Separating cardio & weights

  • So for me today is Day 1 of my challenge. In order to get in an hour walk/jog in the morning, I have to get up at 5. I don't really want to cut my cardio time, it's been my routine for the past 2 weeks. What I am wondering is if anyone else splits up the cardio and the weight training. I plan on doing the weight training when my son goes to sleep tonight, around 9 or so and it will be the full upper body circuit. Is it okay to split? Time wise it is what works for me. Thanks!

  • Try doing BFL by the book without changing anything to it. All newbies come to BFL changing stuff, or adding more work than they should. Most of them don't stay the distance because it is taxing enough the way it is. Each single step in BFL has a whole science behind it. Bill Philips did not complicate the book by stuffing it with scientific info, but BFL is built in a certain scientific way to get you results.

    Your one hour or two hours or even three hours of cardio will not be HIIT, the 20 minute workout  in the BFL book is.

    Don't do cardio and weight on the same day, or you will be injured.

    Good luck.

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