WEEK ONE, DAY 3- Today will be ULTIMATE challenge for me!!!

  • Day 1 I survived passing my husbands wonderful smelling Italian home cooked meal and other sugary snacks that he ate in front of me. 

    Day 2 I survived the temptation to stay in bed instead of getting up and walking around the block with my crying baby boy strapped to my chest.

    Now today.... THIS will be very hard. I will be at my mother's house all day long. She loves to cook and when she does it's usually the fatty foods that I love to eat. She doesn't believe in dieting - her favorite thing to say to me is "You JUST had a baby! The fat will come off on it's own!"  sheesh. 
    Anyways, I have made a mental catalog of the foods I know she has at her house such as cottage cheese, skim milk, potatoes and tuna.

    My plan is to keep myself from getting hungry by planning meals around those staples and filling up on those.

    I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

    I'll check in later and will be on here asking for help if I feel myself getting too tempted.


    Please post ways I can keep myself from cheating!

    Wish me LOTS of luck!!!


  • when you start to feel hungry... drink a glass of water!

    you can do it!!

  • bye2babyfat,

    I can just tell you from my experience, and in challenge 1 I only ever felt hungry once, and that was a morning after a HUGE free day.  The rest of the time I had the opposite feeling, more like, 'wow, i have to eat again?'.   So just watch your schedule, eat every 2 to 3 hours and you will be able to walk right by those temptations.   You should also find as you go along, that those temptations truly lose their calling.  The candy bowl at work holds no interest for me anymore.  And when i too have something on free day, its just not that appealing anymore.  

    And not only can you do this, you will do it.  

  • AAAHHH!!!  So I got here (my mom's house and sure enough she is baking cookies and the whole house smells of them!! I still have another 30 minuets to go before I can eat again and I am biting my fingers off!!!!  

    She already tried her "Well, you can just have one, right? It own't hurt. Just make today your free day and have a healthy dinner tonight..."

    I admit, I am still very tempted!

    I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

  • I caved. I ate a cookie. As bad as I feel, I know how bad I feel eating one- I wish I hadn't. hopefully the guilt will keep me from cheating again any time soon?

  • There is a saying here, that the only way to fail on this program is to quit.  Meaning, so you caved on one cookie, its done, move on and eat clean from here on out.  But I have to say, guilt is not a positive emotion.  Try and throw that away, and think about how you feel when you do eat clean, and what your goals are.  Throw out the guilt.  And think of it maybe this way, before BFL you would have had how many?   So move forward and you will do great.  

  • Very true. If not for BFL, I think i would have eaten ten!!!  lol