Totally killed it! Starting over May 16th.

  • I started my first BFL challenge April 11th, and shuould be starting week six on Monday, May 16th ... but a couple of weeks ago (Easter weekend) I fell hard and pigged out all weekend. The next week I tried to get back into it, but failed. Same story for last week, FAIL! I started out weighing 210. After the first two weeks, I weighed 204. Now I am back up to 208-210, and I feel tried all of the time from junkfood and not enough working out. I undid all I did in the first three weeks.

    I am starting over with my 12 weeks on Monday, May 16th. I had it all planned to end the week of my 30th birthday too (July 15th). Oh well ... at least I am sticking with this. I want to accomplish something good for myself. :-)

    Has anyone else been in this same situation where they fall off of the program and feel like a total loser, and start over? LOL


  • What's with all this blogging business. :) I must be getting old. ANYWAYS, Ryan - checked out your blog briefly. Something caught my eye ....a quote you have at the top of your page.....

    "If you were walking up the stairs and stumbled, you wouldn't go all the way back to the bottom and start over, you would just get up and keep moving!"

    Just sayin.....

    Hang in there. You can accomplish great things. Keep believing in yourself. You are in control of your future. One day at a time.

  • It's funny you mentioned that quote, I read that somewhere in this BFL forum and thought it was a good one! You are right though, thanks for pointing it out more. :-)

    I can honestly say that since I started BFL, *while sticking to it*, I have been in a better mood, I have felt more energetic, even my wife said I was in a better mood. LOL

    BFL has done nothing but positive things for me. I love it, and I will finish it!  (Then start again with a new 12 week challenge). Luckily, we all have plenty of time, so I guess it doesn't matter if I start over with my 12 weeks. Sure, I may not get the results I was hoping for by the end of my challenge, but I will learn from that when I do my next challenge.

    Thanks for the encouragement! I am glad BFL has a forum/community!

  • Ryan - when I began BFL 2 years ago, I believed that in 12 weeks I would be "done". I had a great challenge. I lost scale weight, inches and gained confidence and self love. I also learned that I didnt want it to be over. You are right - BFL DOES make you feel better inside and out. My spouse TOO enjoys what I now am able to radiate and share with him. A new, happier me.

    I want to let you know something - if you pressure yourself into thinking you have to be "perfect" for 12 weeks, you might just be setting yourself up for future disappointment. Learn from your mistakes, isolate and move forward. Just like your quote says. If you remove that 12 week deadline and realize and believe you are making life changes .... pressure is off. Each day matters, well beyond your 30th birthday.

    Make sense? Once you get through one set of 12 weeks, you will understand what I mean. It is an incredible high.

    I look forward to seeing your success.

  • I know how you feel as I have messed up and "started over".

    I am beginning tomorrow (again)

    Lets encourage one another!!

  • I agree with Legs.  Finishing the current challenge is the way to go.  Otherwise you set an unlikely goal in your mind of having to finish a 12 week challenge without making mistakes along the way.  Better to recommit to your current challenge and keep going.

    I've given this advice before, but I really think it works.  Try cutting out ALL of the refined carbs in your diet and replacing them entirely with whole grains, even on your free day.  Watch out for foods that are healthy but still have a good amount of sugar in them, and try to remove or at least reduce them.  (Low sugar fruits like strawberries and apples are fine, though.)  Watch out for "whole wheat" breads that really aren't any different than regular bread.  High fiber, low sugar is what you're after.  If you are truly conscientious about this, I think you'll find that you aren't nearly as hungry as before, and the candy and junk food won't have as much pull on you.

  • hi Ryan,

    I started my first Ellington Darden "6 week Fat to Muscle Makeover" and then BFL Challenges 10+ years ago and fallen many times..just get back up, write your goals out...write your food plan out, write your workout plan out for the week and lay your workout clothes on the edge of the bed along with tenny runners on the floor, ready to get up and go!  when I do all this I succeed...but i totally understand the missing workouts and overeating, etc.  Arejay and everyone is totally right on...some people are (I think) just totally more disciplined and I want to be just like them!'s a whole mind set thing as well...good luck and keep in touch !  

  • Ryan,

    I haven't fallen off THIS program so far, but I've fallen off others. To follow the other programs I was on was too much deprivation. Since this program does not leave you feeling hungry, I'm doing much better. Yes, I can relate. I felt pretty bad falling off the programs I fell off of.

    But don't lose heart. Today is a NEW day! Take it one day at a time to get the ball rolling. :P

    Come visit my blog!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you'll be right!

  • I would not start over.  I would dig deep down in my soul and find out why there is a need to start with a clean slate?  If you do the start over, then you are just giving yourself permission to start over and over and over.  Trust me, I've seen it a bunch of times.

    Pull up your boot straps, learn from your train wreck, pick it up and suck it up and move on through and FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED.

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Thanks for all of the feedback and encouragement people! I have decided to keep going and not start over. This week is #6 for me! I am stoked, but ashamed that I crashed. There is plenty of time to start another 12 week challenge, and I know my weaknesses now. Planning ahead and keeping my six meals ready is a must for me! Also, getting my full night sleep.

    I am stoked to keep pressing on with BFL. I just finished my LBWO and I feel/hurt good! I almost collapsed during my lunges. LOL

    Anyway, thanks again friends. I am glad to have this good support community.


  • Hang in there Ryan and jump back on that horse and keep riding.!  It wouldn't be a Challenge if it was all that easy.  I had times when I felt like giving up but didn't , just learned from my mistakes and keep on truckin.

  • Awesome wryun.  We ALL, myself included have had those moments, those times.  You learn ALOT about your character during those times.  You've got this and we are here to support you.  Yay!!

    Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right ~ Henry Ford

    Michelle Simpson ~2009 Body-for-LIFE Champion 46+ Catagory

  • Amazing.

    Congratulations Ryan.

    You just took one for the team.

    I am sitting here with the biggest smile I have had all day.


  • Hey Ryan, glad to see you are just going to pick up where you left off.  Believe me, I've been a perpetual "do over" girl :) And here's what I learned...there really is no "do over"... there is just picking up again.  In addition to the stairway analogy, I like to think of it more as learning a new skill.  Take learning how to play tennis as an example.  So you start,  and you learn along the way.  You certainly don't start off looking like a Williams sister!!! Nor should you expect to!

    You have good games and bad games.  If you have a bad game, do you go back to a re-do of your first lesson.  Of course not, nor can you...unless you somehow get amnesia.  You've already started to come up the learning curve that exists whenever we are trying to do something new or differently.  Really the bad games are learning opportunities, and the only thing that makes them a wasted experience is is you don't  use it to learn somethng.  When I fall off the wagon, I have to stop and ask myself, "ok, what do I need to learn here?". If I learn something, I progress, if I try to avoid the lesson (say by starting over) I am bound to repeat it!! While its often easier to just not deal with the lesson it's ultimately not very efficient :)  

    P.S. There is no such thing as human perfection :) that's a myth that will set anyone up to fail :) part of the cool thing about being imperfect is that we can also experience change...and that's what keeps life interesting IMO :)