Does It Feel Like Too Much Eating for Anyone Else?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I am on day six. I eat six meals a day, two are protein drinks, and 4 are by the book (fist size of complex carbs and palm size of protein and a green veg all from the list in the BFL book). It just feels like too much eating. I can't believe I am writing this as I am severely overweight, and I CAN eat. lol. The meals are so filling I am struggling to eat 3 meals. Today, I became sick and could not do it. So where things stand today, I ate only two and a half meals. My workouts are going great, though. Is anyone suffering the same problem?

    Example of what I ate yesterday:

    Meal one:

    1- Four egg whites, one grilled bell pepper and one apple

    2- Whey protein shake - choc flavor

    3- Wholemeal pasta and grilled chicken fillet

    4- Whole oats with skim milk and sweetener

    5- Whey protein shake - choc flavor

    Could not eat any more



    1- Four egg white and a pear

    2- Whey protein shake - choc flavour

    3- Mushroom and celery clear soup and smoked turkey fillet

    4- Wholemeal pasta with grilled chicken fillet

    (Meal number four did not stay in my tummy and no further eating was required lol)


    I feel I am stuffed to the brim with food. Am I eating too much?



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  • no way you are stuffed. 4 egg whites is 68 calories and a LARGE pear will be around 100-130 cals.

  • If you're not used to getting a lot of protein in your diet, there can be a period in the beginning where you feel surprisingly full. Make sure you're getting enough protein (many people recommend 1g per pound of body weight; perhaps someone could expand on this), but don't think you have to stuff yourself just to get your sixth meal in. As a smaller-framed person, I typically only eat 4-5 and it's been working just fine.

    Speaking of getting enough protein, the protein in meal #4 from yesterday seems to be missing. Protein and carbs should be roughly in balance. Maybe try oats with protein powder stirred in or with greek yogurt on the side.

  • Like Unicycle, I usually eat 4 or 5 meals per day. If your prior diet was heavy on the carbs, you will find the protein to be filling. Protein also stays with me longer, so I'm satisfied longer. I do believe in eating smaller meals for frequently. Just eat the amount of food that makes you feel satisfied and save the rest for later.

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