First Challenge - Motivation

  • Just finished week four and I don't feel like much has changed with the way my body looks. I feel healthier, but I don't feel like I "look" healthier.


    Any advice or motivational stories? I just need to know that others who have struggled with this have gotten through it and still achieved "WOW" results. My result pictures up to this point are on my profile.


    Thanks in advance,



  • My radical changes came in week 10-12.   It's hard sometimes to be patient because we tend to want immediate results.  Stay with the program, eat clean and really hit your 10's in the gym.  Don't give up.

  • Im with firesong on this, I had steady scale weight loss all through my first 8 weeks but as far as photos I still felt i looked exactly the same. Until i hit week 10 and then I seen a difference and week11 as well.. This system does work you just gotta follow through and results will come keep at it..