Starting June 13... Anybody in?

  • Alisa,

    I went to Gym this afternoon. It was HARD! Somewhat painful. I was so out of shape... I barely worked out with the lowest weight in the machine, 10 lbs.

    It will get better!

    Let's keep doing it!

    Yeah~ At least, I am so proud that I did today!

  • Hi John, I'm starting today also.  My goal is to lose the weight I gained while pregnant and get more energy.  I haven't done my workout for today yet, but will be doing it later tonight.  I look forward to chatting with you as we start this 12 week challenge.


  • I'm in started today!  Looking to drop 13-15 lbs.  Ready & motivated.  Let's keep in touch!

  • Not so great start...I did get my workout in and started off eating good but not going to get all six meals in today. I'm gonna feel this tomorrow....whew

  • I worked out today and all went well... I just made the switch from dayshift to night shift (6p to 6a) YUK! Anyway i got all my meals ready and I am prepared!!


  • Hey gang!  I just wanted to chime in and say that I started today too!!  

    35 year old mom of 3 under 5 years old

    185 lbs

    goal:  165

    I've done BFL before between babies 2 & 3 .. felt AWESOME .. can't wait to FINISH!!  Sept 4th baby ..

    oh, and day 1 .. I kicked it's a$$.  :)


  • Alright Becky!!!


  • Hey everyone! I started on June 12 (Sunday, because I'd like Saturday to be my "free day" most weeks.) I'm two days in — did 25 minutes of HIIT aerobics (Turbofire) on Sunday, and the UBWO yesterday...WHEW! I am used to lifting heavy weights, but that workout was like nothing I've ever done before! The short time frame and doubling up on muscle groups really wiped me out!

    Has anyone else ever tried the TurboFire HIIT videos? They're really great if you're looking to squeeze the cardio in without leaving the house....high-impact calisthenics like burpees and squat jumps, with kickboxing and other tough moves thrown in. They're one of my favorite ways to get my HIIT in.

    2 days down, 82 to go!

  • Yes, I'm started on Sunday, but I haven't posted the pictures.  I will very soon...

  • 2 days down and so far so good!   Monday was a bit of a struggle because I didn't get enough sleep but I felt so much better after making myself workout.

    Are any of you tracking your calories and macro counts or are you just monitoring portions and protein/carb combinations?

  • Hello everyone!

    For some reason I couldn't post on the thread yesterday, but I started on June 13th too.  I managed to complete the challenge once about 3 years ago with great results but have started and stopped many times since then.  I'm determined to complete the full 12 weeks again and watch my body transform.  It really is an incredible thing to behold.  I need to take pics so that I don't miss out on the transformation.  

    I'm feeling sore and tired from these first two days, but it feels much better than feeling like a slug on the couch!  LOL!  I need to get ready for my lower body workout tomorrow.

    Good luck everyone!


  • Hello everyone... Cardio went well today... Hi TX Girl I pretty much go portion control....


  • Dear 6-13-11 BFL Friends,

    I'm loving this exercise! I already feel more energy~!! Eating is HARD part... I cheated 1 meal per day so far... Hope to get better! Let's keep up our good work. Today is the 3rd day!!!! I hit the gym 3 days in a row, WOW. I'm so impressed by my progress!

  • Hi Winner2011,

    I totally hear you on being impressed with going to the gym 3 days in a row.  I'm right there with you!  

    My body is achy and dang it, I forgot to take a couple of Tylenol this morning to combat it.  The first couple of weeks of weight lifting can be really rough with all of the soreness.  But you know...the soreness feels kinda good.  I know that I'm doing something good for my body!

  • Hi Everyone--

    I also started on June has been a challenging few days, but I am already feeling great!!  Good luck to everyone!!