Starting TODAY! June 8, 2011

  • Hello everyone...I'm 47 years old and have always loved health and fitness. Living in a small community surrounded by nobody with the passion in this area has been a struggle. I am not much on posting and blogging, however I am desperate for motivation and encouragement. In saying this I would welcome any bit of advise, workout buddy, motivation and encouragement as I start my journey today. Blessing to all and praying for all that is starting this challenge to improve their earthly temple.



  • Hi Blondi1963. Congratulations. I am a newbie as well. I have read the book and I am scheduled to start next monday, 06/13/2011. I'm sure we can keep tabs on each other and encourage each other. Good Luck!! I'm sure you'll do great.

  • Congrats on beginning your journey!  I began mine this past Monday.  Feel free to check out my blog, where I'm tracking my own journey.  A lot of it right now deals with my workouts/thoughts, but will also have recipes and suggestions going forward.  Look forward to hearing about your progress!

  • Your here, blondi, its the critical first step!  Is online support quite as good as in person contact?  Probably not.  Is it a lot better than nothing?  Absoultely!  

    In the end, it all comes from inside of you!.  You are doing this for yourself - as I hope we all are - enjoy the support here and get ready for the appreciative comments from your real life friends and family as your body is re-made (so to speak)

  • Congats on making the decision to transform bro!

    I feel with you about a community with zero passion...All I can say is BE the passion in your life & community. ALso you can always get the support, friendship & encouragement fron this community!

    Sending you prayers of strength and friendship!



  • You've come to the right place. The BFL community are amazing people and have been of great help!

    I feel you on the lack of passion thing. i am getting my motivation from this site.

    Good luck.

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