fall off the stair climber when I finished my min 20.  I just felt soooo drained and light-headed and it took me a good remaining 10 mins of cool down before I started to feel OK again.  I think it may have been that I went too long w/out a meal and my blood sugar dropped.  I had midday meal around 11am and then I over-indulged on the chicken curry dish.  So I felt had a bit too much so I skipped my usual 2pm meal.  Workout was at 4:30pm.  

    I have been thinking about what you ladies have said about not eating enough, and considering adding the 6th meal in somewhere, so I might have to try that and see if it will help boost my energy levels.  But honestly, I don't know why I'm so tired and drained.  I'm going to see my dr on Monday to see if there's could be something else behind this.

    Day 60 today...LBWO. Keep up the good work everyone!   =)

  • Hey all,

    Sorry I haven't been on here lately and I haven't read all the current posts.  I have not been able to workout - I have Bronchitis - no fun.  I am not really getting in 6 meals either.  I am eating really well and within BFL guides but not really hungry.  I have been able to maintain weight but I know I will not finish as strong as I hoped for.  I still have work to do but I am okay with it.  I was planning on doing a challenge throught the holidays anyway.  I have those last 5 lbs to loose and want to drop more bodyfat too,

    I am so glad to see all of you doing so well.  I am hopeful by next week I will be able to get back into the workout routine.  


  • Today is day 67 for me. This is totally when I would have bailed before because I would doubt if there could really be any more changes. I am hanging in there. Cardio has seemed to be worse for me this week. Just not wanting to do it or to quit but I have hung on strong. My go to meal right now is vanilla honey greek yogurt, strawberries and raw almonds. Oh my so good. I drink about two carb advantage shakes a day. My lunch is either the greek yogurt or cottage cheese and a nectarine. I drink 4 32 oz waters a day. I still have not had a full blown cheat day (oh wait one). I have been having 2-3 cheat meals. It has been better for me because I have learned it is not healthy for me to have a full day. It has worked and is more realistic for me.

    Our post has definitely quieted down.