MMBs (May Mod Bods) Roll Call--Who's still here after week one?

  • Oh and I'm still doing warm room yoga on my free days. I definitely want to recommend it to you all, it's perfect for really stretching out your muscles and relaxing. I absolutely love it and am finding that its really helping to strengthen my core.

  • Hey Berney,

    Glad to know you're doing great. The passion and happiness in the way you write is infectious. Go, girl!! I looked up warm room yoga classes in Birmingham, and as usual, Britain is still way behind. I wanted to do yoga for years but it looks like I am going to have to do some self help as the closest yoga instructor is either charging an arm and a leg or over 40 minute drive away.

    I started week six yesterday. I wish my morale was higher. My friends are mocking my efforts that showed no results so far. No matter how much i explained, they just argued more and they even "advised" me to quit. That made me very disappointed that my friends are such ninnies (although i saw jealousy that i wouldn't have liked to see). I wish I had more upbeat friends.. ah well.

    Anyway, the eating plan is still "ok". The workouts are great. I go to a boxing club as well Mondays and Thursdays. It's an absolute torture on Monday when it coincided with upper body workouts. But in time, my body will get used to it.

    When things fall into a routine I will go back to belly dance lessons as well.


    Hang on.... where is everyone else?!

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Ruby: Thanks for the compliments!

    I'm starting to feel the down morale! I finally weighed in and I've only lost about 2 pounds. :(  I keep reading the success document for ladies... It sorta helps. I think I've been introduced to my first down week... No one said it was going to be easy.

    I'm trying EXTRA hard to keep my chin up for week 8 changes. Still no slip ups and I'm following everything to the book. No missed workouts..5/6 meals a day. I'm being mocked by a few friends. One in particular thinks if its that important to me, I should just go to her doctor where she just had lipo...UGH! All she does is count calories and thinks yard work counts as exercise. Of course since her surgery she's lost 20 pounds so its hard to plead my case. Than I have one friend in weight watchers whose lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks and think I should switch over. (less workouts, more food, etc.)

    Don't worry about the yoga! Maybe you should consider becoming a teacher in your area. You could definitely offer a competitive advantag. Joking!! You could always just buy a cheap yoga dvd off they have a great variety that are 1 hour just to get a good strech on your off day.

    Well I feel a little better getting my thoughts out. Hope everyone is doing ok!



  • Berney,

    I am sorry I may come sound like "telling" you what to do, but please no matter what happens don't do lipo. They never tell us the whole story. In a few years time, your friend will need another lipo as fat lumps under her skin will start to form as the body grows. Then another, then another. Broken blood vessels will not cope much and with time cosmetic surgery for the skin will be necessary. This is what an Imperial College of London surgeon told me (he was a good friend) when I consulted with him about weight loss and lipo. This is very similar to what they don't tell us about breast implants, they will need to be changed every 3-5 years otherwise, they will seep toxins into the body.

    Those who laugh last, will laugh the most. Be prepared to see results in week 12. Many saw results in week 8, many saw results in week 12. Lipo and Weight Watchers don't make people healthy, strong, or make them have a great body. They just make us a small version of a body will all sort of cosmetic problems.

    What soooo many people seem to forget is that other than a body that LOOKS nice, there is a body that FEELS nice. What is the use having a lovely looking body, then when someone touches it, or when it moves, it's all wobbly and gross. It's not attractive, and it doesn't age well either.

    If i take a choice between being slim and wobbly or average-weight and firm, I will take firm ANY DAY.

    I am ridiculed by my friends too. In fact, they are "telling" me to quit. But i know better because I did BFL before and I know it works. In fact, almost 7 months passed since the first discontinued cycle, and when I went back to the gym to pick up where I left (due to injury) it took me only one week to bounce back as if I never stopped.

    I tried Weight Watchers. I have nothing to say in their favor. I can do them for ten years, then .. if I look back at, what will I have learned from it, or gained? Toxins? :o)

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Berney,

    I found you this:

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Who is still here, team? :o)

    post how you all are doing... roooolll caaalll .... :o)

    I am starting week 7 on Saturday.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Still here.

    Tomorrow is my last day of week 6.  Then free day!  Which I am really looking forward to.

    This week has been tough.  Not for anything other than being really, really tired everyday.  It has been hot here and the heat makes me tired.  Working in a welding shop, you basically sweat for 8 hours.  :/  I have been dozing off on the couch every night around 6.  No energy for anything.  But I have gotten all my workouts and meals in.  :)

    Check the scale this afternoon and I am down 13 lbs.  I will actually have to check it first thing in the morning one of these days.  

    Hope everyone else is doing well!!

  • Lucky you, the scale hasn't budged for many of us by what i am reading on the forums, myself included.

    Indeed week 6 was very tiring for me too. I am planning to use my free day to re-plan the workouts. i need to take things up an notch. The next few weeks will be crucial.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Ruby - sorry the scale hasn't budged for you or for many others.  From what I've been reading, the magic week is week 8 or 10.  Don't know.  Things work differently for different people.

    I am following the book, except that I can't do my workouts first thing in the morning.  Firstly, I don't have the time as I get up at 3:30 as it is.  And secondly, both times I have tried doing cardio that early,  I started dry heaving.  I fast for at least 3 hours before I do my workout, which I do when I get home from work.  And then I wait an hour before I eat.  

    Keep your chin up.  I hope you see some results soon!!

  • Rudy: Thanks for all the advice... I'm definitely not going to do anything drastic! I can't believe how much posting on this forum helps. Its a great release. I finally decided to weight myself again and I was down 9 POUNDS!!!! OMG. Maybe TMI... but I think I was bloated because Aunt Flow was here.

    Anyhow.... I hope everyone is still making great progress I'll check back in on Sunday.

  • I am still here.  My family went on vacation last week and I actually got off with my diet, but not my exercise.  The pre-planning was there, but vacations do not go always as planned.  I am back and on track again.

    For those of you not loosing weight, you can bet that you are gaining muscle.  But, you may be eating more than you realize.  Portions do not always translate to a palm-size protein and fist-size carb.   The caloric and nutritional value of a "fist"-size of broccoli and a "fist"-sized whole wheat roll is not equivalent, nor is a "palm" of fat free greek yogurt and a "palm" of top sirloin steak.  I have been keeping my dairy on myfitness pal app (also online) to keep me in check.  I figure if I am keeping a journal anyways, it might as well let me know all the details of what I am consuming (vitamins, calories, fat, etc).  to make sure I am balanced.  It is free, super easy to use, and I do not have to calculate anything - it does that for me.

    You can also "undue" much of your hard effort if you go ravenous on your free day.  I did this the first week, and (in respect to weight) in one day I gained all the weight back that I had lost that week.  Now, my free days have things that I crave, but I know not to go overboard with volume or poor food quality.

    If you are not loosing, I suggest:

    1.  Log your journal using myfitnesspal  for better awareness

    2.  Enjoy your free day, but be cautious to not overdue it.  If you log on myfitnesspal, you will see how much you really consumed that day.

  • Hi ReactiveTraining,

    The thing is that I am not even sure any more how many calories i need every day. There are days when my lifestyle is gym-work-sleep. I calculated my calories for my BMRI rate and it was 1600. Then there are four days a week when I go boxing, do distance walking and go swimming. For those I eat 1800 calories a day. I am not sure if this is too much or not enough. Sometimes I feel I am dragging my feet and need more food, and do feel better with an extra portion of carbs. There are other days when I feel I don't need the sixth meal and I skip it.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Agreed that it is hard to guess... that is why I love using myfitnesspal.  I log in my activity for the day and it automatically adjusts all of my food intake needs (calories, macronutrients, and all) to match that activity yet still yield what personal weight-loss goal I keyed in from the start.  I hate guessing.  It feels like spinning wheels.  With this journal I can pre-plan my meals and know exactly what I need, activity calculated and all.  

  • I will give the website a try. Thanks. I use both calorie-count and nutritiondata but their systems are so monotonous by the time I am done, it's such a waste of time.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Hey Everyone... Just wanted to check in for the end of my Week 5... Starting Week 6... Oh my! Happy 4th to everyone celebrating, I've managed to be on my best behalf despite the holiday.


    This past week I meet all my exercises, the only problem I'm having is getting my BF not to rush me through my weight training. As for everything else, I'm doing good... Almost missed one cardio workout but made it up that night (what's 20 mins is what I tell myself!) Yoga is still awesome... I'm going to look into another class maybe Tuesdays. I really enjoy it even though it can be fairly intense.

    This week I've decided that I'm going to be upping my weights. I think I can see a tiny change in my arms and back but nothing that screams out. The scale although it says I'm down 9 pounds one day keeps fluctuating between 2-5pounds loss each time I'm on it. UGH! I'm not going to pay attention to it anymore...who's a scale to tell you if your healthy anyway! ;o)


    Oh lordy.... I'm doing ok on food. I did go to a U2 concert (awesome) on Wed and had 1/2 beer, 1 1/2 rum with diet soda. That kicked my butt but as far as slip us that's as bad as it's been my whole challenge. I'm still doing my diet by the book otherwise.

    For whatever reason this week I keep having negative thoughts eluding to cheating like... well what's one of these gonna hurt.... its just one meal... or you've done so well it wont hurt to break this one rule. This type of thinking is typically what  runs me off my goals. I'm not listening to them but wow they are getting louder and louder.


    Aside from the little devil on my shoulder, I've been doing alright. I'm really trying to work through the bad thoughts that make me want to cheat. Because of my lack in visible change, I keep wondering if I'm doing something wrong in what I'm eating or if I'm not working hard enough during my workouts.

    I think now its all the about the faith. The first 4 weeks it was about the commitment, now going into Week 6 you know your committed but do you have faith that what your doing is truly working. This week I'm going to work on overcoming my negative thoughts, try to stop getting upset over my lack of change and just have faith that what I'm doing is really working. I feel different that should be encouraging enough!

    I can't tell you how many times I've broke down this week because I feel like not even BFL can help me! This wouldn't be a challenge if it were easy... I gotta dry up my tears lift up my head up high and keep heading towards my goal.

    Hope everyone else is doing good! I'm glad to be able to shares this with my teammates... Go May Mod Bods... Keep on Truckin!!!