Who is starting July 18th?

  • workout #1 this morning complete! i felt i could have pushed a little harder (i did upper body today) but this is only day one, so i guess it's still the tweaking phase right?! ;)

    breakfast: 1 whole egg and 1 egg white omelette topped with a tbsp salsa, slice whole wheat toast, and 1/4 cup greek yogurt with 1/4 cup mixed berries... tasted like the most damn delicious frozen yogurt ever! so good!

    excited people! keep up the good work!

  • This is day 2 for me.  My arms still ache from yesterday - No pain, No Gain, right?  Meant to domy cardio this morning but will have to do it tonight when I get home.  Water and veggies, lots of veggie, are my friend; they help to keep me feeling full.


  • I am starting today too! I completed about 6 wks of the BFL challenge in 2004 and the changes in my body were amazing. I had been at that same weight before but never been able to wear as small a size as I did then, after just 6 weeks on the program. I developed frozen shoulder which turned into a long, painful ordeal and haven't been able to psyche myself up to start BFL since then. I AM ready now!!  I look forward to COMPLETING IT this time along with all of you!

  • I'm so glad I came to this website today.  

    I'm joining.

  • Workout #1 Complete! I was up at 4:45 AM and in the gym by 5:15 AM. I felt a little silly with all the men in the free weight area, but who cares, right?? I had my little notebook and everything : ) I took pictures with my iphone of the workout demo pages in the BFL book and referenced those when needed.

    Meals have gone well so far. I have felt hungry, but it has always been time to eat again, so I think that's normal.

    MEAL #1 - Post Workout Recovery Shake and banana (I don't think this was enough-I'm gonna eat more tomorrow)

    MEAL #2- Plain Greek Yogurt with handful of berries

    MEAL #3- Albacore tuna on 2 slices Ezekiel bread with hummus instead of mayo. Handful of grape tomatoes.

    I'm gonna have a protein shake for my mid-afternoon meal and of course LOTS O Water!

    Arms are sore, but that's a good thing, right!

    Glad there are so many of us. Let's stay motivated together : )

  • I just started today 7/18/11...i  have force fed myself the first 2 meals of the day (i am not breakfast eater)...I look forward to keeping up with everyone's progress!!

  • Started today. I got about halfway through the program once before,, but I cracked a few ribs playing hockey and quit after six weeks and ten pounds lost. I am not technically overweight, but I am in horrendous shape for a 33 year old.

    I did a soft start by following the program's dietary and exercise requirements last week and allowing for screw ups and misunderstood exercises and so on. Two thoughts:

    - my muscles failed at a VERY low level of weight. The upper body exercises were embarrassing. I kept remembering how my body worked at 20 (SPOILER ALERT: it worked better then). I mean, just embarrassing.

    - did better with the lower body exercises, but I still found my form wavering and my strength completely depleted by the later stages of each exercise. Is this just because I've been lazy for the last few years, or is this common in the early stages? I definitely didn't feel this way the first time I did the program.

    I have a general question: how and where are others doing it? My wife and I have a newborn at home, so the gym is not an option. So I bought some weights. But since we are in a small space, major equipment is not an option. Are you all going to the gym? And does anyone have a resource foe alternative exercises? The bicep exercises in particular are difficult to do without a bench, at least.

  • My wife and I are starting today.  Also, my 18 yo daughter and my 21 yo son are in.  I personally did the challange 10 years ago and it made a huge difference in my life.  My family witnessed this transformation and are committed to finding similar results for themselves.  For me, I think this challange is as much about the mental transformation as it is the physical changes.  For the group starting today, keep this in mind as you stay with the challange.  All of us will come out the other side of this challange with a renewed love of life and a confidence in ourselves that was previously out of reach (o:  Good luck!

  • I work out at home (bench,barbell, and powerbloc dumbells) and have a bit of space but it wasn't always so... I kept buying dumbells and a bench when I could afford it. I had to get creative!  If you can find some resistance bands they could be a good substitute for a while. Even doing mock dumbell bench presses on the floor. Pullups are good for lat excercises(use a chair for your feet and gradually push it out further for more resistence until you can do a few without assistance., elevated pushups (feet on chair or whatever is around) to finish off the chest section are good as well.

    I am just starting today so I understand embarrasing. I KNOW ME I could get caught up in wanting to do more weight....man I remember how sore I was when I did this years ago. I haven't lifted much in the last couple of years so it will be slow going for me, as I have a job and a family to take care of. I am starting out under a hundred pounds for bench presses so talk about embarrassing!

    I know that after a week or so I can start getting aggressive after the initial shock to the system wears off and i have somewhat of a "habit"started. I am still expecting to be sore...the good kind! I don't want to get so sore I miss a workout and that has happened to me before. Peace.

  • I started today and am very excited!  This is my first time and would love any and all support!  

  • I'm doing it am home!  I hope it works - that is my goal, so that when fall rolls around and time for me to go back to school (teacher) I'll have the routine and fit it in before the family is up.  I do have an inexpensive bench from play it again sports.  Today is day one for me and I did an upper body workout.  I'm a little concerned that I won't have enough options for lower body workout without going to the gym.  I have the book and it shows so many machine options in the lower body.  I'll have to see how it goes!  Good luck!

  • Day 2 for me is going great. Except of course Starbucks brings back the treat receipt starting today....Surprising I haven't even thought about it until I read that. UGH!

  • I started today as well. I've never been brave enough to do one of these community forum things before, but thought this would be a good time to take the plunge!

    I've been pretty faithful with exercising the last 2.5 years, but I've noticed that I'm not really able to move up in my weights and my muscle tone seems to be diminishing (I'm now 41). I lost 25 pounds 2 years ago, but have regained about 15 of those. I'm a career yo-yo dieter and I know that's going to get harder and harder on my body as I age, so I really need to STOP the cycle and just get healthy!

    I homeschool my 2 boys, but they are old enough now that I can leave them for a couple of hours while I go workout at the gym...but it'll have to be mid-afternoon once our school year starts up rather than first thing in the a.m. I'm a little nervous about cutting the cardio so much and only doing it 3 times a week. In the BFL for Women, Dr. Peeke suggests 3-5 days a week and 30 min. minimum, but doesn't mention the high-intensity-training that Bill does. I did the HIT intervals on the elliptical for 30 min. today, so I still haven't resolved my dilemma about whose advice to follow. Guess I'd better figure it out by tomorrow a.m.

    thanks for letting me be part of the journey!

  • Hello Everyone,

    My name is carmon I just completed 12 weeks of the challenge and I'm starting my next challenge on tomorrow.. We can achieve our dreams!! Let's go for it.

  • shantel.... www.bodybuilding.com has tons of exercise options, or you can try youtube! what do you have at home? i learned a lot of new exercises when i took the personal training course i just finished, maybe i can help? :)