Getting Started tomorrow......

  • Hello BFL nation...  This will be my 5th or 6th time to start BFL. I have never finished before but now I am at a point in my life and my health to where something HAS to change. Wish me luck and any advice will be well recieved. Thanks.


  • Hi Dale,

    Best of luck.

    I have done the same thing at leat 3-4 times. I first did BLF is 2001 stayed with it for 8 weeks with great success. Then attempted to start at least 3 more time since then but did not complete any of them. I am now dedicated and will complete it!

    I am now going into my forth week. And I have stayed with it, have not missed a workout or cheated except for 1 meal on cheat days.

    So far, I am down 10.5lbs, 2 1/4" in my waist and 2.5% bodyfat. So the results are keeping me motivated.

    Again best of luck. It does definatley reap the results if you stick with the program. This site is great for questions and support.  

  • Thanks Rod

    I believe 2001 or 2002 was the first time I started as well can't remember how long i stayed on it but I know this time will be different! That is great about your current progress KEEP IT UP!

    About 15 years ago I lost 105lbs in about 4 months but over the years and 4 knees surgery's later as the activity grinded to a halt, the pounds just kept on coming.  

    I am starting this challenge at a very embarrassing 315lbs and a 48 inch waist with a 40% bodyfat.  Wow I just told a complete stranger things my wife doesn't even know.

    I have always LOVED to workout however the eating habits are what have always killed me, fast convenient food and soda pops.

    But I have to do this! I have 4 kids and I am only 33 years old, I am on meds for high blood pressure and have started to find myself not wanting to go do things because of the embarrassment due to my weight. This has to end. Thanks again Rod.

  • Hey I officially started this at 274lbs. 35.5% bodyfat and 49.5" around the bellybutton. I had actually been on the program for two weeks and dropped 9lbs. before I decide to officially enter. We all start somewhere and we can all make ourselves/lives better especially with the BFL program it works!!

    Take it one day at a time. Plan everything. Make sure you have enough food to keep you going for the day, otherwise you might cheat. Also preplan your workout, know what you want to get done, what exercises before you enter the gym. I personally do my cardio outside and use a stopwatch to get my HIITs done, so I only go to the gym 3 days a week and i get the workouts done in under 45 minutes, it is possible.

    Now that I am in my forth week, it starts to become alot easier. My biggest problem was to stop drinking beer with my friends but I have done that, played poker Friday night with 6 buddy's and i was the only one not to have a beer. I even ate a chicken breast and veggies before I went over and was not hungry so I did not cheat at all.

    You sound like you have made your mind up (like I did) to take charge and make it happen. What made me decide was I had my driver license renewed, the picture it so horrilbe, I look so "fat" and I never use the word fat. that I decided when I walked out of the DMV, I am changing my ways, then and there that was 6 weeks ago.

    Lets stay in touch and motivate each other. You can do it!!!!

  • Dale and Roddy Congrats to both of you! Roddy for sticking it out this long and still going strong and Dale for making up your mind! We are all here for the same reason because we are sick and tired of being sick and tired I tried BFL back in 99 gave up after 6 weeks then tried again a few years later and gave up even sooner than the last! As of the end of last year i was on the verge of being on blood pressure meds it runs ramp-id in my family as well as diabetes and at 33 now 34 I came across my book about 12 years later while going through some of my old stuff and read it again.. this time was different though I really felt the need to make the change and did it again on the 10th of january of this year and finished the entire 12 weeks with great results i took a week of AR and went at it again.. Im starting week 6 of challenge 2 and feel great Dale once you get into the habit of workouts/meals it'll get easier you just have to stick with it and like roddy said PLAN PLAN PLAN!! And also what ever you do If you mess up *we all do we are human* Don't beat yourself up isolate it learn from it and keep going.. thats the key to not give up! Cant wait to hear about your progress guys both of you... no luck is needed.. you can do this.. follow the book set your goals *realistic goals* remember this is body for life not body for 12 weeks and look at those goals daily to remind yourself of why you are making the life change... much aloha.. kaina

  • Figures... I spend hours yesterday planning, getting all my work outs planned, planning my meals got a family gym membership yesterday at my local YMCA, packed my workout bag got everything together and didn't set my alarm any earlier today like I had planned so I didn't get to work out this morning.

    But I will not let that discourage me, I have my meals ready for today,  my huge bottle of water and a good attitude. My daughters have a play tonight that I will get to just in time after work, I work  a hour and 15 min away from my home and that is with little to no traffic and having 4 kids makes the afternoons always hectic so my mornings are the only ME time i have.

    Thanks so much for the words of encouragement. When do you guys do your work outs?

  • Hi Dale,

    That is just one, I am sure of many other obstacles that will come up. Purservere and push through, exactly right, eat correctly and hit the gym tomorrow.  just take it meal by meal, day by day, workout by workout. To me is alot less overwhelming.

    I usually workout in the morning before work around 5:30 to 6:00am. But sometimes I cut out at lunch and do a workout, I have a pretty flexible schedule.  

  • Hey dale good on you for keeping a positive outlook When i don't have to work at night or if i finish work at a decent hour I'll hit the gym in the morning before work.. luckily if i cant do it in the AM Im a delivery driver and my gym is right in town so If i miss my am workout i'll get it in on my lunch.. how's things on ur end guys? My upperbody workout was a good one this morning.. set the tone for the rest of the day.. Keep it up guys.. aloha..

    Roddy I like the profile pic man.. :-)

  • Guys first workout went GREAT! stuck to my pre planned workout and did everything I had planned just feel a little short on the bench press. I used to max out 365lbs, now I was struggling to get 135 for the last 12 set. Crazy how quick it leaves you.

    I successfully shredded my arms and now today can barely feed my self, super sore but i love it.

    How are you guys doing on your workouts?

  • Hi Guys,

    This week, I have been tired. Today is my lower body workout, still need to get to the gym. Plus this week 4, the progress seems to have slowed a little bit.

    Hope you both are having a good week.

  • I am going to start by Monday...I feel like you, something HAS to change as well...fingers crossed and lots of support ....ONWARD AND UPWARD


  • Gents! It's been a pretty good week for me here.. One of my friends was interested in the workouts so i took him through an upper body workout wednesday morning I give him credit he stuck it out.. and we finished just over 46 mins.. You could literally tell that he was spent after.. I think he liked it though.. we shall see soon enough lol..

    Dale - Good job on the workout.. Yeah coming back to the gym after a while is a very humbling experience.. u go in thinkin that you still got it only to find out rather quickly that you don't lol .. well that was my experience.. but glad you busted it out.. and yeah i welcome the pain that follows a great workout too, a constant reminder that you certainly did hit those 10's keep it up man .. BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS AHEAD!!

    Roddy - Hang in there man.. keep pushing.. I felt that way too my first round.. go back and check your progress .. food intake sleep etc.. see if there's any adjustments you could make.. lots of progress to be had.. you can do dis!!

    MB - Welcome aboard! come here often for support when ever your feelin great or weak! We are here for it all.. we are all here for the same reason.. to be a better us both inside and out.. again.. welcome..

  • Alright guys week 6 in the bag finished with 20 min HIIT covering 2.0 miles, week 7 here i come UBWO (my favorite) 5am bright and early.. hope u guys enjoyed your free day if it was this weekend.. Mine was yesterday and it was sort of a binge fest but I'm ready to start my new week and tear it up.. Workout hard, eat clean People! aloha..

  • Hey Island dude and Dale.

    Idude thanks for the positive words, I appreciate it, I think my lack of energy may have been from not drinking enough water, slight dehydration.

    Dale how has it been going? workouts & eating and mental outlook?

  • Guys it is Dale here. Somehow last week my account on here got all jacked up and i couldn't even login... I went around the word with tech support and nothing so I just created a new account.

    Sounds like you guys are doing great! I am "pretty" much sticking to everything,  my official start date for the challange is June 1st, but I am doing the work outs but still having a hard time eating 6 times a day. I have lost 10lbs already though, i know it is probably just water weight but it still makes me feel good.

    Drinking water is the key from what I can tell... I drink about 3-4 32oz bottles a day.

    Talk to you guys soon.