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  • My first workout at the gym in years...it was tough getting thru 45 minutes of just lower body exercises.   I'm a cardio girl and now need to add weights in order to keep the flab away.   I don't really need to lose weight, I just want to exchange 5-10 lbs of fat for 5-10 lbs of muscle.

    I have some questions regarding the workout for women and the diet plan as well.  I have the book and it seems genaric, in other words the women and men eat the same amount of food and work out the same muscles.  It would seem to me that men would notice a greater difference because they are probably consuming less calories than the women and women should be consuming less in order to achieve desired results.  Any thoughts on this?

    Also, should the amount of protein one consume be based upon his or her size or should it still be the same amount for everyone?

    Finally, any advice on making the protein shakes more bearable...while at work (at home I can use the blender but on the go)   I understand the food is better than supplements but with work and kids, I find it is hard enough for me to eat and prepare three square meals, let alone six, thus I must resort to shakes and protein bars if I am to get the right amount of protein. However, I'm still not sure how much protein I should be consuming. 

    Any help from the pro's would be helpful.








  • Hi Tiny Dancer!

    Congratulations on making a commitment to change your life!  Men and women don't eat the same amount of protein on this plan.  It is designed to be very simple by using the palm of your hand and the size of your fist.  I know for some people, they want a "number".  It is generally accepted that if you take your weight and divide it by 6, that is the number of grams of protein you should consume each meal (also the number of grams of carbs).  So if you weighed 150 lbs divided by 6, that's 25 g of protein and 25 g of carbs per meal.  For me, I drink Myoplex Lite shakes for 2 of my meals and that's only 20 g of each..... that's fine.

    I drink the ready-to-drink Myoplex Lite shakes.  They are delicious!!!

    Congratulations on doing your first lower body workout!!!  If you did it right, you'll have a hard time sitting on the toilet tomorrow or going down stairs!!!  I love those days.

    Laurie, 2010 Body-for-Life Champion 46+

    Never underestimate your power to change.