Body Invincible - Team starting June 26/27, 2011

  • Hi Everyone! im so glad i found this group! I started June 27th as well, i've never done body for life before but my dad swears by it!

    I've had about 7 lbs that i havent been able to remove for a year that now has turned into 10 lbs and i hope it stops there. My roommate and I had this horrible Idea to try the Atkins diet and in the end it left me so extremely tired with terrible breath and in the end made me gain about 2-3 extra pounds after i messed up about a million times here and there.

    I don't know about anyone else out there but my former ways of taking off weight (i admit short lived) was through severe calorie restriction and a lot of cardio, so starting this body for life is both scary and comforting knowing that people have had such success without having to essentially starve themselves (as we all know this never works). I do admit though that I am still counting calories and try to keep them under 1200.  I'm 5'4 and weigh 135 lbs. My normal weight (prior to the 10 lb gain) is usually between 123-125.

    Here is my menu so far, please pick it apart, i want to do this right.

    m 1: 1/2 cup plain oatmeal mixed with 1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese mixed with cinnamon, sweet and low brown sugar and vanilla extract (sounds gross but actually one of my favorite meals). This reminds me, is artificial sweetener acceptable?

    ,m2: dannon light and fit yogurt mixed with 1/2 cup cc

    m3: pork tenderloin with mixed steamed veggies

    m4: yogurt/cc

    m5: grilled chicken breast, side salad and roasted veggies

    m6: don't always have meal 6, but if i do its usually a scoop of eas vanilla whey shake

    A shake i played around with that was delicious and thought i'd share was a scoop of vanilla whey, half of a yoplait apple turnover yogurt, ice, water, cinnamon and a little vanilla extract in a blender. I put it back in the freezer for about 20 mins and it was like a slushy

    My eating has always been extremely emotional and i really need to concentrate on slow and steady and being patient and loyal. Thanks everyone for any help!

  • Hello everyone! Today starts week 2 for me. I overdid it yesterday on my free day, not so much with food, but with the beer. Today is a new day and a new week :)

    Challenge 1: June 26, 2011

  • Hi EAM1122...I read your post and wanted to comment on a couple things.  First of all, welcome, this program definitely works...I did it several years ago with great results...AFTER trying all the other "diets"...Atkins included.  My first suggestion is to RELAX and follow the program as it was written.  It was written a certain way because it works...and it works for so many people.  So, what I'm getting at is to go by YOUR fist size and YOUR palm size as a portion...not necessarily "1/2 c," etc.  Also...the MOST important thing is to NOT count calories and try to restrict...1200 cals for most everybody is way too low and trying to stay under that is going to screw up your results.  You are going to be lifting hard and doing intense cardio on this program...and that isn't going to be enough to sustain your body's needs.  So let go of all the things you've done before and let this program work for you the way it was written!  :)  Trust me, I know the anxiety of being unsure and wanting to control things...but it really will work if you relax and just follow it.

    As far as your menu...yes, artificial sweetener is allowed.  Also, make sure at meals 3 and 5 you are adding a portion of healthy carbs...sweet potatoes are good, fruit is great...just look on the approved list and make sure you're eating a portion of protein AND a portion of carbs at each meal.  (Coming from an Atkins background, this is probably going to freak you out...but it's OKAY!  Lol.)   Also...make sure you get that 6th meal in as well...even if it is just a shake...but add some fruit to that protein shake to get your carb portion is...or the yogurt like you mentioned, is perfect.  

    Again, welcome to the group!!!  Relax and take it one day at a time.  Eating for me has always been extremely emotional too...I've struggled with an eating disorder and my weight my entire life...but this is a healthy program and the ONLY one that doesn't leave me feeling my moods are more stable, I don't binge, I can stick to it, and it's so easy to follow.    :)

  • WPBILL - I'm sorry that I don't have any good advice for you...trying to figure the weight stuff out myself and wish I could be of more help :(

    ERIN - Congrats on a great 1st week and probably a fun free day!  Best of luck on your start to week 2.

    EAM and Melissa - Melissa that's great advice...all of it!  Having done WW in the past I'll admit that once I plan my meals according to the program I take a look at how many calories I'm taking in.  It usually fluctuates between 1330 and 1450 and I haven't felt hungry at all.  Actually upped carbs a little at the end of the week because I was sooooo tired.  The last two days I've felt GREAT.  

    Idea for the sixth meal (in case anyone needs that treat at the end of the day) is the protein chocolate pudding.  1 Box fat free sugar free chocolate pudding, 2 scoops chocolate whey protein, 2 cups of skim milk in a blender for 1 minute makes 2 servings.  Each serving is A LOT, so I have been making the whole recipe and having 1/4 per night.  It gets thicker the longer it's in the fridge.  That makes me a little light on the 6th meal but I figure that's OK since it's late and some people skip it all together.

    How about results?  Anyone want to post where you are pre-free day?  As of this morning I am down 4.2lbs and 2.3 of that is body fat (I think).  My husband tells me not to look at the scale yet but he wants to lose 4 pounds on this thing vs. my 30 :)

    PATS ON BACKS to all and best of luck for a happy, healthy week #2!!!

  • Good morning all!   Well the 2nd week is or is about to start for all of us.   I had dinner out with hubby and the boys last night & didn't do totally bad, but wasn't "on the program" either.   We had mexican and yes I had some chips & then shared a gordita with my son.   I only had the salad on the side & some steak out of it he ate the rest.   I had water to drink.   So instead of today being my free day I am just counting yesterday as my free day and am back on strict routine today.   I had lost 5 lbs last week and gained back .4 after my dinner last night.   Not bad being it was different food.  I am VERY happy with my week 1 results!!

    mom0four how is that protein pudding?   I just don't like the taste of protein.   I did make some up last week and the more I ate the sweeter it became.   I used another recipe I found on the board here which only calls for 1 scoop of the protein.  Like I said 2 scoops is just too much for me.  Here is what I tried and yes it was WAY TOO thick & sweet!   However, I might make some more because it was tolerable.

    "cottage cheese version with 1.5 cups of cottage cheese, 1 scoop of protein powder, 1/4 cup of skim milk and 1 packet of sf, ff pudding. This was WAY to thick and sweet but less of the protein powder taste. "

    Well today is my rest day from exercise and then next week it's 2 days of lower body which I'm not looking forward to.

    Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend.   :)


    "Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow."

  • Hey Gang,

    Sorry for being tardy, I started on the 27th and figured I would piggy back on your group :-)

    Semper Fi,

    Texas Brez

  • day 2!! my arms are sore and today I did my 20 min cardio on the bike! ouch! I feel like I am eating a lot more but its cool because I like eating so I can just think- only 2 hours until I eat again! Then I can plan what combo I feel like having. I just made 1/2 cup egg beater omelette with green onion and mushroom with hot sauce and a small amount of fat free sour cream and a bagel thin pretty good! I ordered the eas choco protein powder online and it's coming on tuesday. I took before pics but I haven't weighed myself in a couple weeks I'll probably do that tomorrow. I am looking forward to lower body work out tomorrow I wanna get rid of cellulite! now if anyone can tell me how to make a baby sleep thru the night I would appreciate

  • Hey Gang,

    Wanted to chime in for my first post by saying that I've completed week one of the BFL challenge.  This is my second time going through the program, about 10 years apart.

    I have not registered as I don't like being limited to supplements (that is how it was back in the day at least).  Also, I am recovering from some injuries and I may need to adjust workouts, not as of yet, but I'm being apprehensive..

    So I lost 6 pounds and 2 inches off my waist in the first week, yes I know, water weight comes off early.

    My question to those who are reading this, what do you do for muscle recovery.  It is taking me a few days after each workout to feel human again, the pain is significant......any thoughts?


    Texas Brez

  • Branches!!!!!!!!!  

    Hey girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, we decided that transformation was not structured enough so we are back if you will have us.  John and I started on challenge 2 Sunday, June 26th.

    We are so excited and today is the beginning of week 2.  We did bring some good ideas back with us and we are kind of combining a few things.

    I told you before how I have become Forest Gump and just feel like running!lol

    Well, Bill created a new HIIT Cardio that is 2 minutes of walking, 2 minutes of jogging and 1 minute of running and you do that 5 times.  Well, we love it!  As a matter of fact we want to do it every day and forget the strength exercises but we know we cant.  We have not used our elliptical since we got back from vacation.  We love the running so much.  Now let me tell ya.  I am not pretty when I run.  I look cute mind you because of my work out outfits (haha) but I sound like an elephant on the road trying to breathe!

    We would love to join you guys and hope you will have us.

    Hi team, My husband and I are on our 2 nd challenge and I cant wait to get to know each of you.

    Isn't this exciting?  I still cannot believe how much I learn everyday.  

    I just realized about 20 minutes ago that we are not taking in enough protein for dinner.  I am starving us to death. lol   Right!

    I would love to share menus if you guys are open to it.  I always needs insight.  We eat fruit and veggies for our carbs and it is so much fun.  I will probably cry and throw a tantrum when watermelon is out of season.  It has become a staple of our meals.

    Have an awesome day!


  • Mom0four - I am with you on the protein pudding.  I eat the vanilla and my husband eats the chocolate.  To me the vanilla tastes like cake batter.  I use smart choice, fat free, lactose free milk and it is so creamy.  It also has 10 grams of protein per cup so it is wonderful in every way.  I use it in both of my shakes during the day as well.  You have to be careful of sugar intake but my milk is the only place I get in sugar so I let it go.

    I am so proud of all you for having such awesome results after your first week.  It was so awesome reading each of your stories.  

    EAM - thanks for sharing your menu.  That was something we really helped each other with on our last challenge.  It is so hard to remember that your protein and carbs should be as close to equal as possible for each meal.  Make sure you utilize the tools that are on the website to find out what your metabolic rate is.  To figure out your protein and carb needs it normally is 1 gm of each per your body weight for active adults.  I weigh 157 and eat 6 meals a day so I try to keep each meal at around 300 calories, 26 grams of protein and 26 grams of carbs. Mom was right also on the don't get too caught up in the calories.  It will eat you alive but definitely make a chart of your meals and figure your carbs and protein.  They don't have to be identical but you may find like I did on the last challenge that I was drinking a protein shake and not taking in any carbs on that meal so I now add 4 strawberries to my vanilla whey protein as well as a cup of my special milk.

    You guys just rock!  Keep up the great work.  Together we can conquer the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or at least fat. haha


  • THANK YOU everyone for all the advice. I must say that after probably 7 straight years of trying to diet by cutting calories and over exercising (cardio only) i am so happy to have found this site. I read the book cover to cover and really believe that this is the ideal program for myself. I've stalked the forum for the past week (haha) and am so glad that i actually decided to join in myself, thanks again everyone.

    Melissa- thank you so much, i really think you hit it exactly on the head with the problems i always find myself into with dieting. Its always a vicious cycle of restricting and restricting and overthinking to the point where it is not sustainable and usually ends with overeating and beating myself up. I really made a conscious effort today of just putting aside all the prior bad dieting habits i've used and just stuck to the palm/fist balanced diet and i feel great.

    mom0four- i bought a sugar free pudding box today and am going to try the protein pudding tomorrow! thanks for the suggestion.

    congrats to everyone who has already seen some real progress! Theres no greater motivation than hard results so keep it up!

    pixie0 i'm going to look aorund the site and determine my metabolic rate. Thanks for the protein ratio tip, i can really see how invaluable this forum is.

    To pose a new question, how has everyones work outs been? My cardios are intense and i feel an intense burn after hitting the highest levels, i love it. I find that beginning the weight training has been trial and error. I journal what size weights i've been using and write down a little note if they were too light or too heavy. At this point i'd say my resistance training has been easier than it probably should be and i'm going to keep upping the resistance until i really can hit the 10's everyone talks about.

    Happy 4th everyone! I'm already loving this group, support and accountability

  • heya pixie welcome! please share what you eat and everyone else too! i loveeee new ideas to not get bored!

    EAM: I dont even think I can do a "10" on upper body training I am at the LOWEST or second to lowest weight on arm machines and I CANNOT physically lift anymore haha! I hope I gain the strength to even attempt a "10" lol

  • Good morning Everybody!

    I'll share my favorite menu day since LINGER you're right the food is great but it's easy to get bored (hope you're getting some sleep btw :)

    Meal 1: Egg white omelet with veggies sauteed in cooking spray and 1 tsp feta cheese with light, whole grain english muffin...Meal 2: Myoplex lite bar...Meal 3: Turkey on whole wheat with mustard, lettuce and tomato...Meal 4: 3/4 cup fruit salad with 2/3 cup cottage cheese...Meal 5: Steamed salmon with a spice rub, small sweet potato and side salad with FF sesame singer dressing...Meal 6: 1/2 serving chocolate protein pudding.

    EAM the workouts are OK but definitely need to be improved for me.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks and have a great day!

  • Hi Everyone,

    I see some new people here since the last time I posted.  Welcome!  I'm happy to be doing the Program with such a nice group.  I love reading everyone's posts!

    Today is day 8 for me.  I weighed the morning of my free day (Sunday).  I lost 4 lbs in week 1.   I REALLY enjoyed my first free day.  I'd been thinking for a couple of days what I was going to have.  I ended up splurging on a scone, wine, and a taste of everything at a potluck BBQ I went to.  Now I'm ready to get back into the groove:  structure and clean eating.

    I did my LBWO this morning.  Last week I was so sore from my LBWO it hurt to bend my legs for 3 days.  UB was sore too, but not nearly as bad.  The free day from exercise came just in time!  LBWO well  this morning.  Tomorrow is spinning for cardio.

    My food has been going great except for Friday and Saturday evenings.  I was out of my routine both nights.  I thought I'd planned well enough but ended up getting a bit out of control once I got home.  Luckly, all I have at home to get crazy with is Kashi, protein bars and shakes, and chicken breast.  However, it was an eye opener.  I have to be especially careful of weekend evenings.

    I  feel strong, committed, and motivated to have a great BFL week!  Sending my best wishes to all of you for the week ahead.  Keep up the great work!


  • Hey Group,

    Did my LBWO mid morning at the gym, went a lot heavier than last week, hopefully I wasn't to aggressive in that I won't be able to walk on Wednesday.

    I did my cheat day yesterday.  My cheats were a gargantuan "unwich" (wrapped in lettuce instead of on bread) from Jimmie Johns, about a dozen sour patch kids, and then 2 beers, 2 pieces of pizza, and 1 piece of cheesecake in the evening, oh and salad with creamy fatty dressing.  I think it actually helped me feel very energetic today, I just don't think I could do a full cheat day, that is kind of how I got into this mess in the first place, ya know?

    I did some research on the amount of pain I was feeling and picked up some Glutamine and BCAA's for post workout recovery, to try and reduce the aching (still have pain from 1st UBWO last week....)

    Other than that, nothing special today, I asked my wife to pull a photo of me from "back in the day" so I can put it on my bulletin board above my desk for motivation.

    I hope everybody's week 2 is off to a great start and Happy Fourth of July!!!!

    Texas Brez