Body Invincible - Team starting June 26/27, 2011

  • Hi Team!

    I have not posted in awhile- but have been thinking of all of you and cheering you on inspite of that!  I have experienced both positives and negatives over the past several weeks - I have felt stronger, have looked forward to each workout and have a high level of motivation for working out (this is a great triumph!)  My eating has been all about progress and not perfection - and I am recommitting to eating based around the plan more effectively.  One of my main goals was not to destroy all of the hard work I am putting into my workouts with poor eating - and I'm afraid that is what I have done!

    Here are my questions/concerns:  I missed two cardio workouts the first week due to sickness - but have not missed a work out since and have been hitting my 9's and most of my 10's in both cardio and strength.  I have been able to increase weight and feel good overall about that portion. However - the scale (I know - throw it out!!!) says I have gained a pound since starting!  Though I have not eaten completely on plan - it has not been significant enough in my mind to lead to these results!  My pants are feeling tighter rather than looser - and in the areas I feel sorest and have worked my legs the most in workouts.  Is it normal to get bulkier before getting toned and lean??  This was my fear - that I would end up looking bigger/bulkier rather than leaner/more muscular.  Any advice wisdom would be appreciated!  I can empathize with Erin's frustration in not losing earlier on!!!

    Here is my eating which I do pretty consistently except on my free day with the exception of some additional bowls of cereal at night time (my weak time!)

    Breakfast: Protein smoothie (almond milk, whey protein powder, .5-1 cup frozen fruit, ice)

    No morning snack due to work schedule ( I do have coffee with one cup of almond milk)

    Lunch:  Salad greens, 3-5 oz. tuna mixed with one tablespoon light miracle whip (20 cals); one ww pita (100 cals)'

    Snack:  1/2 cup cottage cheese with fruit or EAS protein lite bar

    dinner: Eggs (whites with one yolk); or grilled or steamed fish with grilled/steamed veggies and starch (sweet potato or brown rice or ww pita)

    Snack: 1 tbl natural PB and 1/2 cup cottage cheese with apple or ww pita or banana or EAS lite bar or both within 2 hours of each other..

    I tend to eat more at night because that is my hunger time so I might have a snack after my workout at 9 pm and then one right before bed at 10:30ish.....

    I am starting week five committed to not eating emotionally particularly at night or when tired and sticking to my free day rather than expanding it into the next day!  Would welcome your input on what I can improve on!

    Go Team!

    Kristen (reddgirl)

  • Checking in...

    Somebody asked if I will be posting my pictures, probably not until I finish the 12 weeks.  

    Changed my workouts since I was starting the second 4 week phase, figured it was time.  Did squats, got up to 315 free-weight for 6 reps, I'm hurting, ouch......

    Changed chest exercises Monday to incline Hammer Press, again, ouch....

    Semper Fi

  • Hi everyone, happy friday, still here! I hope everyone is doing really well on their program. I can't tell you how much energy and strength I have. I definitely agree that its progress not perfection, especially with the eating although i've been following the plan pretty closely. I have a question for anyone out there, especially those who have done a challenge before (this is my first), I'm a little worried because i feel like I'm bulking up under my fat and effectively getting BIGGER rather than smaller. I was wondering if any women (but really anyone) is experiencing the same thing. I feel stronger and more solid but the scale hasnt really budged much and now i feel like my legs are larger. Thanks everyone, appreciate any insight.

    I'm absolutely going to stick with the program but I just feel worried that i'm building muscle but not losing any fat.

  • EAM1122 - yes, it is said that we all have a 6 pack, its just covered up by a layer of flab.  So I would say that you are indeed building muscle underneath it all.  Its not something to worry about though - thats great. Building and maintaining those muscles burn calories though!  Don't worry - it will all work out in the end.  Week 8 or 9 I actually started seeing those muscles!


  • Tex - I think someone said it best when they said "Pain is just weakness leaving the body!"  Haha. Keep up the good work you are always motivating me!!  


  • Kristen - I think your eating plan looks really good - however haha  - I don't think cereal is on the plan though my friend!  If you want BFL results - stick with the plan if you want the results. Cereal is a simple carb (easy for the body to send to fat cells) and milk has a high carb rate too - check your almond milk and make sure you're not adding too many carbs to that morning coffee.  If you need to snack at night - make it a protein bar or apple with PB or a piece of fruit or veggies.  Part of this lifestyle is teaching your stomach to crave different things. And it will if you train it.  Its a fact and only takes a few weeks to retrain your body.  Its the mind that takes a little longer (why I will do this lifestyle until it becomes second nature to me.)

    You have experiences positives and negatives you said - thats great!  Celebrate the victories every where you see them and learn from the negatives. This is a journey learning about ourselves in ways we never imagined but is very good for us.  You are overcoming and you are an overcomer!!

    As I told someone else, you ARE gaining muscle under the fat, so don't worry, it will come to the front before you know it. Just keep going and you will probably see a sudden change around week 8 or 9 like I did.


  • Mom0four - I think every work out depends on many factors - did I get enough sleep, did I get my cup of coffee yet, is the tempurature different than yesterday, do I FEEL like being here, is it a different time of the day etc.... I keep a small notebook with me when I go to the gym and I set the weights at the heaviest setting that I had them at the workout before. But sometimes I have to back them down. I never worry about it, I did not increase that much the first round but have since then.  Just make sure you are hitting your 10s and its all good.  Maybe try eating a little something or have your shake before your workout - I know people say to workout on an empty stomach - but first thing in the morning is more like working out after a fast. If you feel better, stronger, then you'll know thats all you need to do.  


  • Okay - this is my last post of the day!  Earlier in the week I aggravated my IT Band (Iliotibial Band - muscle that runs from your knee to your hip) and had to do a few days of Ibuprofen, icing it and no cardio or LBWOs!  I had gone for a run, then went on a crazy long bikeride with my husband and the next day did a great squat workout by pulling weeds in our garden for hours.  Later that evening while walking my dog I noticed this burning starting in my thigh. It was like this crazy charliehorse (worse than the one I got when I was little from my brother when he asked me if I wanted a "Hurtz donut.")  that just kept getting worse and worse to the point where I was limping up and down the stairs.

    Well, today I did a real slow Cardio (didn't go over 4.5 mph) and so far so good. Well, maybe I should have taken more than a week off in between my BFL rounds. Anyway I had a great UBWO today after my cardio and feels SO GOOD to be back in business. 

    I am going to do my first weigh in and measuring after week 8.  But I feel terrific and love the energy this gives me.  I also love that my back doesn't hurt anymore when I wake up in the morning! 

    Now that we have come this far I'll ask a question someone asked me the first round - what is your motivation for doing BFL - and what keeps you going?

    If you don't like something change it; if you can't change it, change the way you think about it. -Mary Engelbreit


  • Hi guys! Thanks for the info on the weights.  It sounds like you really increase a lot each time!  Do you mind me asking what your heaviest weight is on your exercises?  I know we are all different but I'm just curious.  Upper body was a little better today but I think it's time to change up the exercises a little bit.  

    Kristen and EAM, sounds like you guys have the same concerns, and probably the same concerns as all of us 1st timers.  Personally I have good days where I feel leaner and bad ones where I wonder if it is really happening; I just try to let the good days get me through and keep the commitment to the whole 12 weeks.  It will happen; we've just got to BELIEVE! 

    On the eating front, the protein smoothie recipes on this site are so delicious!  I bought a quart of almond milk last week and looked at it every day in my fridge trying to get up the nerve to test it out (was afraid it would be gross).  Finally made a chocolate shake with it yesterday and a fruit smoothie this morning...YUMMY!

    As for motivation, the deep one is to have more energy, more patience and be a better role model for my girls, the shallow one is the Athleta catalog; those girls are so fit and very inspirational! 

    OK, got to go, this challenge makes ME feel better but the LAUNDRY is definitely suffering!  My kids need clean underwear!!

  • Glad to hear you liked the smoothie with Almond Milk. I have been using Flax Milk (Vanilla) and I love it too!  

    Alrighty team - I am going full tilt into this next 7 weeks!  My LBWO today is going to be the best its ever been.  I went here: for some new exercizes. Its time to confuse those muscles and give them some additional sensations!

    When at home, my heaviest dumbells are 15lbs each and I only use those for biceps at this point.  At the gym it depends on what muscle group I am working and which machine. Some shoulder machines I can do with more weight than others.  According to my little notebook these are my heaviest weights:

    Chest - 50 lbs

    Shoulders - 25 lbs

    Back - 60 lbs (though I think hoeing the garden has been the most helpful as it fatigues my muscles over and over and over again!)

    Biceps - 30 lbs

    Triceps - I usually do these with dumbells - I am up to using 12lbs in each hand or 15lbs holding with 2 hands overhead

    Quads - 65lbs - but I am mostly doing manual exercises now because my knees are acting up. I put ankle weights on and do various leg lifts from various angles that do not require bending my knees.

    Hamstrings - 50 lbs but same as above...

    Abs - 60 lbs on the machine - but I alternate between the machine and manual ab workouts every other time.

    Calves - I always do manual calf workouts - sometimes holding 12lb dumbells sometimes just using my body weight (put one foot up next to the other leg and do one legged lifts - TOUGH!)

    So there you have it.  Now again, this is my second round and has taken me basically 18 weeks to get to these weights.  I have no idea how I compare to others and I don't really need to. I try to do more weights every week so I know I am doing the max I can do.  I am competing with myself every workout.  

    I really suggest you go to the website's library and under Tools download the "Progress Reports and Success Journal" and use them. It really guides you through the process of choosing your UBWO and LBWO and weights. Then you will also have something to look back at the next workout.


  • WATER!  Drinking it?????

    From a doctor's website that I like:

    "When most people think of drinking water, it can seem more like a chore for many than being able to actually enjoy it. But the fact remains that water is the single most important nutrient for our bodies. A not well known fact is that someone can survive up to seven weeks without foods, but only five days without water. And when you think of the obvious science behind it, that the body is primarily based of water and most functions utilize it. So it is suffice to say it is necessary. Many people do not drink water ever, thus they are in a mildly state of dehydration all the time. This can and usually does lead to a state of irritating conditions. Headaches are good example. Most people may feel they have a Tylenol deficiency. Or when they have joint pain they have an Advil deficiency. Or if they are depressed they have a Prozac deficiency. When the real answer is that their bodies are crying out for water." (Dr Colbert)

    I am living proof about the joint pain - all gone since doing BFL!!!

    Drink up and be merry!

    Sally =)


  • Talk about motivating!  Check out Bryan L!!!!


  • Hi All!  How is week 6 going?  I am starting to see some real results and starting to feel my metabolism speeding up.  How are you all?  Hanging in there?  Please wish me luck because we're going on vacation next week.  We'll be joining a gym for the week and bringing all the right food but I really want to make sure I don't lose a week when things are really beginning to get going!  Any good vibes greatly appreciated - sending mine out to you all as well!

  • Hello, Sorry I haven't posted in a while, been quite busy at the Mouse with awards and such this week. I am to date, progressing forward with results from the 5th week back and actually went down a whole pant size on my costume our there this week. Energy levels are better now that I am eating better and getting a little more sleep at night.  I am goin to try the Almond Milk in my coffee tommorrow although my wife already told me she thought it was dreadful (she doesn't like the Myoplex stuff either so who knows on that one).  Sounds like everyone is progressing as well. but please wait on the weight loss results as it is true that more profound changes are also evident on the 8th or 9th week in the program (as I discovered during my C1 last year, last quarter 2010). So as Bill always said....throw out the scale for progress....if you're going down clothing sizes that is a much better indicator that overall weight in lbs.  And since most of the USA  is so dog gone hot this month   DRINK LOTS OF WATER as we say out at the Mouse....Hydrate....Hydrate....Hydrate!!! (True many times I DO feel like a Camel, no not the cigarette the animal). Be sure to sip it not gulp it and drink it COLD if possible to encourage maximum metabolic potential.  Got to go to the gym now and bet the Friday crowd...WPBILL

  • Good Morning Gang,

    Figured it was time to check in since I'm always so vocal about others keeping us abreast.  

    Wow, today is the end of the first full six weeks for me, or to be official, day 42.  I started at 275 and weighed in this morning at 251.6, a total of 23.4 pounds lost so far.  I tried everything this week including very clean diet and extra cardio to try and hit a free and clear 25 pounds at the midway point, but it just wasn't meant to be.  My waist (around the belly button) at the start was 50 inches, it is now 44 inches, so a full 6 inch drop at the midsection.  

    Top Five Reasons To Have Quit at This Point:

    • Hurt my Back (no more squats for me)
    • Root Canal
    • Another Root Canal
    • Knee has been sore on and off
    • Working Full-Time and taking a triple class load at Grad School

    I have definitely noticed a difference in some of my clothes, especially shirts.  I can now just button up my jeans (I had to just leave the button undone before with the belt doing all the work) which is a good start, but still plenty to go.  I think the biggest frustration is that I really wanted to lose more fat at this point but it is glaringly obvious that I am putting on pretty significant muscle, so I'm sure the fat loss is more however due to muscle gain not prevalent visually or from a scale perspective.  Other positives, I haven't cheated on my meals unless allowed to on a Sunday.  Additionally, I haven't missed one workout or cardio session, in fact, I probably do two or three extra cardio sessions a week.

    *** Before the scale haters chime in, we all have different goals, do not waste your time lecturing me, my goal is WEIGHT LOSS FOR HEALTH PURPOSES, the scale is a very important tool for me on a daily basis for my goals.

    All in all I'm "good."  I can't say I'm excited at this point, I'm actually pretty tired and fatigued and if I'm honest, ready for this to be finished.  It seems I have traded aches and pains for healthier aches and pains without gaining the increased energy or sleeping better.....

    I hope to hear how everyone is doing!

    Texas Brez