Round 2 starting on the 27th/06/11

  • OK after my first round i did a great job but want more :) so this time I'm doing things a little different by cutting carbs out after 12pm . so only protein and veg after 12 pm and keeping  protein snacks carbs as low as 9grams per 100 grams and see how i go , as I'm going for a trim down and keeping what muscle i have. my trainer said that if i do this i can still build muscle and trim down to the point i can enter a comp.

    SO WHO WANTS TO DO IT WITH ME , of course you can stick to the normal body for life program and beginners can do it as well with me .

    OK here is my measurements before starting body for life


    BF 27.2%

    waist 113cm

    hip 113.5cm

    chest 117cm

    arm 40cm

    thigh 70cm

    Now this is my after 12 weeks measurements

    Weight 100.5kg

    BF 21.1%

    waist 103.5cm

    hip 108cm

    chest 113cm

    thighs 70cm

    arm 37.5cm




  • I'm starting my 1st round on the 26th :)

    Challenge 1: June 26, 2011