Anyone else starting on July 10/11, 2011?

  • Hey all it's been a little quiet in here I hope you all are doing ok...

    runnermom thanks for the confidence booster yeah I like running but I really don't want to push it thankfully circuit training is a real killer and a great workout is a very short amount of time..

    Had an after hours gym session today UBWO was good.. Im still riding the post workout high... bedtime soon then another day of work the president of the company is paying my warehouse a visit.. so It should be quite the interesting day... much aloha everyone..

  • aloha peeps!! 50th state checking in.. had a pretty good day @ work considering I was 2 men short in the morning then my only back up in the warehouse had an emergency and had to leave all while trying to keep things peachy for the president of the company that had his quarterly walk through of the warehouse and operations for this island. Needless to say I was stuck and not able to make it to the gym but no problem..taped together a few squares of cardboard giant 60x60 inch squares. made myself a little workout corner in my warehouse grabbed my kettle bells and jumprope and went at it for a half an hour.. Made the most of what i had and turned out good :-) Still was able to achieve sweaty pig in sh*t status lol.. anyway Im starting to hear the cricketts we need some noise in here feedback people lol.. week 11 midway tomorrow!! LBWO gonna go for 335# squat tune in tomorrow for the update hahaha... much aloha everyone..

  • Hi Everyone,

    Yes, Island Dude, I agree with you....too quiet in here!!! Where is everyone??!!! This is WEEK 11....WAKE UP!!!!!

    Island: Glad you were able to fit in a workout! You are so good at adapting to squeeze those workouts in....such dedication! I had a similar experience yesterday when i got up to do my cardio HIIT and jumped on the treadmill and it wouldn't power up!!!!! I was so upset!!! I usually run outdoors but my hubby had gone to a morning workout with his Master's swim group (yea for him!), so I couldn't leave the kids alone. Anyway, luckily I have my triathlon bike set up on a trainer, so I put on my cycling shoes and did a 30 min HIIT on the bike. It was good cross-training for me since I primarily have been running for all of my HIITs. I also jumped rope for 5 min and then did abs. I think we have learned to get out of that mode of only doing one type of workout.....there are so many choices that are good for our bodies!

    Today was LBWO and it was a good one for me! I ended it with my kettlebell routine and am always smiling after my kettlebell workouts! I love kettlebells!!!

    Still eating clean. I have not been having my Meal 6 in the evenings and it has made a very positive difference in my case. I felt like I was always eating it just to eat it.....I was never really hungry and since I don't eat Meal 5 until about 6:30 pm, I still always felt full from that, especially since I am in bed by 9 pm. I know this is against BFL philosophy, but I have found over the past week that it works for me and I feel much leaner, so I am going to continue this throughout this challenge.

    Hope to hear from everyone else soon!!!!!

  • I TOTALLY showed off at a family dinner this weekend. I flexed my arm/shoulder and made everyone feel my muscles. I got lots of compliments.

    I started jump roping. I feel like when I started doing the HIT cardio and thought I was going to die. Jump roping sure uses different muscles. Woozers.

    I finally got registered in my fitness pal. Since eating is my biggest challenge, I’m putting a lot more time into planning meals. I hope tomorrow I’m going to start getting them all into myfitnesspal so I can see how I’m doing with calories. As others have said, it’s time-consuming to get started. But I need the help with the food intake.

    I changed my UBWO last week so I’m using free weights for all my main exercises. I thought that would help my workout go faster. It’s still taking me an hour, at least. I’m not sure why I take so long when BFL says 45 minutes.

    How long do your guys UBWOs take?

    Island dude: great job w/ the kettleballs and jump rope on the 30 mins that you had!

    Runnermom: I often get caught with my timing in the evenings and meal 6. Sometimes mine is a spoonful or two of cottage cheese and a little fruit or tomato, just to make sure I’ve got a little something in me. But my meal schedule still isn’t very even. I have a hard time with my meal when I get home from work. I tend to eat a more “normal” sized meal then, which throws my whole evening off, as far as meals go.

    Island dude: the 335# squat? How did it go??

    lb: have a great trip in Houston. I did a vacation during the challenge and you know what I used as part of my cardio? Jumping on the bed J  

  • Good morning!

    I got up and had a great HIIT on the treadmill (got it working again, thank goodness!). Then I finished up with some ab/core work. I can now do the advanced moves on Ab Ripper X with no problem! Funny to think how hard they were when I first started them!

    M Sheep: Way to flex those guns!!! Yes, jumping rope definitely is a different type of workout. I still am trying to increase my jump roping time. I couldn't add it to  my workout this morning b/c it was raining outside. What is your name on myfitnesspal? i recently starting using it and now am addicted to it! I will friend you. My username is amyjslp.We are almost finished with Week 11. Look out Week 12!

    Have a great day.

  • Good morning challengers!

    I discovered a great exercise this morning—jogging backwards on the treadmill. Yup. Just apologize to your hammies now.

    I have shin splints, so running is out of the picture. I’m staying at my mom’s this week and wasn’t sure what I was going to do about my cardio. She has a treadmill, so I got creative ☺

    My goal is to conquer that home-from-work-mindless-eating. Today I’m going to eat a planned mini-meal and move on with my day and my plan. Go me!

    runnermom: I don't remember my username for fitness pal right now (oops). I'll let you know when I get a chance to get back on.

    It sure is fun to think how much harder the exercises were when we started!

  • Hey ladies checkin in here

    sheep didn't go for the 335# while jumping rope tuesday I was doing a string of doubles where u jump and make the two rounds before touching the ground again was trying to finish strong and on my last few jumps felt a little click in my sore knee well the next day it was a little swollen so I didn't want to strain it too much I did leg extensions on the hammer strenth machine then ended my super set squatting 225 # for 12 im gonna give it a go next week will be sure to keep u all posted

    By the way good on u with the "GUNS!!"

    RUNNER MOM glad your teadmill is up and running again keep it up lady we are lmost there!!! Had a great circuit training day today sweatin bullets lol runnermom the ketltlebell workouts are so great I found a 30# @ Walmart on clearance!!! 30$$ haven't used it yet but will soon. Anyway back to work much aloha!!!!!

  • What happened to everyone??? I hope most are still in this challenge.....just too busy to post!

    Island: That is an awesome price for a kettlebell!!! I got mine at Wal Mart too and found that they have the best price. I might need to go this weekend and get another one! I've been thinking I need to increase from my 20 lbs to 25 lbs or possibly 30 lbs. I can't say enough how much I love kettlebells!!!

    I had a good UBWO this morning!!! Still seeing strength gains so that is good.

    Gonna do a long run tomorrow if it's not raining. I am in training mode for my half marathon in November, so tomorrow will be 8 miles. If it is raining and I am stuck on the treadmill, then I will do my typical 30 min. HIIT and just save my long run for another day. Tomorrow is my free eating day but I'm going to try not to go too crazy! I want to maintain my weight for the final week!!! I was at my lowest this morning...woo hoo!!!!

    MSheep: Way to keep up your workouts at your mom's house! I am going out of town next Thursday and friday and I am already freaking out about what to do for workouts! I will be at a hotel for a training for work so I need to see if the hotel has a gym. If not, I think I will pack my kettlebell and my jumprope and do what I can. I hate that those are the final 2 days of my challenge and I can't do a routine workout, but I guess I will just have to deal with it!!!!

    Have a great weekened everyone!!!!! Eat clean, train dirty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I am still in the challenge!  Life has been extremely busy...but I have been eating clean and on track with all workouts.   I can't believe we are going into week 12 - what a ride!  I have 1.5 lbs to meet goal - not sure if that is possible in one week but I am sure going to give it a good try.  If I don't make it, I am still thrilled with the results.  I have done BFL in the past but have either done great on workouts but didn't follow meals correctly or vice versa and haven't come near the results as this time around - what a difference eating clean and doing all workouts.

    I am interested in doing another challenge - are there any takers?  I was thinking of taking 1 week off in between - this gets us complete by New Years Eve if I have done the match correctly.

    Have a great weekend!!

  • Happy Saturday!

    GVogt: Glad you are still here! You can def lose 1.5 in a week!!!! I am definitely doing another challenge!!! Yes, I plan to take off 1 week then be back at it again!!!!

    I ran 8 miles this morning (training for half marathon) and then did 15 min abs. Great workout!!!!

    ONE MORE WEEK.....can you believe it??!!!!

    Have an incredible weekend!!!!!!!!!!

  • Holy monkeys! I did a kettlebell workout today.  If it were a contest, the kettlebell won by a mile. Wow! I don’t know how you guys survive that. Now I understand why island dude is doing 30 min interval training w/ it. I’m a believer!

    Will you guys tell me how you do your kbell workouts? Do you do UB and LB exercises or just the same because the kbells work total body?

    I did kbell exercises with a 7.5lb dumbbell plate and a 5lb handweight. That was enough for me to start. I’m wondering if I can rig a kbell out of an empty milk jug and sand/rocks.  

    Would you guys also tell me if there are internet sites that you go to for example of kbell exercises?

    I’m excited!

    Island dude: hows the injured heel?? Get better soon! I want to see you hit that 335# before the challenge is over!

    Runner mom: 8 miles! Great job! I love how you have that half marathon in your plans. I think I’m going to “train” for a half marathon, too, but do it on an elliptical at the gym since I can’t run (shin splints).  When is your marathon? If it’s not too close, I’ll try to make my goal the same date. Then again, I’m sure I couldn’t go and do 8 miles on the elliptical, so you’re way ahead of me in training already.

    also runnermom: Run in the STAIRS when you’re on vacation. Be prepared to keel over from exhaustion and your calves will probably be crippled the next day. But I LOVE running stairs for cardio. I’m sure when I was doing my HIIT in the hotel stairwell the security people were probably watching on the camera and laughing, but who cares    When I do hit on stairs, I just go up and down on the first step for 5 minutes to warm up, then I do a slow jog up, then I sprint up, then back to a slow jog on the first step… etc. During my sprints I’ll go up 2 steps at a time.

    Also in the hotel: I did squats by lifting the end of the bed (i.e. squat, get my hands under then end, then lift like I was trying to move the bed). Then I did back lunges with my suitcase or a chair lifted over my head.  And, of course, I jumped on the bed…(great cardio actually, I find it harder than jump roping, probably because of the resistance from the mattress and your body having to use more muscles to keep balance).

    Amy: are you still out there is cyberspace?? Hope you’re hanging in there, even if you’ve had to take a small break from the challenge. Also: I hope you and your loved ones are okay after the fires.

    Gvogt:  I hope to be just like you in the next challenge   Thanks for coming back and posting. I have struggled a lot with the eating this challenge. I hope to finished the next one with the same results you talk about.

    I’m definitely in for another challenge. And—GOOD NEWS—I think I’m going to get my mom and my aunt in on it too. Hurray! That’ll definitely be a big help.

    Anyways, really gotta run: train dirty!


  • p.s. You know how I've spent 11 weeks trying to get my calves sore?? (well, that exaggerates, but I still haven't come away from a lbwo feeling like I really got my calves good).

    well, I jogged backwards on the treadmill on thursday and my claves are so sore that it's saturday and I still can't walk down stairs. I hurt!!  

    I'm never complaining again about not getting my calves sore. This is not fun.

  • @ runnermom -   I'm still here.  Been in Houston all week. And YES, I am still in the challenge and plan to continue with a second one.  BUT, I am 1 week behind everybody because of the infamous antler incident, so I would like to join you guys after a week off, but I will once again be one week behind.

    @MSheep - serves you right!  I'm glad you finally found a way to get your calves sore!  LOL

    @runnermom - include me in the next challenge.  Make your forum post really obvious so I can find you guys!  

    Gotta go now but I'll be checking in with you all!

  • Hi Everyone!!!

    MSheep: Thanks for all the hotel workout tricks. I wouldn't be so worried if I was staying alone, but I have to share a room with a co-worker (my employer is paying for this trip so we couldn't get individual rooms!) and that's what makes it so difficult. I'm sure my co-worker IS NOT going to appreciate me getting up at 4:30 AM to workout, but I will do my best to be quiet and hopefully sneak down to the gym or head somewhere to do stairs and/or my jumprope/kettlebell routine! So glad you tried kettlebells!!! They definitely get easier the more you do them. When my sister first introduced me to them, I could barely do any of the exercises. Now, I use the 20 lb KB regularly and it is really too light for me. I need to move up to 25 lbs or 30 lbs. My KB came with a sheet of exercises with pictures, so I use those. I'm sure you could Google KB exercises and find a bunch. If not, there are several DVD KB workouts out there too.

    LB: Glad you are still here! I forgot you were in Houston. Hope you had a good trip! We need to come up with a name for our next challenge so we can find each other.

    John: Are you still with us? Hope all is ok!

    Island: Hope you had a great weekend!

    My free day was a little crazy yesterday as we went to a Japanese steakhouse last night. Fried rice is never a good thing for me b/c I could eat a ton of it!!! Oh well.....not gonna guilt myself since it was my free day. I am back on clean eating today and ready to head into WEEK 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Week 12! hurray. I'm actually 2 weeks behind because of taking some time off for family, but I'm still excited.

    Had a great free day today. Chicken pot pie with oreos and ice cream for dessert. Didn't overdo it. A good day and I'm pleased with myself.

    lb: I'm gladd to see you, too. welcome home from Houston. I hope you were able to get a little exercise and keep close to the path with your eating.

    island dude: there's a pictures in my sunday morning paper today of a sunrise on .... one of the islands. Starts w/ a "K" and has an "L" and a "P" in it... can't remember the name. anyways, the sunrise was GORGEOUS. (even in newsprint). The clouds were super low and at eyelevel you could see the sun rising over them. Gorgeous. I'm so jealous.

    anyways, enjoy the weekend and gear up for the next week. I'm going to do some food prep tonight. I'm looking forward to juicing cucumbers and adding vanilla protein. also going to grill zucchini and bell peppers. then i found cabbage on a huge sale, so going to put it in a "salad" with pineapple and yogurt. these should give me my staple foods to get me through the week and I can easily add to them to make them balanced minimeals. should be a yummy week.

    Enjoy your day! (it's gorgeous where I am-- about 80 degrees and sunny at 4 pm)