Unable to do workouts while on vacation

  • So I've been doing the Body For Life for a week and a half now. I am loving working out and am really getting into it. However I am out of town for 4 days, and 3 of those days are my workout days. They have a gym at the hotel I am at, but it only has stuff to do cardio, so I can't do any weight training. what do I do on the days of my weight training? Any advice?


    - Philippe

  • Hi Philippe,  some of the people on the thread that I am on have vacationed and been out of town on business during this 12 weeks.  What they have done, if there is no gym, is brought workout bands.  I guess there is a website that shows excersises and everything.  I hope this helps   jill

  • www.muscleandstrength.com/.../search.html

    If this doesnt take you to the body weight excercises, then just enter it in the box that asks "what equipment"

    Always have a plan. :)

  • I agree re: resistance bands!  Super easy to bring along on trips.  I got an entire set for $50 from www.bodylastics.com - also comes with instruction manuals as well as videos/training routines on the site.  Honestly, I use them more than machines or free weights - it takes a little getting used to at first but like anything new, it's just a little learning curve.  Nice to not have to wait for someone else to be done completing their set or trying to find the other 15 lb dumbbell that the last person left over in the corner :)