A few questions before starting on 05/23/2011

  • Hey guys,

    My fiance and I are starting this on Monday.  I need to do some prep work (and mentally prepare) before then.

    I am interested in using protein powder for convenience sake but I am allergic to dairy and soy.  Does anyone know of a good protein powder that isn't whey, casein or soy based?

    I am also a regular coffee drinker and was wondering if drinking coffee is allowed.  I know it is a diuretic, so if I drink it, can I just drink more water to make up for it?  I can cut down on my consumption gradually, but can't quit cold turkey as I am prone to migraines.

    I was also wondering if you need to wait 3 hours after eating before working out.  I am still trying to figure out when I am going to do my exercises.  I get up for work at 3:30, start at 6.  I would have more time to work out after I'm done work, but if I have to wait 3 hours after eating, and then wait another hour to eat after I exercise, this is cutting into my time and is going to make getting 6 meals in rather difficult.  Can you eat before going to bed?

    Any advise/recommendations would be appreciated.





  • wldr-grl,

    I can't help you on the protein powder, sorry.  As I use whey protein, and it is very convenient.  Hope you can find what you need there.

    coffee is a diuretic, but I believe if you don't count it as your water consumption you will be fine.  

    And no you don't need to wait 3 hours before working out after eating.  The recommendation is that you do cardio in the morning before eating, or if you do it in the afternoon, you wait two hours after eating.  And then wait a half hour after to eat.   On weight training days, its a good idea to have protein within a half hour of your workout.  

    And yes you can eat before going to bed.  

    Have you read the original book, a lot of this is explained very well in the book.  

    Good luck.

  • protein powders

    you can find a few replacements.

    Egg protein powder and rice protein powder as well as hemp

    I would suggest you first buy small containers, see if you like them and if you are allergic or food sensitive to any of them too. once you know for sure you can buy bigger sizes.

    I used to make home make shakes with egg whites when I was off dairy (and sensitive to soy) but turns out I am a bit sensitive to eggs too...

    as for the workouts, if there is any chance for you to still wake up at 3h30 and put in that half an hour workout in, (by preparing some stuff the niht before) it would be great. if not, I would assume its better off after work than not at all.

    there are plenty of people out there who can not work out in the monring and work out after work.

    its easier if you have nothing in your stomach as the energy burned will come more from your reserve,  working out in the morning gives your metabolism a big boost, but any workout is worth it too. Try to go and do the workout just before your next meal.

    if you feel light headed, during the workout, eat a little carbs before, next time.

    where did you read/ learn not to eat until an hour after the workout?

    and yes you should eat before you go to bed (the 10pm meal)

    hope it helps!

  • Loica,

    On page 122 of the book, it says if you can't do aerobics in the morning, to do it in the evening, after not eating for 3 hours and to eat again an hour after your workout.

  • ok, then I guess I have to read that section of the book

    by the way... you are welcome!

  • Sorry, didn't mean to leave a curt response.  My bad.  Just wanted to respond to your question and I was running out the door for work at the time.

    I do appreciate the info and advice given.  Since I posted the original thread, I figured most of it out.   Went and got some egg protein but found out it contains sucralose which just gives me headaches.  So now I am using rice.

    I might be able to do cardio in the am but that would be cutting into my sleep time and I don't get enough of that as it is.  I did it as soon as I got home today.  I will see how things go this week.

    Thanks again for your responses.  Next time I will only post when I actually have time to write a proper one.