MMBs (May Mod Bods) Roll Call--Who's still here after week one?

  • I wanted to let you all know that after celebrating my son's birthday pool party (free day), I gave ALL of the extra cake away to the lifeguards who greatly appreciated it!  Difficult, yes, but I am glad that cake is not here now that my free day is over

  • ^^ i completely agree with reactivetraining. It took me time to realize that. Today my quads are killing me. i can feel them pulsating inside my skin. I didn't experience muscle failure but my muscles were burning during the last sets of 12.

    My weight prediction is mostly a hit and miss and usually a learning curve for the week after.

    Many days, I am not able to do the same numbers i did the week before. That used to discourage me a great deal. Other days, I do up 50% more of what I did before, only to fail to reach the same height the week after. Now I go to the gym saying do your best for today.

    Sleep, food, events of the day, recovery, time of the month, and sometimes even the weather can all contribute to what's going on with your body to hit a 10.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Thanks guys for all the encouragement! I definitely realize that lifting 20 pounds for my 10s is not realistic for me! I will definitely head to your advice and go forward this week. I'll keep checking in and hope to offer the same support to you all!

    Good luck this week and stay focused on your goals!

  • OK folks, checking in.  Just finished a great UBWO.  Got home late from work, had dinner, cleaned up and walked the dog.  Sat on the couch watching the Yankee game until about 9:00 pm.  Convinced myself that I was too tired to work out.  I had a running argument in my head for about a half an hour.  I finally took a long look in the mirror and that motivated me to get my butt in the basement and work out.

    It's funny, I've never felt bad after convincing myself to workout.  I always feel horrible when i convince myself not to.

    Have a great rest of the week people!!!!!!!!!

  • I feel you DXN!

    I invented the perfect winning line to counter attack any argument with myself why I shouldn't exercise today (oh, but i am busy, oh but i am not feeling well, oh but i walked a lot today, etc etc) and the winning line is:

    You WILL get your butt to the gym NOW!

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Hi Gang,

    Thought I would join in.  I started May 17th, 3 days after my 42nd birthday when I finally somehow woke up and said WHAT ARE YOU DOING BEING FAT AND DRUNK???  I did BFL about 10 years ago and it was the most succesful thing I have ever done.  I am tottally lucky to have a workout partner who is all all in and we are very well matched to be working out together.

    So we are in the middle of Week 5 and loving it!  I have transitioned from going out, having popcorn, peanuts and a bottle of wine for dinner every night into eating something healthy, drinking water or diet coke and planning my workout and food for the next day.  OMG - I sleep so much better!  Amazing how easy it is to break a habit if you JUST DO IT.

    So now - instead of nursing a head ache for the first 2 hours of my day, I am at the gym and feeling great!!LOVE IT!  And from Day 1 I wondered, WHAT took me so long to flip the switch??  My biggest challenge is that my friends and life in general is kind of one big party.  Every weekend (and even many weekdays) there is something "special" going on that "deserves" over-indulgence of food and drink.  It is really hard to convince my family and friends that "this special day" is not worthy.  But with a little modification of plan, I am doing it! And still have a bit of a social life!

    Thanks for keeping this board going.  You guys are great and I love all the truths, hints and and stories.  


  • I somehow could not add anything else to that last post....

    LOVE THE You WILL get your butt to the gym NOW! Ruby.

    One thing I have learned over the years is....

    ..... you will NEVER feel worse after a workout than you did before the workout.  I promise!

    Cheers and have a great week!


  • I'm still here. Last day of week 4. Not really looking forward to free day. It has become "just a day". but I will enjoy it.

    I don't sleep well any more. My sleep is too light and interrupted. But I read it is a symptom of strenuous exercise which is what i have been doing for week 4. Wish my diet was as clean as my workout.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • I'm still here, too, guys (and gals)!  I've had a crazy busy week and haven't had a chance to post until now, but I've been reading all of your posts and cheering on the MMBs!  Still doing great at following the plan.  I pulled a muscle in my back on Monday and worried that it was going to sideline me (it actually hurt so bad I thought I might be having a kidney stone), but I didn't skip my workouts and it is still getting better.  I didn't do my normal core routine when I did lower body on Wednesday, but other than that, I've been able to keep up okay this week.  I added a yoga class to my weekly routine on Saturday--did 20 minutes of cardio early in the morning and then did a 75 minute yoga class after lunch.  It felt great.  I have always liked yoga, but haven't practiced regularly.  I think it really helps with body awareness--I was definitely aware of some sore muscles from it, anyway!

    I haven't stepped on a scale since starting BFL on May 23rd.  My plan has been to do weight and measurements at the end of weeks 4, 8, and 12, so I'll do my first check-in on Sunday morning.  I don't know what to expect.  I feel better in general, and know that some of my clothes are fitting better.  I just don't know what difference the scale will show.  I have a scale that does body fat analysis, too, so that's the number I'm the most interested in.  

    Hope you all have a nice weekend.  I am looking forward to a little slow-down around here.  My three kids are finishing their school year and it has just been crazy with end-of-year "stuff" for the past couple of weeks.  

    Oh, one last thing, I booked myself a solo escape for the first weekend in July.  I'm going to an ashram to practice yoga, meditation, and eat vegetarian meals.  I know I will be off plan for those three days, but I am planning so I can minimize the 'damage.'  Friday, I'll be able to get my weight work out in the morning and will eat on plan up until dinner.  At dinner, I'll choose as wisely as I can from the vegetarian options offered.  (I was a vegan before starting BFL, so I've got a good general idea of how to try to balance vegetarian meals).  Saturday, I will miss my cardio work out,but I'll be doing several hours of yoga over the course of the day, so I figure that counts for something!  Sunday will be my off-day anyway.  I am going to take some Myoplex bars and ready-to-drink shakes so I can have them as needed.  I am really looking forward to giving myself this gift of a weekend away.  

    Best wishes for all of you!

  • Good luck hgdaisy.

    Bead number four is on the bracelet. The easy part (first four weeks) is done with, 33% of the cycle completed. Now the program gets even more serious. I will have to step up my game in the gym a bit as workouts are getting a bit easy for me. I also must get a good grip on the food plan.

    I can't believe how fast those four weeks went, even though when I think I have 8 more weeks to go, then a break and some 12 more weeks, i worry over my ability to persevere. I have a bad history with "diets".

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Just wanted to follow up with my Week 3 progress. Hope everyone is doing well and their challenges are going smoothly!


    This week I really took control and looked into my Week 2 where I was overlifting and over thinking the weights. I feel like I really did great this week although I'm still struggling to hit my tens. It's coming I can feel it! I definitely had a great LBWO on Friday and am still a little sore.

    Additionally I added yoga on my free day last week (Saturdays) and it seems to be a great relaxing solution for me. I definitely am still accepting the warm room approach but love the refreshed feeling I get after class. This week I'm really going to keep pressing on with weight training and amp up my HIITin cardio. Since I'm in week 4 its time to start pushing up my numbers on the treadmill and elliptical. Still can't wait for yoga on Saturday.


    I cannot complain with food! I'm doing great, free day Saturday I splurged a little on a dessert but its a free day and I'm not looking back. Today has been a bit more difficult I'm still having cravings and because our AC is out we've been trying to find excuse to get out of the house. I've done had a baugette from panera I regret but only ate half! In this week I'm going to have to work extra hard to stick with my diet since my boyfriend will be out of town and I find my self being less stringent when he's not around. I keep reminding myself this is week 4 I've invested enough time to keep looking forward. I'm really going to have to call my friend Lauren who's working on the challenge with me if I have any urges. I've done so well thus far but find myself thinking more about the things I miss... Mexican Food!


    Mentally this week has been a little rough! I keep thinking about the future and not being able to see results coming from this. Ofcourse, I've not weighed myself since Day 1 so results for me are either me just feeling thinner or feeling fitter. I'm going to let myself weigh in on this coming Sunday hopefully this will really help me out. I need to stay focused on the week and stop day dreaming about week 6, week 8, or even week 12 or a year from now. I do keep looking at other transformations and am still being inspired to keep moving forward. My goals are a week by week progress that I'm still working at keeping focused on them.

    I want this so bad! I want too look at myself and think WOW...I did it! I know that my bad habits have work themselves over time and this will take time to mend. I just look at these other gorgeous women who've make these challenges look so easy like Emily Alvers and cannot imagine me having the same results. I have cottage cheese legs, a droopy belly, and big ole butt! Bleh.

    Anyway...I am extremely proud to be in Week 4, but this is when I typically flake out. In writing this I think I need to put together an inspiration board that I can focus on my goals. I do have several challenges this week: my boyfriend out, no AC (UGH!), and temptation up the wazooo! Knowing this I'm ready to show Week 4 what I'm really made of. I always have you guys on the post thanks for all your support and my weekly updates really help  me to access my challenges from the previous weeks and move forward.

  • Berney,

    im in day 3 week 5 and i caught myself yesterday thinking "HECK! I have SEVEN weeks to go, I can't do that". Then the thought scared me that I might quit. I put my clothes on and I went shopping for new gym attire. I got a couple of nice t-shirts and jogging pants and I went to the gym today and gave it my all. Real results come around week 10-12. LOOOONG way away. Do whatever to make yourself happy and motivated day to day.

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Mika, Berney, HgDaisy, glad to know all you ladies are hanging in there. I hope more of the gang are posting here. I found posting to be a great way to stay on track.

    What a week, what a week. I can't wait till free day and this time it's about the rest, not the food. I don't want to see any more food for a year lol

    Courage isn't lack of fear. It's our ability to carry on despite our fear

  • Checking in.  And in doing so I must admit that I was doing awesome on the program up until this past weekend.  

    We had a Comic and Entertainment Expo.  We got tickets to the Masquerade Ball on Friday night.  I had 1 more meal to eat but figured I would get it in when we got home.  The fancy hotel the Ball was at was going to have appetizers and such so we figured we would just eat veggies.  As our luck would have it, they didn't have a veggie tray at all.  I was so hungry, no amount of water was going to stop my growling stomach.  So I caved in and had 2 veggie spring rolls, 2 little pieces of flat bread with cheese and mushrooms and a few decadent morsels of dessert.   This was a 1 time event, never to be repeated.  I will make sure in the future, that I don't go out to events hungry!  And I will also make sure I bring food with me just in case.  Needless to say, I didn't eat to much crap on the Saturday, which was my free day, to mitigate the damage.  

    However, I am on day 2 of week 5 and if these results keep up, I am going to be ecstatic come week 12.  In total I have lost 10 lbs on the scale and I had to dig through my bins of old clothes to find some pants that fit.  I am down at least 1 size, if not more.  Later tonight I plan on taking progress photos and measurements.  I don't think I am brave enough to post them.  I don't need fat photos of me floating around on the internet.

    Hope everyone else is doing well!!!

  • Just wanted to follow up! Took Ruby's advice instead of clothes I bought new running shoes!!! I really killed it this week. I can't believe week 4 is over.... what the hay! Can I seriously say Week 5.. oh yea! :o)


    My diet was spot on this week 1000%. I did go a little far on my free day, McDonalds-Lunch, Papa Johns-Dinner, Dairy Queen-Dessert. (I think I ate myself into a comma.) I slept and rolled around from headache and bellyache most of the day watching movies. Ouch! But it only reminded me of my goals and how I can't wait for free day to be over toget these stupid cravings out of my head.

    I was a little nervous because I had several challenges this week with my BF out of town, a lunch meeting at work, and going out with the girls Friday night for a movie. I did awesome!!! I did have 2 sour gummi worms at the theatre, but I worked hard all month. For that to be only slip up... than so be it! Having my bf out town was nice because what I find questionable for dinner he thinks of as healthy. In my food journal this week  I had the best dinners yet that were well balanced and nutritious! And as for my work meetings, I just remember carb, protein, and vege. I even brought my lunch/snacks (I did get made fun of for that...but they wont be laughing when I debute my new body in 7 weeks!) Suckas!!!


    I did good this week, a few days on the treadmill I've been able to get my HIIT to 8mph for a min in my last leg. The one down fall... man-o-man... do my shins hurt! I did read online that you need to land on the ball of your feet to help keep from hitting your shins hard. I'm definitely going to try that this week. Thank god I work for orthopedics, I'm going to ask one of my docs about the ligament on my left leg behind my knee. That things is doing some weird uncomfortable stuff that I can't really explain.

    I went to the gym with one of my girl friends early in the week and she gave me some awesome tips on upper body weights. I've been doing them slightly wrong...but its about about progress not perfection. Definitely, working on keep that form better she showed me. Week 5 is a leg week so I'm really excited I LOVE LBWOs!


    Mentally I feel accomplished! Still not 100% happy with my results. But I definitely can see the changes. I'm weighing in this evening when my Bf gets home and will have him take pics. I'm considering posting them for the MMBs. If you all promise not to laugh!! I've been watching Bill Phillips on his show Transformations which is a great podcast for motivation and inspiration. I love it! I'm anxious to get into week 5 and crush it. I feel like I'm really only starting the challenge. I hope all of you are feeling the same way.

    Good luck this week May Mod Bods!!! Anxiously waiting to hear everyones progress. Sorry this was so long... Just want to be accountable for everything!!