Body Invincible - Team starting June 26/27, 2011

  • Hi Team!

    Checking in - sounds like most of us are continuing to plug away!  I had a break at work and just tried Pixie's wall squats - woke me right up!  By the way, Pixie, when you do the wall squats with weights - where are the weights?  On your legs, being held down by your sides?  I would like to add these to my LBWO and wanted to clarify the form.

    I have been truly amazed at how full I am staying - overeating has been a constant companion of mine, but I have truly felt satiated and not been tempted to overeat.  I think drinking so much water is also a positive contributor!

    Sending happy thoughts in your directions - thinking about this team is what helps me get up for those early morning cardio sessions - I'll be doing it again at 5:20 tomorrow morning - so I'm taking you guys to the gym with me!!! ha ha

  • Hey everybody!  Checking in...week 2, day 4.  I had a great workout today and have eaten very well...and my boyfriend even looked at me today and said, "'re looking skinny!  You can really tell you're losing weight...and your face is looking thin...keep it up!"  :)  (I'm not skinny by any means...I'm at I'm feeling great.)   Sounds like everybody is doing well still!!

    I found the old message board on yahoo groups that I used to use when I did the challenge back in 2003...WOW...crazy!  My old before pics and stats and all the messages I wrote are still all there.  So cool to look back over those.  And SO glad that I'm way smaller than I was then!  Lol.

    Here's a "chocolate cheesecake" recipe I used to use all the time if anybody's's REALLY much better than the protein pudding recipes I've tried.

    16 oz 2% cottage cheese

    16 oz skim milk

    1 pkg sugar-free, fat-free chocolate pudding (you could use others, but this is my fave)

    Blend in blender til smooth and divide into 4 servings.  Can be eaten right away...but is much better if you let it chill for a while.

    Enjoy!  :)

  • Good Afternoon friends!

    This has seemed like the longest week at work.  I took Monday off thinking that the week would fly and it made it worse. haha

    Oh well enough whining.  We are kicking butt this week.  We did cardio today and then tomorrow is upper body and then my favorite day of the day!  We have free day planned by mid week.  You mine as well have fun with it is my philosophy.

    Horrible Bosses starts this weekend so we are definitely have buttered popcorn.  You guys will find out that we are movie buffs and go to the movies alot.  Especially, romantic comedy types.

    Oh my gosh, didn't you love the wall squats.  They hurt like heck when you are doing them but man have they changed my legs.  I hold the weight two different ways.  When I first started and the weights were fairly light I would hold them in each hand next me but now that the weight has increased and sometimes feels like it is going to pull my arm off I actually rest them on top of my quads during the set.  I so glad you like them.  

    I got really scared on Wednesday because while we were doing cardio I started getting horribly abdominal pains.  So bad that I did not run the last set.  As soon as I stopped they went away.  I thought it was lactic acid and that I needed to walk it off.  Well, actually it was my body telling me that I was doing too much.  My normal heart rate is 55.  After each interval of running my heart rate is 300.  Well, I was apparently pushing my body too hard which you don't want to do.  I sent my info in to one of the past champions and she helped me realize that I needed to slow down and let me heart rate increase to the maximum and then keep it there for optimum results.  Well, that is what I did today.  Instead of trying to keep up with up with my husband, I took my own timer and slowed way down.  It was wonderful.  We are both in the medical field and I had no idea what I was doing was bad.  

    What I love the most about BFL is that you are constantly learning.  

    i am going to try to make the protein pancakes for dinner tonight.  I love breakfast for dinner.  We don't like cottage cheese so I am going to substitute greek yogurt.  I will let you all know how that turns out.

    Have an awesome night!  Remember to take a few minutes to reflect today and plan for tomorrow.



  • Hi,  Didn't want any one to think I quit the group or gave up on the program,  I am entering the second week and I have had encouraging results so far , like a loss of about 3-4 pounds, some muscle gain as well and about a one inch loss around the weight(probably water and fat loss together I assume). I am getting closer to the ideal Greek measurements that are based on the size of the wrist(got that listing from another website for fun long ago).  It was very challenging for me to find an aerobic workout spot on the 4th of July that was available because most of the gyms closed at 4pm or earlier and I usually go there for the running and such, But a vigorious swim at the YMCA that was open until 6PM filled in rather nicely that day. (to bad it started to rain just as I was sitting down to relax some after my required HIT swim that afternoon, oh well at least I got my cardio in that day). Swimming around the obstacles in the pool(kids having fun, of course it's the 4th) made the swim even more interesting too!  I was a little sore the first week, but I am sure some of that is due to the fact that I am using more free weight exercises versus machines now and trying to get the form down. Keep up the great work y'all!!!

  • Hi everyone! Still here as well, I actually love getting the body for life forum updates on my phone throughout the day, sometimes its just that extra encouragement you need to resist temptations! Has anyone tried the tofu noodles recipe yet?

    I found this blog that I'm sure some of you have discovered but thought i'd share, it's Emily Alvers (who i think was a former challenge winner) and she has some great ideas for BFL recipes and meal plans as well as HIIT work outs if you are a person who likes some structure. My favorite recipe has been the fake out take out, im not kidding when I say it actually tastes and feels like real noodles!

    As far as my progress i've dropped 2 lbs but that fluctuates here and there so i'm not too sure how accurate that is. I did have one day where i messed up, but i decided to count it as an early free day unfortunately and move on (progress not perfection) but at the same time not use that as a recurring excuse.

    I tried the protein pancakes and omg are they delicious. One thing i found at the grocery store that may interest people is english toffee flavored stevia extract. A little definitely goes a long way but it adds a nice flavor and tastes more like sugar in my opinion than adding splenda. I would caution that its very expensive, i didn't realize until i paid and looked at my recipe and a small bottle was nearly $13. I like to use vanilla extract as well to flavor non fat greek yogurt etc.

    Anyone experience a day like I had on Monday? I had every intention of following the program but in a moment of weakness i ate off plan and knew i shouldn't have. It actually increased my appetite the next day which made eating on plan harder but I knew i had to do it to get cravings in order? Any methods people have used to stop these type of days in their tracks??

    Also one question, when Bill says one serving protein (size of palm) and one serving carb (size of closed fist) is he expecting us to count our veggies/salad as carbs or are those in addition to a healthy carb like brown rice, quinoa or potato?

    Thanks everyone, have a good friday!

  • I think the veggies are in addition- veggies with at least two meals

  • Happy Friday everyone.  

    Just wanted to check in going into the weekend, which is toughest time of the week for me.  I've been completely on Program this week.  I've done my workouts as planned. Tonight is LBWO.  The only thing I'm not looking forward to is lunges so I'll do those first.  

    I've been hungrier today than usual, like I was the first couple of days.  Not sure why that would be.  I'm working thru it though.  Drinking lots of water and waiting until my next meal.  I have to remind myself that it's OK to be a little hungry sometimes.  I'm so used to eating before I'm even hungry.  That mentality is in the past now.  

    I have a busy day tomorrow.  I'm going to spinning in the morning, as usual, for cardio.  Then, I am going to take a group kayaking lesson in the afternoon for 4 hours.  That will be fun and keep me busy.  I'm really looking forward to Sunday which is my free day.  Thank goodness for the free day!  I can resist temptation knowing I can have whatever I want then.  

    I'm going to try the "cheesecake" pudding recipe this weekend that Melissa592 provided.  I've been making the protein pudding regularly, but I'm ready for a change.  

    I'll write about how I handled Fri and Sat urges and temptations.  I hope that by sharing that with you I will hold myself more accountable.  Thanks for listening and thanks for the support you all share .  It feels good to know I'm not doing this alone!


  • Hi All,

    Deda, sounds like you have a great weekend planned, I'm feeling hungry today too but am just trying to push through it.  

    I could use some encouragement also for this weekend.  Going to my sisters for a birthday party tomorrow.  I am from a huge Italian family where it's all about the food.  It is so hard even to be around them and not eat all the time, not to mention the fact that the food is DELICIOUS.  My brother had a party last week but it was on my free day, and boy did I have a free day!  I could switch my free day from Sunday but I would really like to get this part under control; was at my parent's house today and didn't have a thing; which is great but has me feeling a little deprived tonight (I think I'll try the cheesecake too) Any words of wisdom or advice greatly appreciated!!!  Thanks guys and Deda, I'll be good if you  

    Have a great weekend everybody!!!

  • Hi mom,

    You've got yourself a deal!  We should both plan to report back how we did over the weekend.

    I went to a potluck BBQ last weekend.  Granted, it was my free day, but yours is a situation I think about and try to plan for as best I can.  I don't think you should feel bad about switching around your free day to accomodate a special occassion.  However, if your family does this all the time, you've got to make some changes to your pattern.  Here's what I would recommend... Have something to eat before you go so you're not starving.  Pack something to take with you, just for yourself, to snack on before the big dinner.  Bring something to share that you can also enjoy such as a veggie tray with dip made with some cottage cheese, or fresh fruit (that's what I did at the BBQ).  You you can eat lots of salad and veggies.  I would recommend  doing the best you can.  Learning to enjoy yourself, and not go crazy, in a social situation is hard but it's a habit we need to practice.  Be kind to yourself!  Be strong!  I know you can do it.  Report back, please.

    Anyone else have suggestions?  We'd all love to hear them.


  • Such great ideas; thank you so much!!  And yes, my family does this ALL the time.  But you have given me confidence and looking forward to checking in with you Sunday.

    Love to all!

  • Hello wonderful team!  TGIF!   Tomorrow is our free day and let me tell you what we plan for it all week long!  We are movie buffs so we only see movies on free day for

    I do want to share a few things with you guys because I have the same struggles in challenge 2.  First let me tell you that you guys are so ahead of the game just talking it through.  That is huge so make sure you give yourself kudos for reaching out and asking for help.

    We started the first challenge March 28th and let me tell you, we made so many mistakes.  It took me a solid 2 weeks just to figure out how much protein we needed per meal and carbs per meal and second guessing every move and praying that you don't screw something up.  I have been there done that.

    I promise you it works.  We are built different so some people have immediate results and some of nothing until week 8.  Either way is ok.  Stay off the scale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Your body is making tons of changes, it is no longer dehydrated so you should be going to the bathroom more than you ever did before to pee, by working out as hard as this program is your body is moving into thermogenesis.  You are starting to make your metabolism work day and night even when you are doing nothing.  People used to tell me that you see the biggest difference after week 7.  I thought you have got to be kidding.  It was amazing!  My husband and I both had progress from weight loss to more energy to falling asleep as soon as your head hit the pillow and to have muscle tone for the first time was amazing.  Guys, when we hit week 8 it was like a different person was suddenly in the mirror.  We both became body builders after week 8.  Our muscle tone was really showing and the fat was disappearing.  Even the 2 weeks off we took before starting this challenge we both lost 5 more pounds.

    Let your food be boring.  I know that sounds crazy but remember to keep it simple.  If you get too caught up in recipes you are going to have too many carbs and not enough protein.  Always use Bills sample plan as a guide.  He keeps meals very simple.  Also, the EFL book is a maintenance book.  Please be careful using those recipes they generally have more carbs than you need for the challenge.

    One of the things we are learning with Body for Life is that food is wonderful and serves its purpose on our free day.  On your free day have fun!,  Eat whatever your heart desires.  It actually will help to trick your body for further weight loss.  When it comes to the other days of the week though remember your meals are just fuel for your body.

    Deda and Mom, I really feel for you.  I will tell you know matter where we go be it during the day to work or on the weekend to visit someone.  If it is not our free day we pack a cooler.  I put fruit in there and plenty of shake supplies.  Go to your parties prepared.  If it is close to a free day maybe take something to go so you can tell yourself you can enjoy it but just not today.

    I noticed that you guys were feeling hungry.  Please chart each meal and write down how many calories, protein and carbs you are getting per meal.  You may not be eating enough to sustain your metabolism.  This program is so different it is the first one that tells you to eat instead of  You were so right Deda keep drinking the water.

    I don't have the time to document my meals every day but I do document my meals for the week and keep track that way so whatever works for you.  All of the forms you should use are under library.

    I am just so proud of you guys!  You are committed and doing it.  Don't forget you have already started this.  That is a huge step.  When you are with your family and friends tell them about the program and how excited you are and that way people can help you while you are with them and around such yummy food.  

    I will be thinking of you both this weekend.

    I will let you all know about the movie Horrible Bosses tomorrow night when we get home.  I will also let you know how great the whoppers and butter popcorn were too! lol

    Have a wonderful weekend!  Week number 3 is around the corner.  Look how far you have come.  Stay strong, keep talking to yourself and keep the faith!


  • So, today is my free day, and before I start my day I weigh myself.....and I've gained 2lbs......I only last 0.6 the 1st week, so now I'm back above where I started....

    I'm super frustrated and about to throw in the towel. I'm following the meal plan and even keeping track of my food at myfitnesspal. I'm working til 10 each day and I've never missed a workout. I'm been drinking at least a gallon of water a day for years, so it's not an increase of water. I don't know what else to think......

    Challenge 1: June 26, 2011

  • Hi everybody!  Just wanted to check in, I have been spot on with my eating this week ( I think I finally have this figured out for the most part!)  I agree with Pixie to keep it simple.  I know everyone says to stay off the scale, but I couldn't help it, I am down 2lbs, honestly it feels like more, so I was a little disappointed, but I'm going to try my best to stay off of it now until at least week 6.

    Erin, hang in there and don't give up!  You are doing so well, I think it just takes our bodies time to adjust to the new lifestyle.

    Today is my free day also, last week I didn't do a free day and really wish I would have, it made for a long week lol.  I don't plan on going CRAZY, but we are going to the movies and yes I will be having buttered popcorn :)

     I  went to Whole Foods yesterday and picked up a few supplies for the upcoming week - love this store!  Have any of you tried the "Lifetime" brand cheeses?  I picked up some of this to use as an alternate protein source.  1oz = 0 fat/1 carb/8 protein/40 cal. Any thoughts?

    I hope you are all doing well ... We Can Do This!!

  • hey ya'll! Just done with lower body workout!!!! it was a toughie- I even did lunges with weights LOL. I already feel stronger! I feel skinnier- less bloated feeling. The scale says I lost two pounds but that was a few days ago and I was just weighing for a basic starting weight- I will not be weighing until I take the week four pictures. Does anyone else do free day on seperate days? Like I have my free of excercise day on a day my husband works because of the baby and I have my free food day on another day so we can have tasty food together- I hope thats ok to do!

    Erin- I REALLY hope you don't give up...the scale doesn't matter plus mucsle weighs more then fat! You can have someone weighing 160 and look all flabby and out of shape and someone weighing 170 and look fantastic!@ least give it a few more weeks and if its not for you then you can still feel good about giving it a try!

  • Good morning my friends!

    Erin and rest of team!  Please do not weigh!  I am begging you.  I am telling you that I have been where you are and you will get frustrated.  There is a reason why Bill who is our mentor tells you in the BFL book to throw your scale away.

    If you are going to do BFL you have to keep it simple.  Do not eat from books other than BFL.  Figure out your daily calorie, protein and carb need and do not go above it.  I weigh 160 and I eat about 300 calories for each meal, 26 grams of protein and 26 grams of carbs for each meal.  If your carbs are a little short that is ok but your meals have to be close to that or you will not drop a pound.

    If you don't give your body a chance to make the changes it needs to make then that is such a shame.  For the first time please have faith in something.  Look at the champion pics.  It works.  Too many people post every day that say that they threw their scale away and kicked butt, ate like pigs on the free day and lost weight and met goals after 12 weeks.

    Guys there is a reason this program is 12 weeks and not 2 weeks.  The initial weight you lose is all fluid.  When you start the program you are drinking soda or tea or whatever and when you start drinking water the way you are supposed to you take your body out of dehydration and it will automatically reward you by letting go of the water since your continuously putting it back in.

    Erin, stop and take a breath, sit down with your menu, write down your calories, protein, and carbs, look at your water in take.  I will help you with it if you want me to.  THROW YOUR SCALE OUT OF THE WINDOW!!!!!!!!!

    You should weigh and do measurements before and then weigh and do measurements on day 84.  Go by how you feel.  How do your clothes feel?  How does your skin look?  How much energy do you have?  Guys you have not done this for over 3 weeks.  Remember I told you that your body is going through so many changes.  Make sure you are eating 6 meals.  When are you working out?

    Erin, please let me help you through this.  You are worth it my friend.  You are reaching out so I know you are still with us.

    Please let me know.  I will walk you through this whole program with me girl.  We are in this together.  I am having the same insecurities.  Remember those are the demons that got us here in the first place.  It is that demon that tells me that if I miss a meal I will lose more.  For the first time my friend ignore him and listen to me.  Have faith and leave the scale.  Let's figure this out ok.

    You with me?