Body Invincible - Team starting June 26/27, 2011

  • Thanks...I'll watch that today!  I haven't added anything to the Myoplex Lite shakes...they're the meal replacement ones.  One packet has 24g carbs and 20g protein...that should be good, right?  

    Thank you for your input!  :)

  • Hi All,

    I'll watch the video over the weekend.  It sounds interesting.

    I'm on my 4th day, and doing well.  I'm a little sore from my weight training, but not too bad.  My arms are still sore from Monday, lower body last night. Still fine tuning my gym weights.  I'm going to spinning tonight for cardio.  I've been a cyclist for years, both classes and outdoors.  Road bike, not x-country.

    I'm one of those who likes to weigh and measure my food.  I track calories and exercise too.  I've allowed myself to live quite out of touch with portion control and listening to my body's ques for a long time so it is helpful for me.  Eventually, I'll stop.  Yesterday I was hungrier than the previous 2 days.  I followed Program perfectly all the way until right before bed when I had an unplanned glass of milk.  I know that's not really a slip up.  I want to be perfect but I keep reminding myself what I read in BFL...progress not perfection.  I feel like I've made so much progress in just this short time.   I agree with Melissa, my stomach has been flatter every day too, and I feel great.  Much better than when I was eating cruddy food and not exercising.   I'm really excited about being on the Program.   I feel proud of myself.  I hope you all feel proud of yourselves, and excited about being on the Program too!

    Melissa said she'd like to know what others are eating. I've been eating mostly the same things each day.  Every mid morning I've had 1/2 c cottage cheese, 1/2 c greek yogurt, small fruit.  I didn't think I'd like that combo but I really do!  The last 2 mornings I've had 1/4 c egg beaters, 4 oz turkey, and small serving of either fruit or bread.  I like oatmeal & egg whites too. Lunch is usually a big green salad, low fat dressing, 4 oz of protein.  Dinner is 4 oz protein (chicken, beef, fish, turkey), small carb (yam, brn rice, whole wheat pasta, beans), 1-2 c veggies.  Each mid-day and evening has been a Myloplex shake and a bar.  I cut the evening bar into small pieces to make it last longer.  

    I live alone, so when I prepare food I usually make enough for several more meals.  That way it's super easy for me to quickly put together lunches and dinners.

    Until next time...


  • Hi, not starting until Tuesday, July 5th (out of town at baseball games all weekend). Is that too late to join in?

  • ksmith - not too late at all!  You'll just end a few days later but let us know when its getting close to the end that you still have a few days and we'll root you in to the finish line!!!!  

    jinger - If the cardio was longer than 20 minutes I couldn't have done it.  I just don't like it. But I must say, its getting easier.  I actually enjoyed my walk/run today and sweated like crazy.  But some days it takes all thats in me to get through it.  As long as you hit your 10s its all you need.  

    Deda - I am so glad you feel proud of yourself and I feel proud of myself too. We deserve to be proud of ourselves just as much as the next person and I had to talk myself through that process over and over the first few weeks.  It was such a mental process for me to let myself feel that I really could be this person. Someone had mentioned visualizing how you would look at the end....I could not do it. I could not see myself that way and had to look at magazines (Athleta and Title Nine clothing catalogs are great for sports models) and picture my head on those bodies and even then it was difficult.  Now I look at the magazines to see which types of figures I want to have - such as I like the soft smooth abs, not necesarily the ripped ones on the models, but if I got ripped, well I guess I could live with it!  =)  Looks like you got the BFL menu down pat!  

    I have been adding turkey bacon and lean turkey links (JennyO) to my breakfast - YUMMY.  I have a hard time with breakfast. I'm just not hungry in the morning - anybody else have that problem?  

    Melissa - sorry - wasn't thinking about the ready-made shakes - is that what you're drinking?  Those would be mixed with proper ratios of course!

    I love these posts - you guys are really keeping me in my place!!  While i have been doing my workouts/cardio I have been thinking - "are you going to post that you had a good workout or a sucky one today Sally???  Get going!!"  So it helps so much.  And I did have a super sweaty, super tiring cardio today!

    Its storming here in NW Indiana (near Chicago) and its weird - coming from the dog keeps popping her head up - she doesn't like it either!  

    Blessed are those who hunger and thirst, for they are sticking to their diets.  ~Author Unknown


  • Day 5 already!!  Only 79 more to go!  

    Welcome glad to have you join us!  

    Oneofthebranches...I'm using the individual packets of Myoplex Lite them at the vitamin store in a box of 20...but they are a meal replacement, like the ready to drink just have to mix them yourself.  Also...I love your quote!  Lol.

    Yesterday's meals:

    (1)  cottage cheese, potato  (2)  baked chicken, sweet potato  (3)  myoplex lite bar  (4)  chicken, veggies, sundried tomato wrap (I know this is not approved...I got it at a restaurant and they didn't have whole wheat)  (5)  myoplex lite bar  (6)  cottage cheese, blackberries/blueberries

    Also...I started a post in this forum about my significant other eating all my supplements and food...I could use some advice on dealing with this if anybody has any experience!  I don't want to go to jail for  :)

    Have a great day guys!!!  

  • I'd like to throw my hat in the ring!

    I'm on my 5th day in. The biggest challenge for me is making sure I have the time. I'm currently working two jobs and have a 7 year old son. I've been getting up early to get to the gym, but at the end of the day I can be dragging. I'm sure I'll  get more accustom to it as I go along.

    I'm excited about the possibilities, but at 5:30 in the morning its hard to get going. What motivators is everyone else using?

    Thanks one and all!

  • I wanted to check in before the holiday far so good, I have upped my portions on my meals to get in enough calories and have a lot more energy to get through my workouts.  Sounds like everyone is right on track.

    Question:  Does anyone use C25K?  I have been using this as my cardio, in your opinion is this sufficient? or should I do this in addition?  I'm not a runner, but would love to be, and have heard great things about this program.

    Have a great holiday everyone!!

  • Hello everyone! Last day of week1 for me, since tomorrow is my free day. I weighed myself this morning and I'm only down 0.6 lbs, but I'm feeling a bit healthier and my belly is feeling flatter. I hope everyone's week is going well!

    Challenge 1: June 26, 2011

  • Erin - congrats on an awesome first week!   The important thing is how you're feeling & that you continue with the program.   The loss will come so don't focus on the weight loss.  

    Desertdiva - I have never done the C25K, but I swear by it!  I think it's an awesome way to work yourself into running.    When I train my boys, I do a similar method with them.   I run 3-4 miles 3 to 4 times a week and although I don't really enjoy it, I love the way I feel afterwards and the fact that it helps me keep my weight in check when my eating is way out of control.   I think it definitely fits into this program and you don't have to add anything else.   However, you can also do other cardio on days when you're bored with running.  

    Yinyang - my biggest motivation is just looking at my before pictures.   It's not where I want to be and they really grossed me out.  :(  

    Well my week eating was awesome.   My week exercising, not so much.   Since I run and cycle, I have never done lower body workouts because I didn't want to get sore.   Wednesday was my first lower body workout and by Thursday I was so sore I could barely walk.   So I talked hubby into a bike ride instead.   At about mile 15 I totally cracked and he was upset with me that I was doing the weights.   I just hope it gets easier.   Next week I have to do 2 days of LBWOs.  

    Hope everyone can stay strong through the holiday weekend.  Most of us should be enjoying a free day at some point.   Woohoo!  1 week under our belts!

    Have a great one and keep the posts coming.  Love the motivation!!

    "Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow."

  • Desertdiva- I am doing the Run Your Butt Off by Runner's World to get myself back into running. I used to be a runner about 5 yrs ago, 10K's, half-marathons and just couldn't run with all the weight that I  have to lose. So I am looking forward to doing BFL, getting the weight off and becoming a runner again!! I plan on doing upper body on my running days (M-W-F-Sat) and then lower body the other 2 days(T-TH).

    Melissa592- Hide your supplements! HA! HA! I take it he is not doing BFL?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I took a vacation day from work  today so I've already done my UBWO.  Yay!  During the week I work out after work at 5:30 PM.  The gym is only a couple of blocks from my office building so it's very convenient.  I have a Myloplex shake about 2:30-3:00 so that I don't have too many carbs in my tummy before a WO since it's advised that you workout on an empty stomach to burn the most fat.  

    Mad dreamer, I know what you mean about being sore.  I'm way more sore from my LBWO than my UB.  I've been taking Tylenol for it.  I went spinning last night and I'm going again tomorrow morning then I'm definitly taking Sunday off from the exercise!

    Welcome YinYang!  I have a close friend who did C25K last summer.  She had not run before.  She loved it!  She's done a number of running events since, and she's still a runner today.  The other day she told me she was going to run for an hour that evening. I used to be a runner.  I offically gave it up the first of this year due to arthritis in my feet joints.  I'm cycling more now.  Running  helped me control my weight but I still ate too much.  Lugging around the extra poundage is tough even if you love running.

    My motivators are the fact that I told a lot of people what I'm doing and they ask how it's going.  I encourage them to ask, and keep an eye on me.  Also, I printed out the 12 Week Journey to Success page that has a square for every day of the 12 weeks.  Each day I put a \ for planning/journaling, a / for following the food plan, and a - for exercise.  If you do all 3 that day it makes a star.  The visual really helps me.

    Keep up the great job everyone!  Keep the posts coming.  I really enjoy hearing how/what you're doing.


  • hey guys! so I didn't start today like I planned (pay day!) because I came down with the 24 hr flu yesterday! I am still not feeling all that well today so I decided to start tomorrow..I already started gathering my food items  and printed out the workout pages that I plan to put into a binder to keep track of everything.. sounds like everyone is doing really well so far!

  • Can I still join the group?  My husband and I both started the challenge on June 27th.  This is my first, his second.  I was really inspired by the amazing results he had 2 years ago.  So far it has been going well, I thought the diet would be difficult for me because it's a drastic change from my sugary ways but I really like it.  I have had a headache for 3 days now and am unbelievably tired.  But my 2 year old has been up for 3 nights with a virus and I'm still getting up at 6 to work that is probably what's to blame.

    Anyway, best of luck to all and looking forward to the next several weeks!

  • Good morning team!  Week 1 is complete and today is my free day! I'm working all though out the holiday weekend though :(. Nothing too crazy planned for my free day, going to go to Old Chicago for lunch and maybe have a beer or two there, but I still plan on counting my calories for the day.

    I'm hoping week 2 gets a bit eaiser.

    Challenge 1: June 26, 2011

  • Hello everyone,  Sorry I am late thanking you for letting me join this group.  I have been busy planning meals and working out (going this afternoon for 20 minute peak cardio at LA Fitness) and all is going well. I even got a compliment from some of the gym regulars that know me yesterday about my progress so far and I told them all about BFL and the Challenge.  I am, however concerned about two exercises in the LBWO.  Primarily the Leg press because I really don't trust that particular machine from the safety aspect and I don't have a training buddy and spotters are not available always(like yesterday), the safety catch and release is too near the support collumns and I am concerned that during getting in and out of position that I might accidentally trigger the release resulting in a catastrophic falling of the weights over my legs that are not yet in position or in transition. I might actually go back to the reverse sled machine which is definately safer and has given me great results in the past.  ANd another concern is the Floor crunch which seems to be extremely difficult to do for me at this point and doesn't give a full range of ab work. I may make that the ending exercise of the ab routine for this reason and continue with the decline ab work which has done real well for me. Are there really only 3 approved ab exercises in this course? Just wondering if that is really sufficient to bring out the washboard look that is what I am shooting for?  Any thoughts on these are welcome. Thanks WPBILL.