Starting July 4th 2011

  • Is there a more symbolic day to start BFL than Independence Day ?


    I'll be starting on July 4th, this will be my 4th serious attempt. I did one cycle last year and lost about 30lbs  and gained about 7 or 8 lbsof muscle.  However a few problems entered my life and I quit going to the gym during the following weeks.

    I weigh 360 now, and my goal is to be under 300lbs before my 40th birthday (December 4th)


    Anyone else starting this week ?


    Wooo !

  • I am starting July 4th as well!!

    Independence day seems very appropriate. I weigh about 260 lbs, I am doing my official weigh in and measurements tonight, and will continue to do them on Sundays going forward.

    My goal is to get my weight to 170 lbs, I am going to lose 1.5 lbs per week and will continue to string the challenges together until I get there. I have written my goal statement and have it posted in my room. I took my before picture and in addition to having them, I took one (the worst one) and have it as my background pic on my phone. I see it all the time, and it keeps me motivated.

    Thayerphotos and I are going to do great! Anyone else going to declare independence from the couch on July 4th with us???

  • Hi, I have just started on Sat so lets do this thing......

    Best of luck!!

  • I too have started my challenge today, this is my second time  doing the 12 week challenge, the first time around I lost over 100lbs and felt great, Good Luck to everyone starting today

  • got off to an awful start, I was staying with some relatives and the first meal (s) of the day were definetly not on the plan, biscuits and gravy, bacon and chocolate pie (for breakfast !)    however on my way home I stopped at the supermarket and stocked up on all the things I'll need to get through the week properly,  lean turkey breast, cukes, brocolli, small red skin potatoes, whole wheat bread, etc.  I did my workout and it went ok, a little weak on the bench but not too bad over all.  Now I just gotta get rid of that last growler of beer in my fridge and I'll be on my way !

  • dont worry about the rough start! Nice job getting all stocked up for the week, planning helps!

  • Okay, so were at day 2 and im about to whip up some egg whites and whole wheat toast.    Ineed to make my meal plan for the day, fortunately my work schedule has break built in at almost exactly 2 hour intervals, I should be able to do 5, 7, 9, 11, 1ish, and 3,   but having my final mealof the day at 3pm feels like it's going to be way too early, I may push the final meal back to about 5 or so,  not sure how well that will work out.

  • Also, wow my arms are pretty sore this morning, which means they should be REALLY sore tomorrow.

  • I started yesterday as well. Glad to see I'm not alone!

    Looking forward to making this my first completed challenge. I did one in 2008 and only finished through 8 weeks, although I did somehow manage to lose 20-25 lbs in that time frame. Of course that was after I had hardcore crash dieted down 30 lbs just before that. I believe I ate too little and didn't train hard enough, since I didn't gain much muscle. And I managed to lose a few more pounds even though I stopped exercising (okay, most of that was likely what muscle I had put on) and kept it off for about a year.

    But then in 2009 I took an extremely stressful 60-80 hour/week position at my work, and over the next couple of years managed to pack back on about 45 pounds from not working out, bad eating, and drinking way too much to cope with the stress.

    But late last year I moved to a new position where I have much more help, and work an honest ~40 week instead of wayyy too much overtime. I started loosely following BFL at the very beginning of the year, but in no way a "challenge" mindset. Missed a lot of workouts, self-justified cheating, pure laziness, etc. However I did manage to lose around 15lbs in about 4 1/2 months this way. Put a few back on in the past month and a half from really slacking off.

    So, now I'm at about 211.8lbs (26 year old guy, about 6'1") My goals are to

    1) Finish a full challenge.

    2) Fit back into my old suit pants/fitted dress shirts I have from a few years ago.

    3) Lose about 20lbs to hit 190 or so, and get a bit of muscle definition.

    Eating shouldn't be a problem for me, since I've loosely kept the diet since the beginning of the year. Just need to tighten up and follow it a bit better. Also giving up alcohol this month, at least until a couple of my friends are having their moving-away party on the 30th. After that, going to keep it to a minimum.

    Main problem is going to be motivation to weight train. For some reason it starts getting hard to get it going, although I love how I feel afterwards. Guess I'll have to try changing up the workouts every few weeks and see if that helps.

    Alright, guys and gals.

    Let's do this.

  • A cowroker and I just started a challenge as well. We started ours July 5th but pretty close to you all so I hope I can join the support system. I am hoping for it to be my first full challenge and the last actual challenge I have to do as I make it a LIFE CHANGE! Good luck and can't wait to hear all about your successes, challenges, struggles, and changes!!

  • thats awesome.  i will start my journey on 8-1-11.  i have been an avid weight lifter.  Did some power lifting meets for three years.  I got hurt at work and it wrecked me.  Havent been to the gym in almost a year.  I left about 11 % body fat. 19" arms and weighing about 225.  I will be 36 years old this month and im back to 28% body fat.  lost everything i had.  Started drinking way to much and lost the desire to lift.  reading all these post just gives me more to do this.  If you need some good weight lifting tips to lean up or beef up let me know.  

  • Hi guys, I just started as well, today will be my first workout, I couldnt do it in the morning, but will start this evening.... weight 190.2 lbs I would like to be down to 175 lbs.

    Sal from Canada :)

  • Welcome Sal and Good Luck!

    I did my first two workouts and realized exactly how out of shape I am. Brutal. But I keep moving and am keeping with the program. I can't wait to see how I improve, even week to week, workout to workout. I will keep you guys posted!

  • Yeah, my arms are still sore from Monday. Not looking forward to walking funny for the next few days after lower body this afternoon.

    But hey, pain is weakness leaving the body, right?


  • I also started 7/4. Arms are killing me.

    225lbs with 38" waist now, 6'1".

    Hope to get to 200 lbs (190 would be nice) and 34" waist.