Starting June 13... Anybody in?

  • Great to see how we are all progressing!

    I have been exercising everyday without 1 skip! So, I definitely have more energy!

    But... my eating... has not been perfect at all. Almost everyday, I feel like 1 meal is somewhat cheating... So hard to stick to the EATING PART!!!!

  • It looks like our group has gone pretty quite.  Are others out there who started on June 13?  I finished Week 4 Day 2 today, and it feels great.  So far, out of all the workouts, I've missed only 2, so I feel really positive about that.  I have an amazing amount of energy, and such a positive mood now.  I am really glad that I started this Program.

    @Winner2011, I agree, sticking to the eating part is so tuff!  At my house, there is always junk food (not that I buy...), and it is SUCH a temptation for me.  To be honest, the only way that I am able to get through is that I don't even look at the shelf where the junk food is.  But, I totally understand, the eating has to be the most difficult part for me.

    I hope there are others out there who are still with us.