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  • Good morning!!!  

    I have learned that I am not using the correct greek yogurt... while it is still within the proper carb/protein range, I think it is spiking my sugar, because the last 2 days I've been ravenous before 3rd meal.  So, lesson learned.

    This is the 1st of 3 challenge days for me (we'll be cooking out all weekend), and while tomorrow is actually my free day, I found myself enjoying a cinnamon roll this morning with my dad (only ONE though-- proud of my restraint!).  Only 140 calories, but I shudder to think what all those sugars are about to do to me.  I'll probably be in a glucose coma for about an hour.

    The rest of my day's meals are planned out for success!  Getting ready to go do my cardio (pronounced "gar-den-ing") before it gets too hot (or starts raining).

    Karey:  Enjoy those m&m's!  Your week of clean eating and working out makes them well deserved.  As for the hormone-injected-pesticide food, I recommend ANYONE who eats fast food regularly to actually sit and watch Super-size Me (if they haven't already)... the effects of all that processed meat and cheese and white bread is the same equivalent as being on a month-long bender.  BTW, McDonald's isn't who I used to work for, but my company used a lot of the same processing practices.  I know there's a champ who is a manager at McDonald's, and I don't mean any disrespect, but that documentary certainly opened my eyes.


    Himmehill:  You are a beast.  Amazing dedication to fit that run into your busy schedule.  We should all (and by 'we', I mean 'ME') have that dedication!

    Sandy:  Your arms are going to be fabulous by next weekend... Know why?  Because you're going to be so radiant and confident that anything else will pale into utter insignificance!

    Enjoy your free day, whenever it may be!


  • WELL!  Between my "arms" and the way my jeans fit yesterday I was feeling FAT and like maybe this wasn't working - but it FEELS so good building muscle I wasn't about to bail out - weighed myself this morning - DOWN 3 MORE LBS!!!   Whoooooooohooooooooooo!  So that's 7 in two weeks!  Guess it DOES work!  *wink*

    Taking my free day today, instead of tomorrow cuz we're going out to a Japanese restaurant for dinner (where they cook everything on the table), and I have no intention of passing up any of that yummy stuff!  Although I plan to try to get as many meals in as possible to help from totally gorging!  

    Keep up the good work gang!  And happy Memorial Day weekend!

  • Good morning!  Hope you're all enjoying your weekend.  I took my free day yesterday and enjoyed some Ben & Jerry's Carrot Cake ice cream...yum!  Also, some PB M&M's were enjoyed.  ;)  Back on track today and got my HIIT in this am.  Decided to try running this time, so did that outside w/the help of my new Gymboss (before it reached a scorching 90 degrees outside).  :)  It was a pretty good workout, but I think the running was a bit easier than the jump rope or other methods I've tried.  It was nice to switch it up though.  Gotta keep that body guessing!  ;)

    Amy - So what brand of greek yogurt are you using?  I don't notice any ill effects from the yogurt... I've been using the nonfat Fage, Chobani, Oikos, and the Dannon.  I always just get a big container of the plain stuff and add fruit, cereal, whatever to it.  Great job on having some restraint and only having the one cinnamon roll.  It would definitely be challenging w/three days of cookouts!  Good job on the planning ahead though!  :)  

    Yes, I've seen the movie Supersize Me.  Pretty disgusting.  I really want to see Food, Inc., but my husband told me it has some parts w/animal slaughtering and that would really disturb me... so... not sure if I can bring myself to watch that one.  I've heard so many good things about it though.  Have you seen it?  Hope you enjoyed your gardening.  :)

    Sandy - Sorry you were feeling so fat the other day... think we all have those days.  Great job on NOT giving up though!  Woohooo!!!  Congrats on the loss!!!  Wow!!!  :)  How was your free day?  I love Japanese food, yum!  

    I just want to be a size HEALTHY.

  • Good job to all of your for your small victories.  These will turn into huge (maybe that's not the word I should use) victories!  I was drinking an iced irish coffee while reading this on my free day, but your hard work is gonna make me put it down!  I won't say I am passing up a couple of martinis later, though, for our memorial day cookout.  I am happy it's my free day and I am definately rewarding myself cause I was soooo good this week.  I even planned out meals for my LoNNNGG work day last night.  Can you imagine working 9 hours catering a wedding for 175 and not getting to eat the best cake in the tri-state!  I did good though.  Brought 1/2 sandwhich for one meal, protein shake for another and ate 1/2 pc of chicken, 1/2 risotto cake and salad.  Only one bite of cake.  This is so different from how I used to eat.  I am so conscious of what I put in my mouth (except on my free day :})  Trying though.

    Sandy, I am anxious to hear about your progress.  I was feeling so thin week one and then a couple of days ago, it felt like my jeans barely fit.  And I feel fat!  I am hoping it is hormones, cause I really have been good!

    And my blasted scaled is of no help.  I wonder if my body tries to rebel when I cut back my gorging and I feel heavier.  I don't know, but I was rather discouraged last week.  I do know this program works, though, so no way am I giving in to the size of my thighs!

    Amy,  hope the cookout is going well.  I feel good when I only eat a bit of something and not 3 of them like I usually do, so you should be proud!  I think planning is definately the key!

    Karey, Good job on the workout.  You may find the running addictive.  We keep upping our pace and it's nice to challenge myself.  So often I have settled.  I don't want to do that anymore.

    Have an excellent weekend and enjoy the holiday.  We are starting into week 3 and like it says in the book, a rock that is rolling has great momentum!  Keep rollin' all!!

  • Hey guys, hope you all had a happy Memorial Day!!  Mine was spent working all day, I'm beat!  Proud of myself though for coming home and doing my UBWO right away.  :)  I also passed up all the delicious smelling food that was grilled for us at lunch time.... and the cupcakes.  

    In other news, finally able to walk around w/out feeling like my glutes/quads and hammies are on fire.  lol  I was really feeling the burn from my LBWO for quite some time.  Hope I'm on my way to buns of steel!!  haha

    Woohoo, week 3 here we go!  

    Himmehill - Hope you enjoyed those martinis at your Memorial Day cookout.  :)  You've worked hard, you deserve them.  Great job w/the planning at work... that's great that you're now so conscious of everything you put into your mouth.  Way to go on not settling anymore!!  Woohoo!!  

    I just want to be a size HEALTHY.

  • ***banging head on desk****

    Not the best weekend, but coulda been worse!

    Took my free day Saturday, no workout and enjoyed the Japanese restaurant.  Didn't pig out all day or anything, but did eat well there!

    Sunday, did cardio - but ate some things off plan - not a binge day or anything, just not wonderful choices!

    Monday, HAD to get some flowers planted before it hit 90 degrees, so went straight outside and promised to do UBWO later in the day.  Stayed out there til I was ready to drop!  But then of course DIDN'T get the workout in later, which in turn led to some other unwise food choices - grrrrrrr!  And that is why I ALWAYS need to do my workouts the minute I get out of bed!  It makes me feel good all day - and keeps me on track food-wise as well!

    (But miraculously feel skinnier today!)

    Oh well - onward and upward - back at it this morning - cardio done - food all set for the week....

    Hope you all had great weekends!


  • Good morning, everyone, and welcome to day 16!!

    I'm very impressed with everyone's self-control this weekend, and I'm so proud of you!!  Drinks or  not, cupcakes or not, working out or not, you've all made it thru a "REAL-LIFE" situation and come thru with shining colors!!!  It is easy to know what you have to do and when and what you can eat when it is part of your routine, but when you're in the midst of a bunch of people who aren't doing BFL, that's the real deal.  That's where commitment comes in.  And you all proved your commitment!  Great job!!

    I had 11 people at my house this weekend.  Only those in my household were on BFL, and we cooked all weekend.  By yesterday, 4 of those people are learning about this lifestyle.  And the rest are kids:)  And it wasn't that I preached at them or anything, but they could see a change and wanted to know more about it!  Plus, DD has lost a total of 20 inches in the last 2 weeks, that is a big motivator.  I've lost about 15, and The Boys will be measured today.  

    The activity level in my house has increased dramatically!  Instead of DS wanting to spend hours in front of the tv playing guitar hero, he spent the wkend swimming, riding his bike and playing 'extreme badminton' (note:  I call it that because weare terrible and we have to run ourselves ragged to hit the stupid birdie, and as such are covered in sweat in about 2 minutes flat).  Then last evening after everyone left, we worked in the garden until 9:15pm... so cardio AND upper body was covered!  Add to that 45 minutes of resistance bands and now I can't raise up my arms.  And with all the quivering my arms were doing, I think it's safe to say that I hit my 10s this time  :o)

    So, happy Tuesday, everyone!

  • Enjoyed the weekend off, but couldn't much cross RELAX off my things to do list.  Must be the type A personality.  The cookout was nice, but drank one mojito and one martini and just didn't have any interest in any more.  Finished off with a tall glass of Sparkling water and lime.  You could even do this out and no one will know it's not a gin and tonic!

    Karey, great news on the LBWO!  I'm still not satified with mine.  I did the BFL when I lost my prior weight and it rocked.  This time I am coming into this challenge as a runner with some foot issues.  I'm really afraid of aggravating an already bad situation.  I'm going to look into some lower body pilates.  Hoping to firm up and solve the foot issues at the same time.  Afraid it might take a little longer than the 12 weeks to get LB where I want it, but I'm gonna do it.

    Sandy, Good job on passing up all the stuff.  I know what you mean by having to do it early!  I do the same thing.  Can't wait till later cause I'm too exhausted.  Trying to figure out when to do cardio Thurs. morning already.  I know its an early work morn and I'm doing a double, so I know I have to do it early.  I got up at 615 this morning to run.  I fear it may be earlier than that.

    Amy,  Good job on sticking to the plan over the weekend.  It MUST be very motivating to watch your families inches melt away!  It's so nice that you can support each other as a family.  It will really help you grow as a family (no pun intended) and have a great respect for the challenge you have taken on.

    I think it is awesome!!! Congrats.

    Good luck for the week ahead and keep planning in advance and if you have not set those goals yet and are not saying them 5 times a day, challenge yourself.  Buy the journal online.  You are already three weeks in, so you could get a used one on ebay cheap!  It is so inspiriational to daily read about people that have completed the challenges and it really helps with the planning.

    Have a great week.

  • Oh!  I forgot to tell you.  I rocked the sports bra on this mornings run.  I don't think anyone got sick. :}

  • Himmehill-- You're my hero!!  I would still need to be rocking the oversized monk robe to keep people from yakking!

    I've decided that it could be the hormone thing kicking up my appetite...  planted some fresh veggies in the fridge to avoid the ever-tempting candy/cracker/chip temptation.

    On the up-side... I really am not craving a lot of junk.  I think once I got it out of my system, it's just out!  That's the hope, anyway!!

    Sandy-- glad you had a skinny day!  Funny how it makes the world seem a little better...

    Karey--  don't worry, you're well on your way to those buns of steel:)

    Happy hump-day, guys!


  • Good morning!  

    Where is everyone??

    I completely went off program yesterday (guess I set myself up for that with the 'no junk food' comment, huh?).  My husband's office had a going-away party for his coworker, so there was cake and chips and all that stuff.  While I didn't binge, I did eat about 30 doritos and a 1/2 sliver of cake.  Guilt much?

    Went home and worked outside for about 3 hours, weeding my veggie garden and using the weedeater around the property (sparked by the presence of a 4ft black snake in my garden, I wanted to up the odds of seeing any more!)... I was exhausted, and my back and feet were killin' me, but I DID get a lot accomplished :)

    Hope everyone's doing well, and staying on program better than me!!

  • I'm here!  I'm here!  But NOT happy!

    First week I lost 4 lbs - yay!  Second week I lost 3 lbs - YAY!  This week, I GAINED 5 LBS!!!!  *sob*  And really, I could live with that knowing that it's muscle weight, BUT my jeans are so tight I can barely sit down - they weren't that way before!  With all this hard work - and loving it - I'm NOT a happy girl today!  I have a weekend long event starting tonight, and I look fatter than before I started this - have no idea what I'm gonna wear!


  • Poor Sandy- it's probably just hormones or water... we all bloat up when it's that T.O.M!!! (Not to say that it IS that time for you, but you know).  Just eat really clean (gonna be tough with a weekend event like that)...  but you can totally do it!  Don't get discouraged!  I say this for me as well as for you, because I'm really struggling to stay motivated this week.  I took my 'muffin-top' pic last week after what I thought was a great loss, and it looks completely the same.  I was so disappointed.

    Got on the satan/scale this morning, and it was still where it was... still hanging out around 193.  Boo.  Oh well, I'm sure my belly is happier with this whole food/clean-eating thing, even if the scale isn't moving.  I'm totally craving some junk food this week, tho... have to keep telling myself that chips are the devil.

    Hope everyone else is hanging in there, hope you all post soon to let us know how it's going!  I keep posting because it helps me feel accountable.  And heaven knows, I need discipline!

    Have a great weekend!


  • All right all!  We can do this together!

    I've been thinking of you all, but work keeps me away from the computer.

    I thought last night I was bi-polar!  Had a huge event with 20 of the best caterers with tastings of their food (sweets too!) and lots of wine sampling.  And here I was, stuck in the middle... It was worse than a bad dream, the conversations I was having with myself, trying to justify...

    I did make it through the night, sampling only suitable fare, but did manage to drink a couple small glasses of wine.  I felt really guilty.  Only because  tonight was to be the first date night with my hubby in months.  I didn't want to give up my free day for a couple of glasses of wine, so I am still struggling with that.  I have been really good though, wanting pecan rolls, ect and forgoing, so I probably will still do a cheat day.

    It has been a tough week, but this shows what we are made of and I think we are a strong enough group to band together for support.

    Amy,  I know the satan scale!  And don't trust the pics either.  It is your mind playing tricks on you.

    You are probably going to detox with all the stuff you were eating.  It may just take awhile.

    Sandy, same thing.  It know right now it feels like it's not gonna work, but i was feeling that way  last week and I really feel better this week.  I feel thinner, but the scale doesn't move.  If you are keeping a journal you may want to figure out what it is that is making you feel that way.  

    Good luck!

    I'll touch base later.

  • Hi guys!!  I'm still here, just been busy lately... sick cat, busy at work, school work, and been having more ink done on my arm.  ;)  Plus, I kind of felt like I was talking to myself sometimes.  lol  So happy to see more action in here.  :)  

    It's been kinda crazy, but I'm very proud to say  that I've been sticking right to plan.  I haven't strayed from my eating plan or missed a single workout.  I have my eye on the prize!  

    I went out last night for a "girls night" and we went out for Thai food for dinner, a movie, and then some fro-yo after.  I took last night as my "free" day, but ate good and healthy all day long, then at the Thai place I tried to do the best I could... got the Param w/chicken and requested brown rice instead of white with water to drink.  Only had a bottle of water at the movie and didn't go too crazy at the frozen yogurt place either.  

    Been fitting back into my pants that were tight before too, yay!!  NOT getting on the scale for awhile though.... still trying to keep away.

    Amy - Sounds like you've been doing pretty well, despite going a bit off track the other night.  Doesn't sound like you did bad though, so don't beat yourself up.  No one's perfect!  That's great about all of the inches lost and the activity level going up so much in your house... that has to make you feel great, right?   I think you should stay away from the evil scale for awhile.  Just keep plugging along and you'll get there.  :)  You've made so many wonderful, healthy changes for your family and it's so inspiring!  

    Himmehill - Woohoo!!  That's awesome that you rocked the sports bra!!  I always WISH I could have the confidence and body to do that.  Good for you!!!  :)  That's great that you're feeling thinner... me too.  I think you showed great restraint on the food sampling and the wine.  Please don't beat yourself up over it.  You could have done much worse.  You've been working so hard, enjoy your date night w/your husband!  :)  I agree, it's been a tough week (my hormones were running wild), but we're still in it and we'll all make it!  In it to win it!!  

    Sandy - Sorry about the bad weekend.  Just remember, no one's perfect and I'm sure you've made so many positive, healthy changes.  As for the scale gain, that sucks, but it could be anything... your muscles could be retaining water, hormones, too much sodium...   Are you sure you're eating enough calories?  If not, your body could go into "starvation mode" and just hang onto everything that it can because it thinks it's not getting enough nutrients and is essentially starving.  Just a thought.  I'm sure you don't look as bad as you think you do.  Hope you're able to cheer up and find something that makes you look fabulous.  :)  Hang in there, you can do this!

    I just want to be a size HEALTHY.