Anyone else starting on July 10/11, 2011?

  • Hey everyone. It sounds like everyone is focused on finishing this challenge and its great to see. I have been extremely busy with work and the failing health of my in laws. But not to worry I've been working out and eating clean.  Although I haven't really been able to put my all into it.  Just too many things going on but I figure that's what its about, finding a way to get it done when its very hard to do so.

    The other night I was doign bench press and I did 2 reps at a 5 intensity.  My hands and shoulders were hurting so I actually got up and walked away thinking I wasn't up for it.  I was walking away when I thought of you guys and I started cursing up a storm and I went back to it. I finished the workout and was sore the next day.  You guys truly do inspire me and make me feel accountable.

    I'm focused on a strong last week and finishing out this challenge and getting some rest.  I haven't really thought about the next challenge other than I want to do another one. So definitely count me in for more fun!

  • Hi everyone!!

    John: So glad that you are still with us! I feel like you are our leader :) I've very sorry about your in-laws. I hope everything is okay. I know how hard family health issues can be, and how it effects everything you do, even your workouts. It made me smile to think that you thought about us to push your through your workout! You are so strong!!!! We are almost there! Hope you can join us for the next challenge!

    MSheep: Good job on the meal prepping! I typically do that on Sunday evenings and I am good to go for the week! It makes things so much easier during my hectic week!

    I had a good LBWO this morning. I pushed myself really hard knowing that this was one of my last LBWOs of this challenge!!! I am planning to incorporate P90x into my next challenge. I really want to change things up and challenge myself!!

    I am really hungry today! I ate a different breakfast than usual, so I think that threw my whole day off!!

    I am still eating clean though and will finish strong on WEEK 12!!!!

    Have a great day!!!!

  • Hey everyone been a little busy last few days but stop been going strong had a great UBWO this past satrday I gave a friend of mine that was interested in the BFL style of working out a run through of an UBWO needless to say he was completely spent it was great! Had a free day on sunday and again went overboard gah! Count me in on the next challenge too!!!

    SHEEP 335# FOR 6 YESTERDAY FOLLOWED BY 315 for 12 on the first of my superset!!! Also went up again on my stiff legged deadlift 205# for 6 I killed it yesterday! Today swung my kettlebells and sweat my ass off!!

    John glad u still pushed on!! U too rinnermom we got this .. im out aloooha!!!

  • *runnermom :-)

  • Hi everyone!!!!

    Just a quick post today. I am going out of town for the next 2 days so probably won't get to post for a while b/c we are also moving to our new home this weekend!!! I am trying to keep my stress level under control.

    I had my LAST UBWO of this challenge this morning!!! I was actually very sad! Not sure why since I will have many more to come on my next challenge....but I think it was the fact that I have stuck with this for the full 12 weeks even when it was very tough!!!! I am proud to say that I have never missed a workout, and have eaten clean 100% of the time (except for my free days)! I will finish out the next 3 days STRONG!!!!

    Island: Glad you are still AT IT!!!! Your strength training is amazing! I think for my next challenge I will join a gym so I am not limited to the equipment in my home gym and I can lift heavier! you are so right....WE"VE GOT THIS!!!!!!! 3 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Have a great day all!!!!!

  • Hi, All

    I've been following along with everyone's posts.  I'm still at it - going to make it to the end!  This is a first for me & it has been a valuable, rewarding experience to participate w/BFL with you all.  I will be weighing in & taking measurements & photos on Monday.  Will let you know my results, but probably not the photos.  :-)

    runnermom - wow!  moving to a new home & yet still at it.  inspiring!

    Best wishes!

  • Hey hey team damn mid way week 12!!!!! Runnermom huge congrats on eating clean throughout I will make it my highest priority to do that and get my free day under control for our next challenge. I think I finally am getting out of the denial that its ok to binge and I mean BINGE for a full 24 hours simply because the word "free" is being used. I understand about the sadness feeling I felt that way to my first time around. Great things abound though and as far as joining a gym go for it! If I was at home I either would have run myself broke buying more weights or not gained the strenth that I have now. I personally love it. Had my final UBWO today too didn't break any records but gave it my all and that's what counts. Well its back to work for me ms. SHEEP how you holdin up?? Jan thanks for checking in im happy you made it this far too! The final countdown! !! Aalooohhhaaa!!!!

  • Hi Everyone:  

    Island dude: WOO-HOO!! Congratulations! That’s terrific!

    John: glad to see you back and thanks, as always, for the uplifting post.

    Runnermom: I want your energy 

    Jan- Glad to see your post. Stay with it!

    I’m so excited by everyone’s week 12 posts. Technically I’m in week 10, but it’s been a sluggish week, so your energy has really helped keep me going.

    My cardio has been weak.   also, I gave up on my UBWO – I didn’t finish the supersets. I’m really frustrated with the UBWO. It takes me over an hour and when I’m using freeweights I feel like I’m not getting a good workout— I can’t lift much weight while maintaining form. What I need is some patience and to get back at it. (if any of you week-12-ers don’t need your patience any more, would you box it up and mail it to me?)

    Going to get to bed early tonight and train dirty tomorrow a.m.

    Stay strong!

  • Everyone- Yes I can't believe we are in the home stretch.  I will say that I'm coming in on fumes lol.  I'm really tired from work and lack of sleep and its taking all of my will power and focus to finish this but I'm excited! I'm excited to finish this challenge and to take a break. I'm even more excited to start a fresh new challenge!

  • Hey hey -

    I  hear John when he says he's coming in on "fumes".  Me too!   I started a new job last week which is all consuming AND I'm working out - so it's a full 5AM to 10PM day for me - but it's great to be able to see the finish line at the end of this challenge.  It's been a long haul and eating clean has been such a big part of the success for me.

    I feel great and everybody's posts have kept me going so thanks to everyone for that!  I am definitely going to take 2 weeks off however - I need the rest - and a little more time too.  But I'll be back.  So let's come up with a name for the next FORUM so we can all stick together.  

    Let's have a contest and everybody can submit a forum title.  I'll go about....

    Fearsome Forum

    Have a great night everybody and keep going....just a few days left!

  • Hey everyone - home stretch abounds...i thought the challenge was ending Sunday but just checked the site and if you entered the challenge beginning July 11 - the end date is Tuesday, Oct. 4.  Excites me because I have that damn last .5 lb to lose.............I have eaten 98% clean during the challenge - there were 2 days I remember not eating so well, so not too bad - but the goal is 100% clean - and I never missed a day at the gym til yesterday - I was bummed, how can you do so well during the WHOLE challenge and mess up week 12?  Really?  Oh well, circumstances were out of my control but you can be damn sure I will double up today.

    I gave the BFL book to a friend to read and she is starting the challenge with me next go around because she is amazed at the results BFL can do - we will be going to the gym in the mornings together so we will be able to keep eachother motivated at 4:00 AM.

    Love the forum title - how about adding Fierce to it - Fierce Fearsome Forum.....or maybe Fabulous Fierce Fearsome Forum....

    Greetings from the Sunshine State!!

  • Hey there guys!  Congrats to all of you for finishing the challenge!  That is outstanding!  I just wanted to say thank you for your support.  I know I have been M.I.A. lately.  I have actually started a boot camp fitness routine here in town and am training for my 1/2 and kicking ass.  I am eating better & feeling stronger than ever before.  I believe I have "broken thru" and gotten back to the old me and am siked.  I am down 10lbs and just feel like I can do this.  So, although I have been quiet here, I've been thinking of you guys.

    Final quote:  Defeat is not the worst of failures. Not to have tried is the true failure."

           - George Edward Woodberry

    You guys rock!!!  Good luck to you all!

    Mary Beth

  • I agree with MB: you guys rock!!

    Happy week 12 everyone!

    (Mb: so glad to hear from you!)

  • Hey all congrats to EVERYONE that stuck through it. My last few days did not go well My final LBWO got cut short due to emergency orders at the warehouse so I had to book it back to to work.. o well the price of being the boss now.. then had a funeral to attend this past weekend so did not get a chance to W/O being that services ran both saturday and today.. eating was ok.. but I am already getting revved up for the next one.. My new goals this challenge will be to lose at least 20lbs wich will bring me in at about 195-200 lbs hopefully very lean.. I am aiming for the elusive 6 pack.. I already have something coming through at the upper part of my abs it's just the stubborn bottom grrr lol .. well I started my challenge at 217 finished at 220 gaining 3 lbs gained an inch on my chest 3/4 of an inch on my arms and inch on my quads and my waist stayed the same yay!! My goal wasn't to lose it was more replace I did but still have an good amount of bodyfat to lose which will be gone by new years eve :) I will be taking it easy this week my knee has taken a beating the last 4 weeks so I will try to do just long steady cardio this week and still swing my kettle bells :) as far as lifting I will do my best to NOT touch the weights till next monday lol.. anyway all again WE DID IT!! and we shall do it again.. BIGGER BETTER STRONGER!! very much allloohhhaaa team thank you all!!

  • I agree with Island dude. If you finished the challenge then a heartfelt congrats is in order.  You didn't even have to be perfect in eating or working out, you just have to finish!  These challenges are not easy and perhaps the key takeaway is being able to commit to it and finish even if you stumble. I believe its that determination that will make you successful down the road.

    I'm excited that the challenge is over but I'm already starting to get excited about starting again.  I'm not sure why but the thought of a fresh new challenge is exciting. Perhaps some of the drama I've seen in the last few weeks will be buried with the last challenge :)

    Anyway, I hope everyone keeps in touch. My personal email address is  I hope we can all do this together again!