Who is starting July 18th?

  • I'm starting today so we can keep each other motivated!


  • I'm starting today! I'm excited to start my new journey.


  • i decided to start july 18th too, let's all keep each other motivated!!!! i have done the challenge in 2008 (all 12 weeks!) and i tried it again in 2010 but i don't think my head was completely in it... i did make it 9 weeks though! this one is going to be the BEST YET!!!! i gained a bunch of weight from an injury that had me unable to walk for 4 months, but now is the time to get rid of it. also, i just got my certification as a personal trainer! so i'm really excited to start and get on with my life. hopefully starting a new job at the gym next week, so need to get my butt in gear NOW!

    come on guys! we can do this!!!! :)

  • Workout - Check! Felt so good. Now I am trying to eat cottage cheese and a nectarine. I have hate/hate relationship with cc. I know it is good and provides good protein but I don't think I haven eaten it since the first time I tried to complete the challenge about 8 years ago. I use to mix it with non fruited yogurt which was a great carb/protein meal but Yoplait did away with their Thick and Creamy lowfat strawberry so now it is just going down plain. Okay Ladies have a great day getting your plan on for tomorrow!

    On a side note for me.. I have been worried about what to do without my daily trip to starbucks for an iced one pump mocha and so suprised that I have no craving for it today! Woot! Woot!

  • I am starting tomorrow too! I actually did BFL for about two months back in 2000 and the changes I saw were incredible.

    Now I am starting from completely different point, however, in that I am 41 y.o. and I haven't really worked out much in six months because of a herniated disc. I am hoping this will get me started in taking off some of the weight I have put on and get me over the mental hurdle that this injury has created.

  • I am also starting July 18th and would love to be part of the group.  We had our 2nd baby 5 months ago and I have those last 10 to 12 stubborn lbs to get rid of.  I did this back in 2006 and the results were amazing.  I was in great sahpe before having the baby but now that I am back to work full time I can't go to the gym so working out at home is what I need to do!  Looking forward to talking and sharing with all of you!

  • I am starting too!  Good luck to all of us!  I did this back in 2006 and it was great.  I just had a baby 5 months ago and need to get rid of those last 10 to 12 lbs and get back in bikini shape!  

  • how do you upload photos?

  • Sk-  I havent figured out the photo thing yet, either.  By the way, congrats on your good workout today -- sounds awesome! :)

    Hello to all of the newcomers! So excited to see so many people joining the group! :) (Also glad to hear so many of you have done the BFL program before, even if it wasn't a "complete" program... I am sure we will all learn something from each other.)

    Getting ready to post my "beginging stats" on my profile. Haven't ever done that before, so I am very nervous about showing it to everyone. But, I figure it will hold me more accountable if I do.

    Good luck tomorrow, everyone! :)


  • I have made a decision to workout in the afternoon....5am doesn't work for me. But hey....It is day 1 for me!!!  I am pretty excited and have a lot of energy just from the thought of changing my life for the better. (I am also quitting smoking today and other bad habbits to follow!)

    I had a good egg mixup I call it (eggs,spinach,black beans,onions,peppers,etc.) It was a better breakfast than Mt.Dew and cigarettes!

    I wish everyone the best today!


  • I am also starting today... I have done 2 challenges before and finished my las one 16 months ago- I have gained 20 lbs since then (Have NEVER been this heavy) and am honestly so discouraged... but day 1 here I come!

    As for those who mention taking a notebook to the gym... for my first challenge I brought a pencil and my workout sheet so I could log my workout... who cares what you look like... I would rather be dorky and ripped then cool and fat :)

  • Count me in.  Have 20 lbs to shed.  Let's get this done!

  • I'm diving in today and really looking forward to the changes. Garage is sectioned off with the weights and bench, cleaned out and restocked the frig yesterday.  Stayed up WAY to late doing all this so day one workout will be this afternoon after work and the rest starting at 5:30 am while the Texas heat is still cool. Looking forward to it...

  • Okay how did the first morning go for everyone.  It felt good to me and I am motivated!  Hope you all are having a great Monday!  Go Team 7-18!  We are one day in and 83 to follow!  We can do this.

  • I'm in!