Body Invincible - Team starting June 26/27, 2011

  • TexasBrez,  there is no way your pictures aren't going to be great with the results you have had, now how much you can see it with your critical eyes will be the challenge.  I agree that this is such a mental game, staying positive when you want the results so badly.  Every time you get an anxious thought about it, just change it to something positive like, "I know my transformation will be amazing."  And then let it go.  I am a worrier, and can get caught up in negative thoughts too.  Congrats on the psychological changes you are making; that's another real benefit to this whole thing.

  • thanks for the tips, i will stick with the 3x cardio ... for now lol. also looking at grams, etc, but the daily calorie intake comes out to like 1800! that seems like so much to me, as i usually used to aim for between 1200 and 1400. i'm so afraid i'll gain weight -- i have a wedding to go to in a month and i'm hoping for some results before that. so nervous!

  • A wedding is a great goal to use.  I endeavored to loose a little more before my trip last time and it payed off,  I was surprised to find out how loose my clothes were that I was planning to wear to the event and I got a lot of positive comments from all the relatives during the event.(It helped me to limit my goody intake during the day, and I did count the actual wedding day festivities as a free day in addition to that).

  • WOW!  I finally got through all 89 posts to catch up!  You guys are rocking this!  Almost 4 weeks done and nearly 1/3rd of the way covered!  Whoo Hoo!  You are gonna be so PUMPED at week 12 so hang in there!  

    Mom0four – you asked how I got these results?  METABOLISM baby!!  This is my 2nd challenge – I finished my first one, gave myself a week off and started this one.  It’s a way of life – you have to keep practicing til this feels like the way you have lived your whole life.  You will look back and not only your body will change – your way of thinking and acting and your confidence levels go way up too.  When you have done so many crunches that you CAN’T slouch, something clicks in your brain.  Oooohhhhhh, that’s a good feeling!  You talked about not hitting 10s. It took me the first week or two to figure out MY 10. Your 10 is when you either cannot lift, cannot squat or cannot crunch one more time!  If its cardio – its when you cannot speak without great effort.  I get lots of practice on this because when I am at my level 10 that’s when my kids want to ask me lots of questions lol!!  You also said you feel a little deprived – we all do. It’s about time haha!  My stomach is happy with less now.  In fact, I CANNOT eat the amount of food I used to.  It almost frustrates me on my free day!  But it of course makes me very proud also.

    Erin – I wanted to encourage you my friend!!  I agree with Pixie – dump the scale if its gonna make you want to quit.  I used a measuring tape and measured every measurable part. If I saw a quarter inch anywhere lost I was happy. Look for little victories everyday, not just in weight but in other ways. I am excited that it doesn’t hurt my wrists shuffling cards anymore!  Weird but true. I also took 8 week pics and from the side was the only one I could tell something great was happening. I lost weight from my face down my chest and then my feet up through my legs.  My middle part is still catching up.  But that big ole muffin top is pretty much gone and I look good in jeans and t-shirts again.  I have energy like never before. I am stronger than ever before. I’m 46 and I am not afraid that I’ll hurt myself anymore from carrying, lifting, or gardening. Its like I am free from “old lady thinking.”  I am strong and confident and I feel like a disciplined person instead of letting my stomach run my life. Also, be aware that if you are breastfeeding your body is not going to let go of fat without a fight (God made it that way for a reason) so just continue to build muscle, practice good eating habits and teach this way of life to your kids. Once you start to burn the fat, all the muscle will show up and you’ll go “wher’d THAT come from??”  Breakfast for me is almost always Flax milk, scoop of protein mix, half frozen banana, blend, drink straight from the blender.  I hate breakfast. If I get up later, I like BLTs for breakfast. 2 slices whole wheat bread, very thin layer of light mayo, lettuce, tomato and 3 slices of microwaved turkey bacon. Hits the spot every time.

    PIXIE!!  I am so glad you are on here and so motivated and funny.  You are really pushing up my game.  You and your husband are doing so good. My kids have been gone for dinner every night this week so I have been secretly (shhhh) making BFL meals…he wants to lose weight and he’s motivated, he just has to do it on his terms. Everytime we go to the beach he mentions wanting to lose weight.  So I just encourage him to reduce his sugar intake.  It would be so much easier if we were all doing BFL but my family has definitely noticed how much my body and energy levels have changed and they are proud of me and they listen when I talk about these subjects.  I am all for sharing menus, but I really just follow the menu on the BLF website.  I just mostly grill meat and veggies and then add a complex carb to it.  It’s so much easier in the summer with all the good produce.

    Deda  - I just want to make something completely obvious to the team (and to myself) so I am just using your post because you actually stated numbers (3 slips in 3 weeks). You seem totally motivated so I am not concerned about you in particular. But because I am in accounting the numbers just started flying in my brain…so I worked out the numbers and here’s some surprising data - 3 slips in 3 weeks works out to about 80% results.  I know its progress not perfection, but there’s a time limitation problem -  we only have 12 weeks. So 80% of 12 weeks is 9.6 weeks.

    I want to focus on the positive side of this – we are still doing great things for ourselves and having great victories, but I DO also want to encourage everyone (including yours truly) at this stage of the plan to really commit from this point forward to 100%!!! It’s so worth it.  After a quarter of the way through it’s time to look back at our reasons for doing this.  It’s time to read through the book again. Its time to commit to PLANNING PLANNING PLANNING. It’s time to do the visualizations – whenever you can – to close your eyes and see yourself as you want to be.  I had to go through my Athleta catalog (they have sports models) and try to imagine my head on their bodies because I COULD NOT even picture myself looking the way I wanted to look!  

    So, once you get that image in your mind, at least once every day try to imagine yourself looking like that and what will you be doing and what will you be thinking then?   You have to start seeing yourself like that so you can actually start to believe it can happen to YOU.  Because if you follow this lifestyle it WILL happen.  

    Deda - I love the idea of kayaking lessons!!  Are you planning a trip of some sort or just having fun? When we go up to my brother-in-laws they live on Lake Michigan and we pull all the kayakes down during the day but I have never done it myself. I plan to this year!!!  And you are so right that we have to practice eating right in difficult circumstances. But I think on the first challenge its best to eat first or bring your own food for sure and not rely totally on will power.

    Texas Brez – GREAT results so far!!  Glad to hear your muscles are doing better.  I kind of secretly liked the pain.  It felt like a reminder that I did something good for myself!  Your playlist looked like my daughters – she loves Mumford and Van Iver. I will ask her about the other ones you mentioned. Do you like Ray LaMontagne too?  A snack you may like – I like this as my last meal of the night – ½ cup 2% cottage cheese, 1 TBS Natural PB (no sugar), and an apple sliced up.  I dip the apple in the PB then the cottage cheese. Yum.

    EAM – I don’t think you are the lone emotional eater here!  You are in good company!  I think that’s why this works so well for me. It makes me discipline not only my eating, but my triggers too.  I tried to read up on the mental part of this the first few weeks.  Your cravings will begin to subside as you deny the cravings. So you really really really need to keep your goals in front of your eyes and make sure you plan not only what you’ll eat but WHEN.  I eat on a regular schedule all my meals except dinner.  Because we eat together as a family, sometimes we eat later, or earlier depending on everyone’s schedule.  Just put together an eating schedule and set an alarm to remind you.  We are teaching ourselves to eat to live, not to live to eat.  

    Jinger – why can’t you sleep through the night?  Is it children or just not able to stay asleep?

    Ksmith – We are here for you so just let us know your hopes and fears.  You are more than welcome to “jump programs” AFTER this 12 weeks is up haha – but I hope you will stay.  Do this for YOU. Stay true to YOU.  Do this because YOU deserve not only the health but the reward of finishing what you start. I was SO proud when it came to the finish line because I actually finished. My best tips for first timers is this:  1) Read the BFL Book – 1999 version. Most libraries have it. 2) PLAN PLAN PLAN  3) Stay in the group. Try to check in weekly at the very least.  I get so motivated when I read all these posts. I have gotten my butt off the couch and did my workouts at 11 pm sometimes after reading these!  I wanted to be able to post good things!

    Yinyang – you are my hero!  Working 2 jobs and taking care of your young son AND doing BFL.  I don’t workout in the morning so I can’t help you there – but when my sister did it, her kids had to eat what she ate and they had to go to the YMCA with her while she did all her workouts.  They would get rewards for walking or working out. They actually ended up both joining sports in High School.

    Melissa – 4 pounds lost!!!  Whoot whoot!!!  Snoopy dance!!  Yes, I feel hung over after free day too.  Its not all it’s cracked up to be.  And we wonder why we never had any energy to do anything before!!!  My hubby ate my stuff in the beginning too!  I just started buying extra. He started eating what I ate at dinner (I make the meals) with some minor additions such as I may make white rice for him and the kids while making brown rice for myself. My knees don’t like lower body exercises.  I keep the weights light and try to do ones that don’t use my knees too much. When at the gym I only do the hip adductor and hip abductor machines (no knee bending) and at home I do standing leg lifts or laying on the floor and putting my feet on either side of an exercise ball and lifting that up.  I actually finally lost enough weight that I did a workout of squats and lunges. It felt awesome. My knees were okay during the workout, but then so messed up the next day.  I am not looking to blow my knees out when there are ways around it.  But I do try to do very shallow squats or lunges now and again to try to strengthen the muscles around my knees.

    Redgirl – way to get back on track!!!  I love those comebacks. It makes me feel even more like I need to work harder.  If you can be sick and continue on, then what excuse do I have - I like having my excuses squashed!  So I appreciate you getting back at it. I really hope you’re feeling better too!

    When it comes to veggies – and I mean non carb veggies like green beans, salad, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower etc, I think you can eat as much as you want.  I have never heard of anyone binging on those things. And there are negative calorie items (takes more calories to burn them then whats in them) such as dill pickles, kimchee, sauerkraut…when a craving hits, eat a pickle!

    Lady43 – We’re here!  Hope to hear more from you!

    ElisaB!!!  - so happy to hear from you. You sound so positive! Doing a half marathon? That’s crazy awesome and something you probably didn’t expect eh??  Sounds like your husband has a lot on his plate. But your husband was born with God given wide shoulders to handle all this – and you know you can PRAY PRAY PRAY for him and just be an encouragement to him by letting him know you’re praying for him. God will be his Strongtower. And I will be praying for you both too.

    Welcome to newcomers – Efrezza and juicy!  

    WP Bill – great results after week 2!!  How are your knees doing?  

    Juicy – you had some questions – 1) portion sizes. Proteins and carbs both the size of your palm or fist. If you go by this, you should be getting equal portions of each.  If you are doing protein powder – one scoop has 23 grams of protein so you need to try to get 23ish grams of carbs in there to match. So a cup of OJ has 21 so that would be good, or a banana (I like to peel them and freeze them)  has 26 so I just add alittle water to the mix.  An apple is 25 grams, A cup of Strawberries only has 12.  I don’t get too nitty gritty about a few grams here or there.  But don’t try to skip on the carbs to try to lose weight faster. It just stalls your progress and makes you tired!  Go by the book – it’s worked for so many people including me (lost 20 lbs my first 12 weeks)!  2) more than 20 minute cardio 3x a week. Well, if you like cardio go for it. But make sure that you stay on the 3 x per week hitting your levels 6 – 10 every minute!  It’s the system that works, not the amount of time. Do your cardio 3x a week exactly as prescribed and the other days of the week however you want them. My husband and I walk a lot in the evenings so sometimes I get 2 cardios in a day but I never skip the BFL method cardio ever.  3)  YES 6 meals a day with all the protein and carbs. When I started this, I NEEDED all that food.  Then after a few weeks I went to bars for a couple meals, now I do shakes 3 of my meals.  Do whatever you need to do to get in 6 meals. You are retraining your metabolism. Think of it as medicine or fuel.  Your body needs it.  Especially if you want to build muscle. It needs protein to grow.  And carbs to fuel your energy levels.  If you feel weak and weary, take a closer look at your carbs.  Your body responds when it’s being fueled properly.

    Well, its late now – I just wanted to let everyone know I read your posts!!  I need you guys more than you’ll ever know. You hang on to me, I‘ll hang on to you and we’ll finish this thing together.  Go on and be your best self!!!  Whatever you can dream – you can do it.  Really meditate on the quote below:

    "Successful people make commitments."  Bob Greene (Oprah's trainer) 


  • @ Branches - That does sounds good, peanut butter is my weakness, in fact because of your post I just had a big scoop with my protein shake this morning (mmmmm!!!)

    Music, some of my choices will age me when your daughter says "huh...." lol

    Thanks for being a great group therapy leader, I was wondering how many are still on track who started with this thread?

  • 1st Phase Weights Done!!!!  Well, that is if you consider a 4 week period a phase.  So, I'm at the gym this morning doing my final LBWO for phase 1 and I feel that I need to go out with a bang since I'm changing up all exercises for the next four weeks.

    My goal was to hit 500lbs for my last set of 6 on the leg presses, did that with some grit but it really wasn't hard.  So, since nobody was around to see me look silly (just in case) I put on 600lbs, knocked out another 6 (this time it was hard).....realizing that if I went any further there was nobody else silly enough to be at the gym doing legs at 5:30 a.m. on a Friday to rescue me I left it at that, a good barometer for when I get into squats next week (or nail drivers as I like to call them).

    Anyway, hopefully that is motivation for anybody feeling nervous about pushing their weights up, side note, I had a root canal yesterday as well.  I think this was one of those "faces of adversity" that I needed to really prove to myself that I am serious about my health.

    On that same note, I got great news yesterday, I had lost enough weight to be approved for a half-million life insurance policy for my family in case something happens to me, a few months ago I had been denied or's amazing to see how when we let our health go how far the branches really stretch into impeding our life, emotionally, financially, physically, etc.

    Hang in their team, I'm still waiting for some underdog stories!!!

    Semper Fi,

    Texas Brez

  • Just wanted to pass along this workout to everyone that I just did:

    run/walk: The 20-Minute Treadmill Hill Workout

    Challenge 1: June 26, 2011

  • Well, I'm not hitting the same poundages as Texax Brez is but I am progressing with the weight increase on the leg press machine, which I have adjusted to and now trust fully. My knees are holding up well as I raise the weight gradually from week to week as I can .  Weight loss is progressing at about 1-2lbs of fat a week with some muscle gain as well in various areas. (I have been told by others at the gym that I appear to doing quite well in the fat loss area and I am already going down one pant size on my shorts at home). Thanks for asking about my progress.  I hope everyone is hanging in there. I am midway through week 4 right now and ready to take some pictures next week and measurements. Keep up the great work and devotion everyone on this kicking team!!! WPBILL

  • Hey Team, or at least what's we still have members?

    Today is day 28 for me, the end of my first full 4 weeks!  I did photos this morning to compare.  Yes, you can see that I have lost some fat, my face looks leaner, however I'm definitely no where close to my goals.

    Results after Four Weeks:

    Starting Weight 275 - Weight Today - 258

    Starting Waist (Inches) - 50" - Waist Today - 45"

    Also, my BP this morning was 105/68, I might need to start adjusting my BP Med's which would be great!!!

    So far so good, I guess I can't complain.  I thought the photos would be hard for me, and they were.  I was really hoping to see much more significant improvements from the photo aspect.

    Keep on keeping on gang, I would really like to hear some motivating goals and feedback from the other members!!!

    Texas Brez

  • wowww texas your doing amazing!!!!!!!!

    I took five days off- I went on a cruise! it was already preplanned and I had fun! I am back to it as of yesterday but i have been soooo tired from lack of sleep and the only time I can go to the gym on friday and weekends is when my husband gets home from work b/w 6- 7 am bcuz of the baby so it sucks.

    I still refuse to weigh myself but my middle section looks smaller- even after the cruise! glad everyone is doing so well =)

  • Texas...fantastic job!!!  Those are amazing numbers in just 4 weeks...don't get discouraged by the pics...I know a lot of people don't "see" much of a change till the last few weeks...but obviously the numbers show a huge difference!  Keep it up!  I'm not sure where the team has gone...I haven't been posting because there hasn't been a lot of activity.  Just been lurking and reading other threads of teams that started weeks after us but have double the

    WPBill...awesome job too with the weight loss...and the weight increase!  :)

    I just finished grocery shopping for the week...I didn't get to workout last week at all because of my knee and then I got sick...but am back on track today...although I'm refusing to weigh in also, like jinger.  I just bought a tape measure today...had only done now I can measure my true progress finally.

    Keep up the good work guys...and try to post more!!!  :)

  • C'mon team - let us know how you're doing!  If you aren't measuring, then how are you FEELING?

    Texas - You are doing great...if you keep this up, you will be seeing major changes!  5 inches on your waist is amazing!!

    jinger - where was your cruise? sounds like fun but I am so motion sick I cannot even look in my purse when we're driving or I get nauseated!  did you try to stick to the plan?  Do you try to do workouts at home?  I do probably half my workouts with dumbells at home.  Glad to see you noticing changes. It just helps motivate.  But I didn't notice any changes on myself until about the 9th week when I took more pics. Then I was like - what??!  Even when I did my final pics someone said wow look at that muscles definition and I had to look back at my pics and sure enough, I could see them. Funny how we continue to see ourselves the same way we always do. Thats where the mental part comes in!

    Erin - how do you like that cardio? Do you hit your 10s with it?  I have been doing pretty much the same cardio routine since the beginning. Its probably time to switch it up.  I have gone up a few notches in mph but not much - I really don't like cardio days.  I must say though, lately I actually haven't minded doing the cardio and actually kind of liked it.  Its not a struggle the way it used to be.  I'm not ready to join any races yet though!

    The photo taking sucks it really does. But its better now than the first time.  I'm gonna go do my cardio - I have my free days on Saturdays.  We went to a grad openhouse STARVING and being my free day I was so pumped to eat lots of goodies. Well, I don't eat pork and every main dish had some kind of pork or bacon in it.  It was such a bummer.  So I ended up eating mostly veggies and topped it off with a piece of chocolate cake!  Whats everybodies favorite free day food?


  • Good Morning Everyone!

    Week 4 Done - YEA!!!  Anyone else like me already feeling a sense of accomplishment?  And total confidence that we can do this for all 12 weeks.  So far I have lost 8 pounds and (like you Melissa) I just bought a tape measure to measure from here on out.  Sometimes I wish the results were bigger at this point but then I think about how miserable I felt 4 weeks ago and it really is a big change!  

    WPBill-  I am also pretty leery of hurting a knee (had ACL reconstruction a long time ago and no cartilage in the other one) and also my stomach (after 4 c-sections I currently have 2 hernias that will have to be fixed some time soon), but I find that the weight training and overall fitness is really helping.  I'm even thinking about some running which I never felt I could do before.

    TexasBrez-  Are you going to be brave and post your pics?  They must be amazing; your results are incredible!  I took pictures in the beginning veeeeerrrry reluctantly and don't think I'd ever have the guts to post them; but I want all of you guys to because they are always so motivational.  

    Jinger-  Welcome back and I will pray for sleep for you; it the hardest part of the baby stage by far, don't you think?  There is a reason they use sleep deprivation for torture.  It gets better, I promise.

    Melissa-  Will you post those pics?  I bet they look awesome and great job sticking with it!  Hope you're feeling better!

    Branches-  My favorite free day food is ice cream by far; lots of chocolate, lots of toppings.  It always feels like such a treat and like it can get me through the next week.  I need to get on a treadmill or outside running for cardio (I've been using our bike at home) but it's tough to fit it in with my husband doing his workouts in the morning too.  Speaking of him, (since he started the same day can he be an honorary team member?) I can't believe how great he looks already, that stinker!  This is his 2nd challenge and the results just happened so quickly for him this time.

    Erin-  How happy are you with the 4 week results?  Feeling good?

    Deda, Pixie, how about you guys?

    Let's stay together and finish this thing; there is still lots of work to be done!

    Have a great week all!!!!!!!!

  • Hi mom and everyone,

    I know I've been out of touch this past week.  I took the auto notifications from this site off my smart phone because all the updates were using up so much battery life.  I also went out of town for a work event last week and basically didn't follow the program at all.  Outta sight out of mind.  Here it is the beginning of week 5 and I feel like I should still be back on week 3... but I'm not!  I did get on the scale this morning.  I've lost 6lbs.  I'm happy with that considering last week of not being on Program or exercising for several days in a row.  I'm still committed to the Program and am getting myself back on track.  I'm having a good day today and am committed to hitting the gym for weights tonight.  I'll put the auto notification back on my phone.  It's a good reminder!


  • Need a little advice...

    For some reason, the last 2 Upper Body workouts on the heaviest set I haven't been able to lift the amount I had lifted the time before (25lbs + the bar).  The first time I missed it I could only do 3 and this last time only 5 but before that had done them all with no real problems.  Does anyone have any ideas on why this is happening and/or has it happened to you guys?  Could it be not eating enough at night (I work out 1st thing in the morning); TOM; holding bar incorrectly; or is it normal???

    Obviously I'm worried that I'm doing something wrong and getting weaker instead of stronger!  The funny part is that I was so glad to be using the Smith Machine with the safety on because I literally got stuck and had to crawl out from under the bar.  Taught me that when the muscles give out (on the bench press at least) that's it - they're done :)

    Any help is, as always, much appreciated.

    Hope you're all having a great week.  Deda - welcome back!!