Starting TODAY - June 6, 2011

  • Someone once told me that the most popular day for starting a new diet/fitness regimen is "tomorrow."  I used to laugh at that until I realized that I was the one putting off changing my lifestyle.  I'm beginning my journey today.  While I could go into detail about what led me to this point, it might be easier to point you in the direction of the blog I started to monitor my progress and allow me to reflect on the changes as I slowly take my life back.

    If you are interested in checking out the blog, please go to

  • Hey ansley,

        I just read through your blog and that was quite the story.. You already took the hardest step.. deciding to make that change! Now the next step is to take many steps one week, one day, one meal one workout at a time baby steps, It's not called a "challenge" for nothing It took me 2 failed attempts and more than 10 years before i Finished a challenge, the ends totally justify the means as long as you are true to yourself and keep yourself accountable. Write your goals down focus on them everyday! Keep updating your blog because you will have at least one person checkin on your progress periodically ;) and post often here whether it be to share amazing news or to simply get a literary kick in the rear.. So congratulations on deciding change your body and your life! You can do this and you can finish this.. Don't forget your blog is bookmarked so I'll be visiting every now and then.

    Much aloha.. kaina

  • Hey Ansley,

    I am starting my challenge today too!! Good Luck, keep us posted!


  • Good Morning and Welcome!

    I've being on my "challenge" since 05/09 and I haven't been very good thus far.  But today is a new day and I have made the committment to start working out on a regular basis.  Over the past 5 weeks, I haven't worked out due to an injury that is very painful when I attempt any form of lower body / cardio workout ~ therefore, I just didn't do any exercises.  My eating habits have not been the best either.  

    I am going to put my health back to where it should be once and for all!  

    I welcome you to this journey we are on and I wish you all the best!

    Keep us posted as I will do the same!


  • Starting today as well - you are so right about the "manana" attitude about getting started.  Well, tomorrow is here it appears - good luck to you - lets both/all look and feel a lot better in 3 short months!

  • Today didn't begin exactly like I planned. While I intended to do my workout in the morning, my car (or more specifically my tire) had a different idea. As a result, I found myself at the Firestone store listening to some guy tell me that my rim was cracked instead of doing my upper body workout.

    The morning wasn't an entire waste, though, since I had enough time before class to hit the campus fitness center. First stop was the locker rental station (rentals opened at 6 AM this morning). Lockers at the GSU fitness center don't last long, especially the larger ones. The fact that I managed to get one was a miracle in itself. Next stop at the fitness center was the trainer office to schedule a follow-up fitness assessment. My trainer managed save me a bit of money by agreeing to do the assessment during a normal session. Why do an assessment? It's not a full one, but I wanted to get certain numbers/figures/measurements since I'm starting this journey. Tomorrow I'll get my body fat measured (caliper method), cholesterol checked, VO2 max determined, and blood pressure taken.

    I did get my workout in this evening, which you can check out in my blog.

  • AnsleyB, I really feel your pain! I woke up this morning to the worst cramps I have had in years. Right away I was so disappointed, I had it all planned out and then something I had no idea was coming was trying to sabotage my day! I had listened to Bill Phillips audiobook earlier in the week and one thing he says that really stuck with me is we need to expect adversity and not let ANYTHING derail us from our plan. That really motivated me. I decided to go full steam ahead. I did good with the meals (there were some weird combination like chicken and oatmeal???) but what I found more difficult was completing the upper body workout in 46 minutes. I guess since I am new at this things take me more time. By the end of the day I was down 4 pounds, probably just from not eating all the salt and sugar I had in my previous diet.

    Day 1 down!

  • A couple of new entries have been added.  Notes from the fitness assessment with additional starting measurements/cholesterol test results have been added.  Additionally, I'm going to be including a small change each week that I'll be making in my own life and that hopefully others can incorporate too.

  • Hi Ansley,

    I took a quick look at your workout routine. when you do level 9 (the 12 reps), you need to use to the same weights you used at level 7 (the 8 reps). As for level 10, (the final 12 reps), you will find yourself compelled to do very light weights sometimes even lighter than level 5. You will know which weights to use for level 10 when you're there. By then the muscle will be completely depleted, you will dictate which weight to go for. What's you're doing right now is not by the book. Good luck.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Hi Ruby,

    Thanks for the feedback.  I know what the book says regarding the amount of weight to use for each level.  However, I'm using this first workout or two as a "gauge" of sorts to determine how much weight I can lift without overtraining certain muscle groups (while also maintaining good form).  This has been a problem in the past (particularly biceps/triceps/shoulders) and I'm trying to pay more attention to what my body is telling me.  Hence, dropping my weight lower on "level 9."  After this week (at the latest), I'll be going along more with how the book has the strength sessions structured.

  • Got the interval cardio session in earlier today.  It's the first time I ran for 20 minutes straight in years, although the last two minutes kicked my butt.  More details on the session can be found on the blog.

  • Good Morning.

    Ansley ~ I've been reading your blog...very good.  You must have been working on the treadmill for quite some time for you to run the full 20 minutes.  I can't get over 4.5mp on the treadmill yet!

    What is your height?  By the looks of your measurements, we are about the same.  I'm 5'4".

    Keep up the good work and keep us posted of your blog.  

    I don't have a blog but I try and post BFL every morning while I drink my tea.

    Take care...


  • Well next two days should be tricky - my gym is a YMHA and they are Jewish holidays - have located an alternate site to workout but getting there is going to be difficult - will not be able to go before work which is my usual time - wish me luck

  • Finished my workout an hour or so ago.  It was a lower body day, but I deviated a bit (nothing major so don't overreact).  Also did some treadmill work but that's going to be standard going forward.

    More details on the session can be found on the blog.

  • Quick update before I head into class.  Yesterday's session has been added to the blog as well and my Dexa Scan results!