Starting July 4th 2011

  • Hi All

    Made it through the first potential speedbump. Avoided the pastries at work function by packing my own snacks. Thanks for asking Karren.

    I am proud to say I have not missed a single workout and its Day 21 today. This has been my best progress to date. Its hard to miss a workout when you update daily. Reciprocation bites! LOL

    Welcome Angelcake. I have not abandoned cereals either although i mostly stick to oats. I have a portion of cereal and a boiled/scrambled egg every morning. Meal 4 is a whey protein shake.

    Unfortunately no gym in the morning but three hours after Meal 3. Around 530pm. I stick to the 1 portion carb and 1 portion protein from meals 1-4 but double up on protein at meal 5 and have only 1 simple carb at meal 6. Works for me and keeps me full and energised most days.

    Well done to all who have made it so far and keep it up !

  • How is everyone doing this fine Week 4, Day 1?

    I had been having some knee issues last week, so I was really leary about what my lower body workout would entail today, but it was AWESOME. I really pushed it and all of my joints felt strong.

    To be honest, I almost felt like I should have dont twice as much because I just feel good today. Im looking forward to this whole week.

    I ended last week 6 for 6 and was really proud, I am starting to really "look forward" to the gym portions of my day.

  • Day 23 for me today!  It is still going great ... The weights are increasing quickly (I am surprised how much my legs are handling now) ... Although I don't follow the scale closely I am down aprox 6 pounds and considering my goal is 15 total it is working faster than expected.  

    Techswimmer, I look forward to the gym too ... especially weight days ... cardio still kicks the crap out of me and I just like to get it overwith ..haha

    Mervsra, I completely agree with you about recording everything.  I have a moleskin journal that is with me 24/7 ... I write down every weight I lift, if it was hard or easy (helps adjust with next workouts) , what levels I reach on the treadmill and every bite that goes in my mouth ... It is definitely great to keep me accountable to myself.  Plus it is fun to watch the progress ....

    This weekend I am going away for a vacation (long weekend here in Canada) and I am gone for 3 (possibly 4) days... So it will be a bit of a "free weekend" ... I am bringing my workout gear (the hotel has a gym) but am a bit worried about the food portion ...  I will have to have willpower to make as healthy choices as possible when I am eating in restaurants ... Yikes the bread, the cheese, the hot wings!!!!  And of course my weakness, the booze!! ... I am not even going to start with that .. the beer and wine are a given on vacation.

    I hope everyone is doing well and I look forward to hearing how you are all doing.  

  • Finished up the first month and making good progress. Still weight 5 more lbs than when I started, but 1.5" less in the waist and 2" less in the stomach. Look better, but still have ways to go.

    I have posted before/after pics on my profile.

    I hope everyone else is still here and kicking!

  • Hi Techswimmer,  For some reason the photos don't show .... but great work so far have lost some inches.  Monday is day 28 for me and I too have stuck with it ... I am really starting to look forward to my gym time.  I hope everyone else is also still doing well ...

  • Weird, so you on my profile page, you just see empty containers for the images? I will have to look into this tonight when I get home.

  • Hi everyone!  I started on 7/6 so I hope I can tag along.  I had been posting on another thread with people that started on 7/24 but this is so much closer to my start date.  Today was day 28 for me and I am feeling INCREDIBLE.  I so wished that I had taken my before pictures.  I am not new to BFL; completed my first challenge in 2000 and had incredible results.  I only needed one challenge to meet my goals so from thereon out, I just maintained.  I did fairly well for the next 9-10 years only yo-yo'ing a little bit but never enough that I couldn't get it back off quickly.  Well, that was then.  We moved and I quit going to the gym altogether for over a year.  I put on about 25 pounds and now I'm working it hard to get it off.  It's really amazing to me how quickly that I seem to be shaping up.  I've heard that once you train your muscles with weights, they retain 'memory' and you tend to get back in shape more quickly. Don't know if there's any truth to that or not.   I've already lost 13 pounds.  I didn't take my BF% before I started, so I don't know how much is true fat loss.  I did take it on Monday and it is scary high!  My goal is to get it down to at least 18%.  

    Karren - I am right there with you on the cardio.  When I'm done, I'm pouring sweat and breathing so hard I sound like a panting dog!  But I know what is needed if I want to get the results that I want.  I just want to SCREAM at people leisurely walking on the treadmill that they are wasting their time!  I do need to kick my weights up a notch.  I am working out with a friend and I am much stronger than her and I am letting it hold me back.  NO MORE!  Starting tomorrow with my LBWO, I am increasing my weights!  

    Keep up the good work everyone and stay motivated!

  • Welcome along Amy!   Well done on the weight loss thats fab!

    I havent been posting much but I am still here and going strong!  I finish my 4th week tomorrow and am going to take some progress pics which I feel will show a slight difference.  I certainly FEEL different.   My clothes are baggier and I have lost 2inches off my waist, tummy and hips, 2.5 inches off my thighs and half an inch off my arms as well as 2.5% body fat!

     I can also feel myself getting stronger and upped my weights significantly yesterday for the first time!

    The ONLY thing I am disappointed with is the amount of weight loss which is only 7lbs.  I know, I know, its not the weight its how you feel and the inches you lose but I still can't help wanting the scales to move too!

    Who else is still here?  Most of us seem to have drifted off!

  • I am still here as well. Today is day 30 for me. My before/after pics for end of week 4 are on my profile. Can anyone confirm if they can see them? It works for me but at least one person said they cant see them?

  • I can see the pictures!  Well done, really good results after 4 weeks, can really see the improvement on you stomach!

     I notice in everyones pictures actually that this is the area where you can see the best results.  I guess its due to working the core in most of the exercises.

  • Hi Everyone,

    Tech swimmer ... I can see the photos now on my PC .. maybe it is just with my Mac at home ... but keep up the great work!!  

    Angel cake ... so happy to hear you are doing so well!!  It is so great, isn't it?  I almost wish I would have measured and weighed now but I promised myself I wouldn't focus on that.  The scale doesn't mean anything in the early stages ... so be proud of the inches ...

    Amy, you and I are similar.  I have done the challenge before as well about 10 years ago and have kept up with a version of it most of the time ... however I have been doing a lot of travel the last few years and fell off the routine .... Now I am back with the goal of losing 20 pounds of fat and gaining 10 pounds of muscle.  I feel fantastic already after just 29 days so it just seems so silly to me that I ever let it go ....

    But whether we are here to lose 10 pounds, 50 pounds, 100 pounds it is the exact same process and it comes to us 1 pound at a time.

    So happy to connect with all of you ... it really helps to have the support!

    Have a great week everyone!!


  • Good morning everyone!  Got a great LBWO in this morning.  Karren inspired me to increase my weights and I did just that.  I actually think I could go a little higher!  I'll really have to push myself to get the results that I want.  I am worried that I am losing muscle along with fat.  I have no idea why; I am not doing ANY additional cardio or workouts.  But, I have already lost 14 pounds now in 28 days.  Yes, my clothes are looser but not THAT much looser.  Unfortunately, I didn't take my BF% before I started.  Oh, I'm kicking myself now.  Wished I'd have taken photos also.  I am going to go home and take photos tonight.  Better to have a record of SOME improvement than none at all.  I am really going to have to be diligent about trying to build muscle.  I always tend to get a little on the thin side when I've always wanted to be a little built bulkier.  My arms get really nice definition, but they get thin and veiny if I don't watch it.  I'm already old enough; I don't need veins sticking out of my arms and making me look older!  

    Hope you all had/have a wonderful workout day!  I actually LOVE getting up early and get my workout done.  Puts me in a great mood and really kicks up my energy.  I am ready for the day!  Go BFL warriors!

  • How is everyone getting on???

    I am on day 1 of week 5 now.  Took some progress pics last night and can't believe the changes already after only 4 weeks!  I cannot WAIT for the end of the 12 weeks now...

    I just posted this in the kitchen section but I'll ask my teamates here for your advice too....

    I just bought some sugar free fat free pudding to make the protein pudding recipe but it tastes so processed it just feels wrong!

     What are everyone elses thoughts on it?  Its a bfl recipe but I'm not sure whether to use it or not???

  • Angelcake ... I don't like it either.  I find it WAY too sweet ... I eat the pudding anyway when I have a sweet craving (it saves me!) ... but I will have a protein shake or some cottage cheese or something along side ... I know some people love it but it isnt my cup of tea.

    I am very serious about following the program but I need to eat food that I enjoy or I will never stick with it long term.

  • Good morrning everyone!  Day 31 for me and I had an awesome UBWO today; increased weights on every exercise except shoulders.  They are my weak spot.  I am really starting to see changes in my arms already and am super excited.  I think it's true; you really do bounce back faster if you consistently worked out in the past.  I still have a long way to go, but I'm definitely seeing better progress than I did the first time I started BFL and I started out a lot bigger!  

    It is going to be a tough weekend for me, though.  We are going to visit our best friends and that usually means lots of food and beer.  I love beer and I have been really good about staying away from it.  I think i will have my hubby go buy me some MGD 64 beer in order to cut the calories down as much as possible and then try to limit myself.  I'm also going to cart my protein shakes there so that I can make sure and get that protein in.  I think our friends said they are making enchiladas tonight, so I will have to REALLY use some portion control.

    Hope everyone has a great BFL weekend and, remember, don't overdo your free day cause you'll just feel terrible afterwards.