Well I started.

  • I actually started June 2nd but didn't get around to post.  I had tried the challenge about 10 years ago.  Only went thru 3 weeks of it but I had saw progress.  Been contemplating starting back again, when two things happened that pushed me over the edge.  

    1. Met a guy at work who was 1 year older than me (I'm 44) and the poor guy could hardly walk.  I swore he was atleast in his late 50's. A big wake up call for me.

    2. My company opened a gym that was employee only, and the cost was 10 bucks a month.

    That was a sign for me to start (that and my wife pointing at the sign, lol)  This time it's gonna be a little different.

    I'm 10 years older,

    I work at a very physically demanding job.  I am a shipbuilder.  I climb a minimum of 30 flight of stairs a day and have a mile and a half walk roundtrip from car to the ship.  In the year and a half that I have worked their, I went from 230 pounds to 190.  That is me eating when I want, what I want and no gym time.

    This leads me to another question.  With the type of work  I do, should I change lower body work outs or my cardio?

    The sweet deal is, I work at night.  I get to the gym @ 1130 am and I have the WHOLE gym to myself.  One power rack station with 460 pounds of weight and one barbell....dumbbell set up to 150 pounds,  and all the machines.  This is more than I had at my finger tips than last time.  I had a bench and about 80 pounds of dumbbells.

    Anyways, I am looking forward from learning from all of ya'll.  I know I'll be bugging the heck out of ya'll.



  • Welcome aboard!   Its a great journey.  

    Personally I wouldn't let your work effect your workouts at all.  Though I am not saying you won't feel it the next day on those flights of steps, but I am betting you will see great results.  Follow the program as is.  It works.   All the best to you.

  • I agree with firesong.. Don't change up anything. I have a physically demanding job as well delivering cases/kegs of beer majority done by hand lots of walking and lots of stairs too. In my experience since going through my first and now almost 3/4 done with my second challenge it's only made work easier but also make sure you are getting enough food intake everyday to keep up with the job and the workouts..because if you don't you will fell the difference and another thing is the water make sure you get your water in.. and also ans firesong said It truly is a great journey.. Stay focused post often both in good and especially in bad times helps to keep you on track and accountable. After 12 weeks you will be a new person inside and out!

    Much aloha.. kaina

  • O yeah 10$ a month and all that metal to move sweet I wish I had a deal like that.. nice!

  • Thanks firesong and island_dude.

    Yes, I have to drink plenty of water.  Was doing so before I started bfl. The high's over here is 103 and that's outside.  I'm in a huge steel ship with no a/c and min. fans.

    I'm still playing around with the food thing.  Trying to be as frugal as I can cuz of low funds.  boiling eggs for today as we speak.  Gonna have to go by wally world and buy some protein powder.

    Plus eat plenty of tuna!!!


  • J,  You will start thinking island-dude and I are conspiring parrots or something.  But i-dude is right on, keep up enough calories with the program and your job.  Protein powders are a wonderful thing to use, and there are some cheaper if you look around.  And the program is flexible, so work on that so you don't burn out on only tuna fish.  

  • how's it coming along jamey? I hear you on the wally world.. you should check out costco too.. I get alot of my stuff from there just the stuff i consume alot of like eggs.. cottage cheese yougurt.. and sweet potatoes.. Hope you dong well..