Starting 06/06/2011

  • Starting the same day (today) Leanne - best of luck - but any recipes I could contribute could land you in the morgue the way I cook - and I dont think "lay off the beer" would be as relevant a hint to you as it is to me - seriously - good luck - see you at the finish line

  • I think my favorite BFL recipe is the protein pancakes. You an make extra and freeze them for an easy, quick, and DELICIOUS meal.

    You can adjust the portions to your own needs but the usual one serving recipe is:

    1/2 cup oats

    1/2 cup fat free cottage cheese

    3 egg whites

    Dash of cinnamon, vanilla, and truvia

    Blend in blender till liquid. Cook like a pancake using PAM (or similiar spray). Top with 1/4 sugar free syrup, or sliced strawberries, blueberries, or PB2 and you have a meal that tastes so good you think you'll think it can't possibly be healthy.

    For those that are trying to keep each meal closer to 200 calories (when shooting for 1200 calories a day) I adjust the recipe and use a 1/3 cup of cottage cheese and oats and only 2 eggs whites. This version combined with 1/4 sugar free syrup is about 210 calories and makes a nice sized meal for me.

  • Also Tuna fish is an excellent protien source that requires no "kitchen facilities".

  • Starting my journey on Thursday.  I am on vacation right now, but I am starting the minute I get home.  Does this group have room for one more?  

  • I am going to make several meals on Friday for next week.I have  planned for this week already with 3 shakes per day,  an egg white based meal and fruit for breakfast,  a salad with protein and carb based lunch  and steamed veggies, protein with carb for dinner.I did collect a few recipes that look good and I will incorporate them into my plan next week.I wanted to keep it simple this week and get a good foundation so that is how I planned. I am new to weight training and felt really unsure of myself today but I am sure with practice it will come together.

  • Hey guys I am starting this week as well.

    I have tried this in the past and lasted for about 3-4 weeks.

    I will check in here daily with you guys to see how it is going with you all as well.

    Did everyone post their starting weight and BF?

    Mine is 222 at 17.5% BF.

    My goal is to go south of 9%.

  • Hello, everyone.  Started again Monday (after a few false starts) and looking to do much better this time.

    Pictures and numbers posted (not for the weak of heart).  Got a long ways to go but the longest journey starts with a single step.

    Hope everyone has a good Tuesday.

  • I started the morning with upper body workout. Feeling a little confused over the machine we got in the business basement. But i did the best I could and did a good stretch also. Hopefully I wont be that sore in my muscles tomorrow ;)

    The pound thing is difficult to me... Here we use kilogram instead but I found a converter online. Weight 171 pound (77,5 kg). I do not have shakes and wonder if it is possible to find them in Sweden? I do have water and roast biff with sallad for lunch and a grapefruit as a snack.

    Have a great day everyone!  

  • Hi everyone! Hope all is going well on day 2. I got hit with a killer ocular migraine while getting ready to head out the door for the gym. I can't drive when I get them because I never know how bad it will mess with my eyes...I get anything from just blind spots and wavy lines to double vision and blackouts. Fortunately I don't get them oftent, but no workout this morning. My vision and most of the headache has cleared, so I'm hoping to try again later this afternoon for the workout. Still following my meal plan which really is at least 80% of what it takes to get that lean body we all want.

    To those of you who have had a few false starts or never made it past the 4th week. You can do this! Just recommit everyday and most importantly get right back on track after a slip up. I think my key to success last challenge was instead of starting all over again after a slip up, I just let it go and kept going. In previous challenges, by always starting over I would give myself to many excuses and never actually have the sense of accomplishment from finishing the 12 week challenge. I'd usually end up saying, "well I blew it today. I will start all over again next Monday...and then procede to eat horrible for the rest of the week. Try again on Monday, slip up, promise to start the following week, eat horrible until then, start again on monday, slip get the picture.  

    Keep your eating clean and your workouts dirty!

  • My second day too!  Had this weird overwhelming sense of wekaness about 10:30 last night and (barely) resisted the urge to treat it with something loaded with sugar - went to sleep early instead and woke up ok.  

    Today was already a sort of a good day as my routine was disrupted because I unexpectedly could not work out before work (which is my normal pla) but got myself to the gym around lunch and got in the workout.  Alos learned that the gym will be closed on Wednesday and Thursday and got a head start on planning an alternative.  My sense is that there is no way everything will go smoothly and learning to adapt and get in a workou of some kind is going to have to be part of this - while still recalling that the serious hardcore BFL workout has to be the goal and the norm

  • I'm on day 2 which is my cardio day. I'm eating better and finally having the energy I need. I started with 2 weeks of straight walking and dietary changes to prepare myself. Yesterday I found myself wanting to keep up with my morning walks which are no more than 4 miles in an hour so nothing crazy. So I walked in the morning and last night did the weights. It felt good, but I think I need to go 5 lbs heavier next week. I'm not feeling much, the weights were too light. But it's a good start to the week so I'll stick with the lighter weeks and work on form. It's amazing how your body responds when you mentally target the muscles you are working on. YOu end up physically targeting them too.

    My biggest issue with last nights workout was the time it spent to change up my weights because I have a threaded barbell and threaded dumbbells. AND I don't have enough weights to have weights on either barbell so I'm getting a new barbell and some more weights but in the meantime will improvise tomorrow and do exercises that only require one barbell at a time or use something on the home gym we have instead

    Now, about diet and cardio. I kind of got scolded because I want to do extra cardio, but I like my walks, and I'm working on getting myself ready for a 5k in August. So I make my running days my off days and walk on the days I do weights.

    As for the diet, I'm still working on it. I did have the protein pancakes for breakfast and they weren't horrible, but they were sure filling. I'll need more eggs in my house, do you think we can use egg beaters?

    I love the new me, the energy I have, how good and strong I feel, and how much I can get done now not being so tired. I am going to make it through this week. And then the next. And the next. It's a slow change. I didn't get 222 overnight, I won't get 135 by next week. I'm ready this time. We can all do this, it's 12 weeks of our new lives. Wait till you see yourself at the end!

  • Hey Clennon, STEP AWAY FROM THE SUGAR!!! lol I cut a lot of sweets/sugar out of my diet and I think it's what is contributing to my newfound energy. Good for you for saying no. Can you workout at home at all?

  • Ok well starting day four, how was everyone's lower body workouts?  Are we all still here?

  • I started day 4 with a nice and easy 3.75 mile walk.Yesterday's lower body workout was easy, until I tried to get out of bed this morning. Things hurt, but it means I found muscles and they're working. I am starting the day with a breakfast burrito consisting of 4 egg whites, low fat chedder cheese, and turkey sausage wrapped in a wheat tortilla wrap. Lunch will be a grilled turkey with lettuce, tomato & light mayo in a wrap. And dinner is going to be venison roast with a sweet potato and perhaps green beans. I bring watermelon & nonfat yogurt in for snacks and I'm having 2 shakes today in between as well. I have been skipping my evening snack, is that bad? Probably helps with the morning energy, doesn't it?

    So I'm on track, week one coming to a close, woohoo!

  • Congrats on beginning your journey!  I began mine this past Monday as well.  

    Feel free to check out my blog, where I'm tracking my own journey.  A lot of it right now deals with my workouts/thoughts, but will also have recipes and suggestions going forward.  Look forward to hearing about your progress!