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  • I have actually attempted Body for Life for about the last ten years and hang on for a week or two. I'm hoping this time will be different! Throughout those ten years, I have looked at other diets and always come back to this one. It makes the most sense. So I'm nearing the end of my 1st week and I already am very surprised by my amount of energy. I feel great. I have not wavered once from my goal. And the best part is, I have decided to make every single recipe from the Body for Life cookbook, Eating for Life. Every night I review those recipes on my blog, www.lexipink.com, and it is really keeping me motivated. We cook out of this cookbook a lot anyways, but only a few recipes. Well now I'm trying them all and we've been very happy so far. I could use any support or friendships while I get toward my goal. I'm so excited!

    Kelli Green, www.lexipink.com

  • Try to not view this experience as a diet.  I consider it a shift to a more natural lifestyle, taking us back to how early humans, hunter gatherers, would have eaten and gotten physical activity.  It has helped me a lot, and I've been living this lifestyle for well over 2 years.  I became lean and more energetic, and never plan to go back - most of my story is in the bio....You need to stay with it long enough to experience the reward, and then you may find (like I did) that it's too good to give up.


    Once I discovered the joys of weight training, all other passions were transcended.


  • kelltgreen,

    welcome back to bfl.  As Jacium said, its a great program and it does work.  When you say the BFL cookbook, do you mean EAting for life?    Just a red flag, if that is the book you are referring to, it is more of a maintenance book once you reach your goals.  There are good recipes in there, but you have to watch if you are following bfl as prescribed.  Just be careful.    

    You can be successful, just decide what you want and what is more important to you.  Good luck

  • Hi Kelli!

    Welcome back!  It sounds like you really have the determination to see it through this time.  Good for you!  Did you take your beginning pictures and measurements?  Try to take them every 4 weeks.... you'll be amazed at what you see!

    Firesong is correct about the cookbook.  And be very careful about the portions in it.  I pretty much just keep things very simple when I'm in a challenge.  Grilled chicken or fish, brown rice or plain baked potato.  Fat-free cottage cheese and yogurt or fruit.  I drink Myoplex Lite shakes for 1 or 2 of my meals every day.  And lots of veggies.

    How are your workouts going?  Really push yourself to hit those 10's!

    Laurie, 2010 Body-for-Life Champion 46+

    Never underestimate your power to change.

  • Thank you! Could the last two posts please elaborate on the cookbook. From what I read, everything sounds like it has the right foods in it. The only thing I'm really changing is my portions, because I'm a woman. Also, I don't have an actual recipe from the book for every single meal, I will just try them all throughout my challenge because they are all very good.

    This week was great. I just weighed myself and lost 4.2 lbs.

    I'm so grateful for the support and would appreciate any feedback. Thanks!

    Kelli Green, www.lexipink.com

  • I've never used my cookbook actually.  I will have to review some of the recipes and get back to you.

    Laurie, 2010 Body-for-Life Champion 46+

    Never underestimate your power to change.

  • So I have the cookbook now.  The first page I opened up to has breadcrumbs and pasta sauce in it.  Next one:  red wine.  Next;  chicken gravy mix and flour tortillas.  Parmesan cheese. reduced-fat cheddar cheese.  low-fat buttermilk.  walnut pieces.

    None of these things are on the authorized foods list.  (I'm ready to read all the posts that say these things are all fine.  I'm not saying a person can't eat them.... however, if you are doing a TRUE Body for LIFE challenge according to the book, I recommend you don't eat them except on free day.  I can only speak about what worked for me and apparently, it worked very well).

    I did find recipes that were entirely "authorized" also.  Just compare what you learn in the BFL book with what you find in the cookbook.  Use your own judgement.

    I was just on a thread with people starting the challenge tomorrow or Monday.  You might want to check it out if you're ready.

    Laurie, 2010 Body-for-Life Champion 46+

    Never underestimate your power to change.

  • Well maybe I'm a little confused, maybe not, but after READING the Eating for Life cookbook, he says all those foods are "authorized" for this way of life. He gives an entire list of ingredients that are ok to buy. And he also says this cookbook is a great place to BEGIN your challenge. I don't think he would write a book for a challenge, and then write a book with fattier foods for the rest of life. This whole experience, the challenge, and your life afterward should be a consistent way of eating. I would love more input on this from anyone else. And I already started my challenge this past week and have lost 4.2 lbs so far, so I'm feeling pretty good.

    I would like support, and the first paragraph of your last post is anything but supportive.

    Kelli Green, www.lexipink.com

  • Thank you Jacium for your encouragement! I'm excited to have a new lifestyle. I read your profile and you are an inspiration!

    Kelli Green, www.lexipink.com

  • Kellitgreen,

    I have to respectively disagree with the others and say the recipes in eatingforlife are perfectly fine to use with bodyforlife and I believe this is why Bill Phillips wrote this book,there are lots of examples in this book and of people on Bills transformation website who have lost pounds of bodyfat using these recipes, one guy lost 71lbs of fat in 18 weeks with the recipes from eatingforlife.

    Some people tend to think that you have to suffer and eat only bland food to lose fat but this is so not true, mark my words if you dont enjoy the food you eat everyday you wont make this stick

  • Thank you SO much for that. I was really getting discouraged yesterday. I truly believe he made that book to offer more variety. From everything I've read, his "authorized" food lists are examples. Even on this website, it says AN EXAMPLE of authorized foods, and then you click on the link. Thank you!!!! You've made my day :)

    Kelli Green, www.lexipink.com

  • fightingfit,  

    I certainly don't believe you have to eat bland to lose weight.  And I don't think one has to suffer, except maybe on minute 19 doing cardio when I hit my tens.   And anyone can eat anything they want to.  But it doesn't mean they are following bfl program.  Bill sold both BFL and EAS and so now he has the transformation program.  There is a difference between the two.  Please don't get me wrong, not saying one is wrong or right.  Just different.  As you stated his program is now 18 weeks not 12, cardio is different etc etc.  


    I didn't see anyone's post being unsupportive.  I believe people were trying to be helpful.  If you want to follow bfl, then do so.  If you want to eat differently that is up to you.   EAting for Life, ( I am pretty sure) was written after BFL, and as a way to maintain once you hit your goal.   You may have a harder time reaching that goal using that.  

    I do hope you find success.  

  • Thank you for your comments. I guess I am a little put off by Lady Georgie saying you're not a TRUE BFL challenger if you don't follow that list. That list has been updated on this website and even on this website it says it is JUST AN EXAMPLE of food you can eat. I'm certainly not eating what you can't eat. Eating for Life was written to help you start your goal. I do know that. It was written for people, like me, who want to cook whole meals and don't know where to start. A couple of things Lady Georgia said to me, were offputting and would have me now not being a part of BFL if she was running the show. I realize she looks great, she did an amazing job.

    This whole challenge is about trying to reach your goals. There is more than one way to reach your goals. There are so many different healthy foods in the world, they can't possibly all be on that list. And I absolutely do not intend to just stick to that list. That is the entire reason WHY I signed up for Body for Life. They do not make you account for every calorie or every point or every food you eat. They look at your inner and outer transformations and pick a champion from that.

    I believe Bill started an amazing program that has changed many lives and his cookbook is wonderful. I want to be one of those people. If I win a challenge, that would be awesome, but honestly my goal isn't to win, it is to become a healthier person for me and my family and the recipes in that book have already put me on that path. There are several recipes on this site that are identical to the ones in the book. That's all I want. I wanted to come here for support as do most people.

    Kelli Green, www.lexipink.com

  • Kelli,

    Agreed, we all need support.   I don't know Lady Georgia personally but believe she was trying to be supportive.   It's easy to get off track of eating clean without being diligent.  Also you will see on this site, a lot of new folks come in and want to 'tweak' the bfl program.  For a myriad of reasons.  They don't believe the cardio is sufficient, they want to lift weights their way, they want to do something different than HIIT, they don't want to eat 6 meals a day.......it goes on and on.  There are lots of programs that people can be successful doing, and there are people on this forum that don't follow bfl as prescribed, which is fine, but then its important to be upfront and understand one is choosing not to follow bfl.  They are following their own version, thier own program.

    And I couldn't agree more, I love bfl because I don't count my calories, I don't have to do algorithims just to figure out what I am having for breakfast.  And I can have regular dinners with family or friends.  

    I am glad that you are on the path, and bringing your family along.  

    Good luck to you and your family.  

  • The Book EATINGFORLIFE is made for AFTER the challege... After you lose your bodyfat % and the weight your goaled at then eating for life is your next step. Once you achieve the challange your body can then afford to eat from the Eating For Life book.. If you call Body for life , they will tell you eating for life is not reconmended on the BFL challenge

    Also, Lady Georgia is a champ.. we are lucky to have her advice , she is on who has been through the program and came out as a winner. I am thankful for her advice and would honnor all of her helpful tips =]