Anyone else starting on July 10/11, 2011?

  • Hey Mawgs-  welcome! I agree with nearly everything Patty said but just wanted to add one caveat.  Its nice to have your free day on your rest day because if you don't then you have your free day on a day you workout.  On a day you workout, its ideal to have good food as the building blocks to your new muscle that you are building.  When you lift weights you are basically ripping your muscles so that they can grow back stronger and for men, bigger.  To get optimum results you'll want to have a good source of protein as the basic building block for building those muscles as well as slow burn carbs so you have good sustained energy and suppressed appetite.   If you have junk food or alcohol it could slow your results.  I would recommend you have your free day on the same are your rest day if possible but I fully recognize it may not be possible.

    I lift weights at home. Like patty I bought quite a bit of weight and have both dumbells and barbells.  After my first two challenges I get a universal machine as well which is nice since I can workout quite a few muscles with it. Its been a great help not having to go to the gym and I can do downstairs and workout after the kids are asleep or before they wake up in the morning.

  • Hey John,

    I remember you mentioning adding quinoa to your meal plan. Do you have any good recipes or tips on cooking it?

    We have the rest of our lives to perfect your best and forget the rest!

  • Hi John,

    I am planning on starting on July 11th.  This will be my first challenge.  I have started this week to eat the BFL way and I have to tell you, I am spending a little more time in the bathroom than usual with the 10 glasses of water a day, but I am confident my body will adjust to the new quantities of water soon.  I will be working out in my home gym..  I have a Total Gym and a Gold's workout bench with a leg attachment for quadriceps and hamstrings, but I only have 10 lb. free weights so I am looking for a set of free weights - they are pretty expensive.  I am going to look on Craig's List to see if I can get a set with 15, 20, 25, and 30's to begin with.  I want to have this by Sunday.  Wish me luck in my search.  I hope you will stay in touch since you're a Pro at this.   I look forward to doing this and knowing I am not alone!



  • Patty- Looking for recipes is on my to do list before Sunday :) I'll post some as soon as I experiment tomorrow and saturday. :)

    Lynn- I'm so glad you are joining us! I have to tell you, that water passes through me easily throughout the challenge. I've never gotten used that used to it.  As strange as it sounds, every time I go to the bathroom at work, its a small reminder to me that I'm staying on plan and fulfilling my promise to myself to stay with the program so its my badge of honor.

    I'll definitely be with you throughout the challenge and there are some great folks on here:

    Patty is a great source of information and does NOT know the meaning of the word quit. I saw that on the last challenge that we did. I knew she'd be there until the end and she was.

    I've also seen Island Dude all over the forums. He's had great results and a strong motivator so you have a bunch of people here that have done it before and will help you along the way. The key is to check in often, when its going well and when its NOT going well. My experience is that its so much easier when you are doing BFL with a group of people so you are already off to a great start!

    Just a few more days people and we'll be kicking off!

  • Hey guys I thought as we get close to kicking off I would start to list some of the things you can do to get started before Sunday/monday. I'll post some everyday. For today I have:


    1.Measure yourself- Scale weight is important but there’s a lot of other things you should track as well. You can put on muscle at the same time or even faster than you lose fat so the scale may look like you aren’t making progress but in fact you might be making great progress!  So to make sure you get the full picture, measure your waist, bicep, thigh, neck, chest, calves using a tape measure most people have at home. 

    2. Measure your Bodyfat-  I can’t tell you how many people come back and wish they had taken this. You can get it professionally done at a gym, use an electronic device that Patty and I use or one of the most accurate and cost effective ways is by using body calipers. 

    Here's why I think scale weight is limiting. If you had three people and their scale weight:

    Person A: 150lbs

    Person B: 150 lbs

    Person C: 150 lbs

    Can you pick out who is overweight, healthy, and under weight? No of course not there isn't enough information there but what if I added percent body fat?

    Person A: 150lbs (18% bodyfat) Healthy

    Person B: 150 lbs (34% bodyfat) overweight

    Person C: 150 lbs (3% bodyfat) underweight.

    I know what you are thinking... duh. no kidding...but you get the point....scale weight is very limiting.   Let me show you where it gets helpful. Look at these calculations below for week 1 and week 4 for someone doing BFL.

    Week 1:

    scale weight: 150 lbs

    body fat 34% (measured using calipers)

    Pounds of fat equals 150 * .34 = 51 lbs  (multiple total scale weight with percent body fat to get your total pounds of fat)

    pounds of lean mass = 150 lbs (scale weight) -51lbs (body fat) = 99 lbs (subtract the pounds of fat from to total scale weight.

    So this person has 51 pounds of fat and 99 pounds of lean mass which results in 150 pounds of scale weight. They work hard at body for life and here’s their week 4 results:

    Week 4:

    scale weight: 150 lbs (scale weight hasn’t changed at all)

    body fat 30% (gone down by 4%)

    Pounds of fat equals 150 * .30 = 45 lbs (actually 6 pounds less of body fat)

    pounds of lean mass = 150 lbs (scale weight) - 45 lbs (body fat) = 105  lbs

    In this example, the individual lost 6 pounds of body fat, gained 6 pounds of lean muscle which resulted in no change in scale weight.  Even though clothes fit a bit better, they are probably getting discouraged at the “lack of results”.

     At amazon you can get a set of body calipers and body tape for very cheap ($8 dollars). Here is the link:

    A few things to know about measuring body fat with calipers,

    1. You’ll need to take about 60 readings before you have enough experience to take good measurements
    2. take measurements at the same time every day! Your body is different throughout the day and so to see true differences you should to it at the same time every day. I do it when I get up in the morning.
    3. Do it before exercising, once the blood starts flowing with the increased heart rate you’ll get inaccurate readings


    3. Set your challenge goals-  Come up with your goals for the challenge.  Imagine this is the last day of the challenge and you are telling us how it went. Come up with what you’d like to be saying in terms of scale weight, muscle gains, bodyfat, fitness levels, just finishing...anything!

    4. take a before picture. I think you’ll be shocked and motivated as well as allowing you to compare yourself to the person you are about to become.

    More to come....




  • Morning everyone

    I am kiwi lass starting my first ever BFL challenge on the 11th and would love to join in with you all. I have no idea of what to expect and it looks like there is a lot of very knowledgable people on here with great advice which is awesome.


  • Haha just noticed the date above says Thursday night at 10.56pm, it's Friday morning at 09.57am here, this might be a bit weird?!?

  • Hi Meg and welcome!

    You can change your time and date imprint by going into settings on the top right hand corner. On the bottom of Site Options you can pick your correct time zone.  


    We have the rest of our lives to perfect your best and forget the rest!

  • Thanks Patty! Thanks John!  The advice is all very helpful.  I will plan on rest day and free day the same.  I will probably start on Sunday then in order to get my off day on Saturday.  I will aslo watch what I eat anyway, I am very craving driven and I think it might be better not to indulge as the cravings seem to just make it worse the next day.  I am excited to write out my first weeks plan, and make it ritual to plan a week at a time.  I have two weddings in the midst of my challenge, anyone have advice on those kind of functions?  Also, I brew beer for a living...I normally drink one or two beers on a daily basis and will cut out the majority of that for the challenge, but wanted to see what everyone else does as far as alcohol...I know the book says a glass of red wine or a beer is tolerable instead of a carb protion, but what is all your experience?

  • Hi.  I am one of those that has started several times and then stopped around the 3rd or 4th week each time.  I would love to join you as I have never used the site for motivation and accountability but think that doing it with others would be very helpful.  I think I have convinced myself that I will never finish so I just give up with the latest excuse that comes along.  It would mean a great deal to me finish.

    I will start on Sunday, July 10th also.   I will be working out at home.  I want to lose a total of about 20 inches all over.  My weight does not really fluctuate but I need a lot of toning up and to tighten up the amount of food I eat.  I also need to drink a lot more water.  I measure myself often and know right where I would like to lose the inches.  I know consistency and self-discipline are huge factors.  I also think encouraging others and trying this with other people will help with that.  

    I am convinced that doing my 12 weeks with all of you will help me and I hope to help all of you keep going as well : )  

    How often would you suggesting checking in?

    Thanks : )

  • I'm so happy you mentioned  taking measurements and photos. If I can give some advice for succeeding in this program it would  be the following:

    1.  Weigh yourself at the beginning and then forget about the scale  Please trust me on this one! Don't weigh yourself until the end. I almost quit because of the scale. Don't worry about those numbers go by the tape measure.  I wouldn't even go by those handheld body fat readers-- that to almost made me go crazy.  

    2.  Plan your meals, take some time at the beginning of the week and plan what you are going to eat and make sure you do your grocery shopping.  Water is a must and you will feel it when you don't drink enough. Also, I would recommend making your own protein shake as opposed to drinking RTD shakes. Not only do you save money but you are also putting less chemicals into your body. I save mason jars and reuse them to store my shakes, I have also had team members freeze a batch in plastic bottles.  I will also remind everyone that your fat intake is just as important as your protein/carb ratios.  It wasn't until week 7 or 8 that I finally figured out I wasn't taking in enough fat. It is so important. I personally like to get my fat from avocado and almonds, remember 20% of your calories should come from good fats.

    3.  When doing your HIIT make sure you are sweating like a pig in s*it. For the longest time I was doing my HIIT on the bike and by doing sprints and although I was sweating it was nothing compared to doing my treadmill program that I feel in love with.  Which brings me to my next point, I personally hate cardio so find something that you like doing but just remember it has to be intense.  I think one of the main reasons I fell in love with this HIIT is because it started to lean me out, especially in my thigh area.  

    This is the program I follow and will continue to follow:

    Walk for 2 minutes on Incline of 15 at 4 mph

    Run for 2 minutes on an incline of 1 at 6.5 mph

    Walk for 1 minute at an incline of 0 at 3.5 mph, then I would repeat 4 more times.  

    Every time I did this HIIT I would increase my speed by just a little, so I kept on challenging myself.  

    For the ladies -- lift as heavy as possible. Don't be afraid of heavy weights you will not turn into a man or a sheman!   There will be times during the month that you will feel heavier and possibly look heavier, don't let this discourage you and don't step on the scale! I experienced a time when my fat pants were getting tighter... I had to look at my diet and increase my water especially during the TOM. Thankfully, I no longer experience this. You will see a difference by the end of the 12 week, if you are honest with your diet and give it your all during your workouts.  If you don't have much to lose you will gain in other areas such as strength, which was my case.  

    We have the rest of our lives to perfect your best and forget the rest!

  • mawgs-- I would try to stay away from alcohol except for your free days if you are planning on entering the official challenge. Please remember this is coming from someone who doesn't drink so that might be easier said than done.  I have read many other BFL'ers who have a drink every day and have had decent results but not what they wanted. I personally know many people who work out but drink and can't seem to lose that last bit of fat around their bellies. My cousin is a great example of this. She is as fit as a fiddle but can't get that six pack she wants because she loves her wine.  As far as the weddings make those days your free day for that week. If you are going out of town for them, bring some bands with you and do some body weight exercises.

    Welcome dpatt!  I can't begin to tell you how important this group/site is to keeping on track.  We are here for you. I would check-in on a daily basis if possible, if that doesn't work for you make sure you check in on a  weekly basis.

    We have the rest of our lives to perfect your best and forget the rest!

  • Thanks so much Pattymelt, I've changed it now.

    How are you finding the P90x?? My husband is doing it and really wants me to join him but it takes so long to do and life is so busy with him doing shift work, me going to work when he's not, studying and we have two young kids. It's a mission getting time for him to complete the workouts uninterrupted, I can't see how I'd be able to do them also. The abripperx sounds good though, so maybe incorporate that into my workouts??

  • Meg,

    I can understand why your husband wants you to do P90x with him. It is so much easier with a partner. I did P90x for 30 days with my love during the summer last year. Work wasn't as crazy and my children didn't have as much going on then. This time around I have been doing it alone because he is working in Washington DC. I personally am finding the time requirement to be too much for me. It is a great program and I will continue to use Abripper X, X-stretch and a lot of the push ups and pull ups, plus other moves  I learned during this challenge.


    We have the rest of our lives to perfect your best and forget the rest!

  • Have just ordered some body calipers John, thanks for the tip. Man, so not looking forward to taking those measurements!